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Smash EDO Newsletter Issue #4 - Anti-Arms Manufacturer Campaign Update

14-03-2005 23:13

Smash EDO is campaigning to shut down Brighton-based arms manufacturer EDO MBM, who make parts for the Paveway series of bombs and release mechanisms for Tornado warplanes, amongst other military hardware.

Attatched is a pdf file of the latest Newsletter (small file = quick download!).

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Shakedown ‘05 - Nottingham G8 :: The Pictures

14-03-2005 22:10

Shakedown ‘05 will brought together the diversity of Nottingham’s cultural life (live bands, DJs, visual artists, performance artists) at this very big one-off non-profit DIY all-night event that tries to bring together as large a variety of people, music and arts as possible.

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Evicted traveller site: Paines Lane

14-03-2005 21:15

Pictures of an evicted traveler site, Paines Lane.

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Protest Against Canadian Slaughter of Seals

14-03-2005 20:18

protecting seals - Sea Shepherd III
Tuesday 15 March
Worldwide Protest Against the Canadian Slaughter of Seals

Tomorrow there will be a worldwide protest against the annual Canadian seal cull.

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Against Bush's Demagogic Foreign Policy

14-03-2005 18:34

The security advisor under President Carter criticizes the delusional US foreign policy and urges recognizing Iran as a stability factor.

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trial collapses against Pitstop Ploughshares

14-03-2005 18:32

The trial of five anti-war activists accused of criminally damaging a US military plane at Shannon Airport two years ago has collapsed at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court.
The trial began last Tuesday, but the presiding judge discharged the jury for undisclosed reasons this morning and ordered a retrial...

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Biggest Opposition Demo Swears to Break Syria's Stranglehold and Lahoud's Regime

14-03-2005 16:55

Lebanon's opposition staged the biggest show of force in the nation's modern history from slain ex-Premier Rafik Hariri's graveside Monday, taking a thunderous oath to break Syria's ruthless stranglehold and tear apart President Lahoud's police state of "secret service phantoms."
Between 1.5 and 2 million opposition activists converged on Beirut's downtown Martyrs Square and surrounding neighborhoods to mark the lapse of one month on Hariri's assassination. They shouted slogans demanding the resignation of all security commanders in Lebanon because of dereliction of duty in stopping the assassination.

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Top fascist meets Queen tomorrow

14-03-2005 16:44

Tomorrow morning at 11am, Gianfranco Fini, Leader of the nadtional Alliance party and Italian foriegn minister will be arriving with the president of italy for a state visit to see the Queen.

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Pathfinder schemes – a path to corruption?

14-03-2005 16:06

Pathfinder schemes are operating in some of our most deprived areas. Nominally they are about urban regeneration, in reality pushing up property prices for the lucky few and providing 'development opportunities' for property developers.

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Stiches in Time new date

14-03-2005 14:59

Necklace and love pins, Xhosa jewelery
Stitches in Time has been extended to 22nd April. I've added some more pictures too to whet your appetite.

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RESIST G8 // 3rd South East Assembly - 3rd April

14-03-2005 14:01

The Resist G8 South East Regional Assembly is a co-ordination of groups and individuals opposed to the G8 and who are mobilising towards the G8 Summit in Gleneagles, Perthshire, Scotland in July 6th-8th.

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19 March - join "against all war" bloc

14-03-2005 12:48

On 19 March there will be an opportunity to march under the simple banner "against *all* war"

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LSF meeting tonight

14-03-2005 10:57

Just in case you haven't noticed, the LSF is having a meeting TONIGHT

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G8 Ministers Counter Summit -DISSENT!

14-03-2005 10:52

G8 Ministers Counter Summit -DISSENT!
tonight, from 6:00 pm, @ Ashbee Hall, part of Toynbee Hall, 28 Commercial Street, London E1 6LS.

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2nd European Day of Actions for Migrant Rights - April 2nd

14-03-2005 10:52

Second European Day of Actions for Migrant Rights
2nd April 2005
12 noon - 2pm Cornmarket, Oxford

stall / letter-writing/ music/ street theatre

Campaign to Close Campsfield / Bicester Refugee Support and others

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Monday 14 March 4-6pm mass protest in Parliament Square

14-03-2005 10:31

We will not give up our hard won rights!

Monday 14 March 4-6pm mass protest in Parliament Sq.
as Lords debate government banning protests

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14-03-2005 08:29

Moscow police "deport" illegal migrants by taking all their cash and throwing them out of the city.

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14-03-2005 08:28

This IWPR report looks at events in the past week as Kyrgyzstan undergoes political turbulence following the first-round parliamentary election on February 27 and ahead of the run-offs on March 13

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14-03-2005 08:26

Third wave of medical cuts closes hospitals everywhere except the capital.

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U.S. Marines Engaged in Mock Executions of Iraqi Juveniles

14-03-2005 05:42

U.S. Navy documents released today by the American Civil Liberties Union reveal that abuse and even torture of detainees by U.S. Marines in Iraq was widespread. One Navy criminal investigator sent an e-mail in June 2004 describing his Iraq caseload "exploding" with "high visibility cases."