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Ken Knabb's masperized translations

05-02-2006 04:02

For decades, the only translation of the Situationist International's text about Jean Maitron -- an "anarchist" historian who'd falsified one of the SI's texts, got called on it and, when he didn't do anything, was roughed-up by two young situs -- was Ken Knabb's masperized version, which failed to translate well over half of this relatively short text. We are happy to announce that NOT BORED! has translated the text, from scratch and in its entirety, as it once did with Knabb's masperization of Guy Debord's "The SI Today."

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2nd Renaissance -2

05-02-2006 03:48

Infinity drove him mad
Georg Cantor (1845-1918), by his origination of modern set theory and his studies of the nature of infinity, left science a valuable legacy. Cantor was regularly admitted to a psychiatric clinic within the University of Halle, in Germany, where he lectured and worked as a Professor of Mathematics. On each occasion that he became ill he had been thinking about infinity and the continuum hypothesis. Such intense thought, at the boundaries of his comprehension, caused Cantor to suffer repeated mental breakdowns. Infinity drove him mad.

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when propaganda becomes a Weapon

05-02-2006 01:50

media propaganda analysis

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Stop Red Ice: End Planned Murder of 300,000 Canadian Seals In March

05-02-2006 00:50

Killing Fields
Canada is a leader in the abolition and antiwar movements.
Please stop a tiny number of fishermen and international furriers who
are keeping Canadian seal clubbing going long after
it has ended in the UK, US and elsewhere.

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KHOODEELAAR! THE BRICK LANE LONDON E1 against Xrail hole deamnds to cllrs

05-02-2006 00:00

The KHOODEELAAR campaign in defence of the Brick Lane E1 area and against the Crossrail hole has created the hottest political debate in the East End of London and beyond. The result is that sitting councillors on Tower Hamlets are now running desperate to keep their careers. They are now under pressure to tell the truth on how they let the Crossrail hole to be brought to attack the community

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04-02-2006 23:21

A review of news & opinion
A review of news, opinion, and photography recorded, from the Indymedia Newswire. With times and freqs for tuning in anywhere you can, at your leisure. Free to rebroadcast. The world & recorded for the community archive!

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04-02-2006 22:42

Picture of Green Party Animal Rights spokesperson. at Dover.

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Incapacity Benefit Cuts Protest

04-02-2006 21:26

There was a good turn out at the protest on Saturday 4th Feburary against cuts in Incapacity Benefit outside Sheffield Town Hall.

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Cambridge Social Centre?

04-02-2006 20:44

Do you have a great COMMUNITY PROJECT but nowhere to run it?

Public Meeting
Wednesday 8th February at 8pm
The Hut. Fletchers Terrace, off Argyle Street, off Mill Road.

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Reflections on a deportation [from Israel]

04-02-2006 19:18

David is a human rights observer who is to be deported from Israel. He was with ana in various places in Palestine.

There will be a talk on the subject of Palestine by ana on the 14th of March in RampArts social centre, Whitechapel.

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Report: Live Exports Day of Action in Worcestershire

04-02-2006 19:05

Massive support from the public as the NSA and NBA are shamed over live exports in Worcestershire.

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BNP claim moral high ground by reprinting offensive cartoons

04-02-2006 18:40

BNP deliberately provokes just about everyone...

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04-02-2006 18:26

A short letter to Original Organics Ltd presently carrying a link to Make Poverty History, the producers of wristbands made by sweatshop workers, deniers of protestors rights and the right of self-determination and autonomy of people living in Africa and other poor countries.

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BNP wins second place in local byelection

04-02-2006 17:50

The Britisch National Party managed to get over 30% in a local byelection in Derbyshire. The party came second with just 159 votes behind Labour in Heanor and Loscoe in Derbyshire's Amber Valley borough.

The BNP seems to get more active in the Midlands region, with Notts Indymedia recently reporting on a wave of abuse towards the organisers of a community arts event in Coalville, North East Leicestershire.

Links: Guardian article | Previous Indymedia article on abuse towards Coalville arts group | Stop the BNP (website full of facts and research) | Wikipedia on the BNP | Previous articles on Indymedia on the BNP

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Get Rid of the Gypsies says

04-02-2006 16:34

hile we welcome the positive aspects of the latest Government
statement and circular, especially the emphasis on the need to
provide alternatives for families facing eviction, we are dismayed
by the heading and tone of the news item below.

Grattan Puxon
media officer
UK Gypsies, Travellers
and Roma Forum
01206 523528
affiliated to the European Roma and Travellers Forum, Strasbourg

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Dale Farm: Our Rights Breached by Basildon

04-02-2006 16:29

A major new dispute has arisen
between the besieged residents of
Britain's largest Gypsy township and
the local council - this time over
alleged breaches of privacy.

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False flag 9/11 is No legal base for NATO fighting US wars

04-02-2006 15:58

CNN poll: "Do you believe there is a U.S. government cover-up surrounding 9/11?" - An overwhelming majority of 89 percent said 'YES' - while there are still many ignorants one can sell snake oil and an Eiffel tower to: 'NO - Bush and his cabal is not involved' voted 11%.

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Caracas Libertarian Declaration // January 29, 2006

04-02-2006 15:21

Between January 23 – 29, 2006, anarchist activists gathered in Caracas for the Alternative Social Forum, coming from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay and Venezuela. We consider it important to establish a specifically anarchist position that speaks to our experiences and exchanges. In such a spirit we declare the following:

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The Giant Impeachment - NEW WEBLOG GOES LIVE TODAY!

04-02-2006 14:56

Come on over. Check it out. Get in touch. Spread the word. Spread the light. Get active. Organise. Mobilise. Activate. Get moving. Rant. Rave. Party. Dance. Write. Read. Teach. Learn. Another world is possible! IMPEACHMENT 2006 IS POSSIBLE!

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Veggie Pride : May 20th 2006 in Paris

04-02-2006 14:18

Are you veggie for the animals ?

Come to the Veggie Pride !