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No more music at Cafe Afrika?

Repost from Cafe Afrika e-mail | 26.04.2004 10:18 | Culture | Cambridge

Dear Café Afrika People,

You may have heard on the grapevine that Cambridge City Council
has refused the renewal of our public entertainments license.
This means we are not permitted to host live music events.

Our neighbours complained about noise on the street and disruption
of the peace and quiet in the area. They started a petition and
gained 28 names, the council received the petition along with some
letters of complaint. Some of the complaints include people talking
on their mobile phones outside and people talking whilst walking down
the street.

We believe that a few of the neighbours and some of the City Councilors
want us to shut down altogether.

The previous manager of the Café was in a constant struggle with the
neighbours and with the council. So we are not taking this situation
personally. We have the right of appeal against the Council's ruling
and will be using it, but we have to wait a month before doing so.

We respect our neighbours. As you are aware as customers of the Café
we put a lot of effort into minimising the noise on the street, asking
people to be quiet when they leave. The building is soundproofed so we
know there is no noise coming from the music inside. We ensure the
doors are closed at all possible times. We think that the noise is not
only from people in Café Afrika, but also from pubs in the area and
from people at the kebab van on the corner.

The Junction is closed all summer, the Boatrace has shut down, we are
the only live music venue aside from the Man on the Moon and the Corn
Exchange near the centre of town.

We are the only venue which consciously promotes community values,
cultural diversity, and equal access to the arts. We fundraise
regularly for charity organisations, we always welcome local talent and
local artists, we provide a free space for many promoters, community
groups, meetings and activities.

Cambridge needs Café Afrika to stay open. We need your support.
Help us to campaign and continue what we have started, and most
of all keep coming to the Café.

Let's not let Cambridge be the home to only brewery owned pubs and
chainstores. Please write letters of support to us or to the city
councilor Liddle, email us at and let us know
what you think.

We have our own petition in the Café, and are starting a free membership
scheme so we can demonstrate just how many people appreciate the cultural
significance and contribution of the Café.

Come in and sign the petition, and realise that we are open, a bar
and café and restaurant, we are still being creative, will provide
events for all aspects of the community (events which do not require
a license include educational dance and drumming workshops, spoken
word events, political presentations, solo musicians and independent
film screenings).

We will always have the music - even if it's not live it will be of good
quality and will have traveled from all far corners of the world.

Please forward this email on to anyone you think may be interested and we
hope to see you soon at the Café.

Best wishes to you and yours

The Café Afrika Crew

Café Afrika
Sturton Street

01223 716 309

Repost from Cafe Afrika e-mail