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United Against Injustice are holding their 2nd Annual Miscarriage of Justice

Duarf | 30.09.2003 20:17 | Repression | Liverpool

United Against Injustice are holding their 2nd Annual Miscarriage of Justice
Day at The Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool

United Against Injustice are holding their 2nd Annual Miscarriage of Justice
Day Meeting at

The Britannia Adelphi Hotel Liverpool. on

11 October 2003 at 2pm

If you are a member of a miscarriage of Justice group or are involved in an individual case this is the meeting for you. If you are involved in any aspect of the criminal Justice system or have a social conscience this is the meeting for you. If you have never given the matter much thought, then this is definitely the meeting for you.

United Against Injustice (UAI) is the National Federation of Miscarriage of Justice Groups. UAI was set up to bring miscarriage of justice groups together to share information and expertise and to encourage and assist the setting up of a network of groups throughout the country.

Our First Meeting held in Liverpool on October 12th 2002 (National Miscarriage of Justice Day) generated intense interest and in order to build upon that success we decided to hold our second meeting again in Liverpool.Our intention is to take future meetings to all parts of he country. The meeting will be held as close to 12th October, National Miscarriage of Justice Day, as is practicable.

The General theme of the meeting on 11 October is The Causes of Miscarriages of Justice. Topics covered will be non disclosure, poor defence, police malpractice, identification issues and much much more.UAI has brought together, in one place, a panel of speakers with expertise and experience you would have difficulty finding elsewhere.

The programme for the day will be:-


Kevin McMahon will introduce the meeting and outline the purpose behind
United Against Injustice.

Kevin is a former Merseyside police detective the chair and founder of
Merseyside Against Injustice and the spokesperson for UAI


Kiron Reid will chair the meeting, Kiron is a Lecturer in Civil Liberties at
University of Liverpool and he is a member of the Merseyside Police


Dr Andrew Green- Criminologist and founder member of the group Innocent.

Andrew has made an extensive study of the construction of wrongful

As well as giving an overview to the causes of miscarriages of Justice
Andrew will propose ways in which we might tackle these problems.

Steve Crampton- Retired Police Inspector

Steve is former head of a police Identification Suite his extensive
knowledge of Law and procedures in this area allow him to identify problems
that lead to Miscarriages that others may overlook.

Claire Gilham. - Independent Police Complaints Commission

Claire is a Deputy District Judge who has been appointed as the Deputy Chair
of the IPCC which replaces the much discredited Police Complains Authority,
in April 2004.

John Saunders.- Criminal Cases Review Commission

John is a case reviewing officer for the CCRC with an extensive background
in investigation. He will talk about when an application should be made to
the CCRC the quality of those submissions and what the CCRC can and cannot

Jane Hickman. - Solicitor

Jane of Hickman and Rose solicitors is a human rights solicitor with a
reputation as a staunch advocate of Miscarriage of Justice cases her
experience and knowledge and representation are much sought after.

Robert Brown.- Miscarriage of Justice

In November 2002 Robert Brown's conviction for murder was overturned. he had
served 25 yrs in prison. The Police officers in the case were described as
being involved in a culture of corruption. DCI Butler had been jailed for
four years for perverting the course of Justice.

Robert's observations and insights borne of 25 years of experience must be

Michael Davies will close the meeting singing "Innocent" a song he wrote
while in prison having been wrongly convicted in the M25 case . Michael's
Conviction was quashed in 2000, Michael is now a musician.

Other Information

There will be an opportunity to ask questions of the speakers.

News from Nowhere will be providing a books stall and information and
literature will be available from a large number of cases throughout the

The meeting is free

After the meeting join us at the Flying Picket Hardman Street for a Justice
fundraiser live bands and refreshments and an opportunity to network and
talk with like-minded people.

The member groups of UAI are

Merseyside Against Injustice (MAI)


Falsely Accused Support Organisation (FASO)

Miscarriage of Justice Organisation (MOJO)

Kent Against Injustice (KAI)

South Wales Liberty

If you feel that your group or Organisation should be a part of UAI or you
are thinking of starting a group in your area see any of our representatives
on the day.



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