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Mumbai and Islamic Terrorism

19-08-2009 21:58

Even though it is not politically correct to say so, there is a lot of terrorism taking place, and quite a bit of it is coming from Muslims. Indeed, there is actually far more terrorism going on than most people realise, and a very significant amount of it indeed is Islamic in origin.

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Elizabeth 'Rocker' Robillard MP for Kensington and Chelsea?

19-08-2009 21:43

The Conservative Party in 'safe' Kensington and Chelsea (London, England ) seat possbily seriously challenged by a notorious disabled, anarchic, atheist actress...Elizabeth Robillard

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MI5: Wedding emails sparked terror swoop

19-08-2009 20:19

Evening Standard, 14 August 2009
The war on our intelligence reaches new heights...

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Target Brimar National Demonstration

19-08-2009 19:06

Target Brimar is a new campaign against a Manchester based arms company.
Come to the Target Brimar launch demonstration: Noon, Saturday 17th October - Manchester

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Is Barack Obama steering a healthy ship out of turbulent titanic global waters?

19-08-2009 17:04

Franz & Jutta talking and listening to the Sovereign.
Is the capitalist world economic crisis over? Are we coming to grips with the financial scandal and banking fiasco? Have we saved world capitalism and can we now peacefully get down to big business, to big wars again?

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19-08-2009 16:37

It is under a week until Portsmouth Council allows Zippos Circus to profit from animal exploitation on Public Property. Contact them and ask for Portsmouth to issue a ban on Circus animals.

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Radio Derby's friendly chat with the BNP

19-08-2009 16:03

Today's friendly interview with BNP's Simon Darby would lead an uninformed person to think this was a sweet group of innocent campers not the reality of a meeting of neo nazis, and racists. Not a mention of their racist politics and the violence and intolerance their party is linked to and promotes.

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Caucasus: The War That Was, The World War That Might Have Been

19-08-2009 14:59

Copyright. John O'Laughlin, University of Colorado, Boulder
What a resumption of fighting between Georgia and South Ossetia will entail is indicated by an examination of the scale of the catastrophe that was narrowly averted a year ago.

A coordinated attack by Georgia on South Ossetia and Abkhazia and by Azerbaijan on Nagorno Karabakh would have led to a regional conflagration and possibly a world war.

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Palestine Today 081909

19-08-2009 13:54

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, for Wednesday, August 19th 2009.

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US nuclear-powered carrier entry to Manila violates Philippine Constitution

19-08-2009 13:25

US nuclear-powered carrier entry to Manila violates ASEAN Treaty .

The following manifestation was made by Rep. Walden Bello of the Party-list Akbayan! on the floor of the House of Representatives of the Philippines on August 13, 2009. It was prepared by Herbert Docena of Focus on the Global South.

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Project Alcatraz

19-08-2009 13:22

When Santa Teresa Hacienda, a sugar cane plantation and rum distillery in Venezuela, had problems with gangs from the slums they hit upon a novel solution.

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What can be learned from the occupation of Vestas?

19-08-2009 13:15

The 19-day occupation of the Vestas wind turbine factory on the Isle of Wight ended August 7, after its Danish owners secured a court order allowing them to repossess the plant. The six remaining workers left the plant after the eviction notice was served. On August 12, dismissal notices were sent to all the employees, confirming the closure of two sites in the Isle of Wight and Southampton.

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American Radio Network NPR Promotes Greenland Narwhal Whale Slaughter

19-08-2009 13:12

Denmark and Greenland Killing Whales
Greenland, the US, Japan, Iceland and Norway
are 5 countries admitting they still slaughter whales,
while Canadian and Dane fishermen do it secretly. NPR, "National Public Radio"
a network from whose administration the public has been excluded, on the 19th of
August promoted whale slaughter for several minutes.

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Campaign starts against Zippos Circus in Portsmouth

19-08-2009 12:03

SARC activists were out in force today to kick start the campaign against Zippos before their show of animal abuse comes to Southsea next week.

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People & Planet offices broken in to for 2nd time in a week

19-08-2009 11:12

The offices of People & Planet, located in Union Street behind East Oxford Primary School were broken into again last Sunday.

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THIS WEEKEND: Visit Palestine -- ISM Training in London

19-08-2009 10:19

There are still places at this weekend's two-day ISM training in east

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Open letter to David Cameron about Brian Haw

19-08-2009 09:38

The likely next Prime Minister, David Cameron, has threatened to have long term Parliament Square peace protester Brian Haw removed from his demonstration outside the Houses of Parliament. This has very serious implications for freedom of speech.

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Just Say No…10 reasons why not to get an ID card

19-08-2009 08:40

It’s pretty clear that most of us won’t be signing up to the scheme come September but just in case you were undecided here are ten reasons why you shouldn’t….