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Demand a referendum on tube privatisation

04-12-2001 15:46


Email London Mayor Ken Livingstone, and Chancellor Gordon Brown at
The email will say "As a Londoner, I demand my democratic right for a referendum on tube privatisation"

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World MMM cannabis rallies May 4. Dana Beal: "Split in the Movement far deeper"

04-12-2001 15:42

World MMM cannabis rallies May 4 2002 in over one hundred cities. Dana Beal says, "Split in the Movement far deeper than many are willing to admit..."
The end of the email has the latest MMM 2002 cities and contacts list for cannabis rallies in over one hundred cities worldwide May 4, 2002.

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urban consumer culture gone mad

04-12-2001 15:25

Packaging gone mad...

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Green Party In Power Fails The Test In Santa Cruz, California

04-12-2001 14:37

Homelessness and political repression, the Green Party fails the test.

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Killings, protests, occupations and declarations - trade unions around the world

04-12-2001 13:26

Here's just a small selection of trade union related news from around the world... (for full articles follow links)

Most taken from and

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Sodexho HQ occupied!

04-12-2001 09:15

In the past few minutes the HQ of Sodexho has been
occupied by activisys protesting against the companies
involvement with the Prison industry

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Palestine in Perspective

04-12-2001 07:54

Up until the 28th of November 862 Palestinians had been killed by the
Israeli army and settlers, with the injury of 25,000 other Palestinians
which represents almost 1% of the total Palestinian population in the
occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.

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Colombian civil war - the old lefts new cause celebre?

04-12-2001 03:38

The response I received to my comments on the story "Colombian state losing war, calls for truce" (posted Nov 30, updated Dec 2)suggests that some people think any one critical of the country's guerrilla movements at best doesn't have a clue and at worst is deliberately spreading lies. This is not the first time such responses have appeared in discussions on Colombia, and is painfully reminiscent of how in the past it was sacriledge to criticize the USSR, the ANC and other state 'socialist' parties, movements and regimes.

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Katie Sierra: The Latest and How to Help

04-12-2001 01:06

Justice for Katie Sierra: The latest from Katie and her attorney, and how you can help

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New punk events datebase online

04-12-2001 00:56

If you are into punk music you might want to check out this new online punk events datebase.

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03-12-2001 21:37

Demonstration - Guildford 15th Dec.

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Paul Robinson - Gothenberg prisoner has been moved

03-12-2001 19:36

Paul Robinson has been moved from the remand centre in Gothenberg to a prison in Karlskoga - a small place in the middle of nowhere.
His new address is:
Paul Robinson, KVA Karlskoga, Box 7,
69121 Karlskoga, Sweden

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Second Mayday 2002 planning meeting

03-12-2001 19:29

There will be a second Mayday 2002 planning meeting on Sunday 9th December, 2pm at London Action Resource Centre, corner of Fieldgate St and Parfett St, London E2. Nearest tube, Aldgate East and Aldgate.

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Action shuts down Euromin - five arrested

03-12-2001 19:21

Action shuts down Euromin - five arrested
This afternoon (3rd December) 30 supporters of the Simon Jones Memorial campaign blockaded the Euromin's Shoreham dock where Simon Jones was killed in 1998.

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Palestinian Control of the Mass Media

03-12-2001 17:08

Palestinian Control of the Mass Media

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Large Man Upsets Producers of Horrible PopTV Show

03-12-2001 15:57

A blow is struck against manufactured music as a purported e-mail campaign appears to have undermined the 'ideal' image of saleable pop people.

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Why did Ricky Bishop died in Police Custody?

03-12-2001 12:55

The family and friends of Ricky Bishop are demanding the truth about the events surrouding Ricky's death.

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More Black Deaths in Custody in Lambeth

03-12-2001 12:29

On Thursday, 22nd November, 25-year old Ricky Bishop was stopped by the police. Ricky went voluntarily to Brixton police station for a search. At some point he was taken to King's College Hospital where he died in the evening, apparently after a heart attack.

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Brussels update ahead of EU protests

03-12-2001 11:59

roughly (/badly!) translated from

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'Protestors' and 'foreigners' targeted by new EU database

03-12-2001 10:54

STATEWATCH, Press release, 3 December 2001
Special report on: