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Iraq Procurement - Day 1

freethepeeps | 26.04.2004 10:53 | Anti-militarism | London

Delegates to Iraq Procurement 2004, the Big Business carve up of Iraq taking place for the next 3 days at THE NEW CONNAUGHT ROOMS, GREAT QUEEN STREET, OFF KINGWAY, WC2 were greeted by a small number of protetors today. 2 women were arrested , allegedly for "aggravated tresspass" after they briefly entered the building.

As the fat cats queued up for their corporate carve-up og Iraqi public services, 2 protetors briefly entered the venue, they were arrested and taken to Holborn Police Station. Another group unfurled a banner calling for the US-UK and Poland to get out of Iraq, and were quickly shunted across the road. An Inspector then came up, assured us that he "supported" our "right to protest" and then imposed a Section 14 on us, telling us where we could stand, ie further away from the doors. When asked repeatedly what the "significant disturbance" he feared was, his disingenuous reply was that 2 protestors had already entered the building .

As it stands, there is no doubt that Iraq Procurement 2004 is taking place at the New Connaught Rooms, and all actions should take place there.

Freedom and Democracy My arse.



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