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The Great Satan (by Latuff)

01-10-2003 18:34

Great Satan
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Next Manchester critical mass

01-10-2003 18:16

Critical mass 31st october

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Corporate Social Responsibility: Stealth Tax

01-10-2003 18:00

If the public really wants the supposed benefits offered in the Corporate Social Responsibility agenda, in the sense of being prepared to pay for them, then the market will, before too long, provide.

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World Bank speaker in Edinburgh 2nd of October

01-10-2003 17:31

Tomorrow evening (Thursday October 2nd) a presentation will be given by Mark
Eckstein of the World Bank on "How the international financial community can
promote sustainable development". The event has been organised by 'Agenda'
- a corporate social responsibiliy organisation based in Edinburgh.

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Give Sky the 'Boot'

01-10-2003 14:02

This is an inspirational story of guerrilla media activity in Rome. What could we do in Cambridge that would have a similar effect?

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CYCLOX & the Car-Free Day event

01-10-2003 13:43

European Car Free Day Mon 22 Sept a great success
Around one hundred cyclists rode into Broad Street for a free breakfast with fair trade coffee, cereals and bananas. Local TV (BBC and Central), radio and newspapers all covered the event.

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The Music Industry Faces the Music

01-10-2003 13:17

The record industry is experiencing a blow to its profits as file sharing grows in popularity. But despite the dire warnings coming from the industry, does this spell an opportunity for people to reclaim music as a cultural and form and art rather than a commodity available only to the rich?

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GROVELLING TO THE RICH... excellent (and damning!) critique of TONY BLAIR!

01-10-2003 13:03

Grovelling to the rich

Paul Foot
Wednesday October 1, 2003
The Guardian

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The poor of Argentina standing up to the foreign multinationals...

01-10-2003 12:56

The poor of Argentina are standing up to the foreign multinationals seeking to exploit their country's natural resources.

Naomi Klein
Wednesday October 1, 2003 The Guardian

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Irish (Anti-=War) Ploughshares Activist in Liverpool Wed Night

01-10-2003 12:10

Irish Ploughshares Activist hanging out at Flying Picket, Hardman St. Wed night 8 pm for info sharing on disarmamanet action at Shannon, foprthcoming trial, continued nonviolent anti-war resistance in Ireland etc.

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Speaker at WCCC condemns ‘social inertia’

01-10-2003 11:44

Cambridge Indymedia continues its series of reports from the World Climate Change Conference in Moscow.

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Camp Al Awda, Baghdad - The Struggle Continues - report

01-10-2003 10:05

Report plus residents' call out for support from the international community as humanitarian crisis worsens.

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Washington Finally Sees Uribe's True Colors

01-10-2003 03:26

For the past two years critics of Colombian president Alvaro Uribe Velez have tried to draw attention to his sympathies for Colombia’s brutal paramilitary death squads. Only now are a once sceptical international community starting to be of the same opinion.

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Bristol-Stop-The-War News : 1st October 2003

01-10-2003 01:17



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Bilston Glen Anti Bypass Protest

01-10-2003 00:25


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01-10-2003 00:14

As the coal board were cutting trees in order to fit their oversized bulldozers down the tiny footpath by the side of the Bilston Burn, several anti-road pixies were amazed to see bizzare cartoon characters joining them in the mission to stop the chainsaws.

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End the occupation demo

30-09-2003 23:25

Trafalgar Square
Pictures of the 27/09/03 demo

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Support the Occupation of Appledore Shipbuilders

30-09-2003 22:40

The workforce at Appledore Shipbuilders have occupied their workplace in an attempt to save livelihoods. The ship yard is in Appledore on the River Torridge, North Devon, England. They need your support and solidarity.

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United Against Injustice are holding their 2nd Annual Miscarriage of Justice

30-09-2003 20:17

United Against Injustice are holding their 2nd Annual Miscarriage of Justice
Day at The Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool

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**ALL ABOARD FOR THE ESF!** (European Social Forum)

30-09-2003 19:43

Mobilisation for the second European Social Forum
Paris 12-16 November 2003


Telephone: 020 7053 2072