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MP Accountability: Christine Russell - City of Chester

20-03-2005 15:52

Below details the facts of Christine Russell's performance as my MP. Go to research your MP and name & shame. With the General Election looming, publishing their actual (and most probably poor) record could have a real impact. Hold 'Em To Account!!

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Troops Out Demo Presages Hot Summer of Dissent

20-03-2005 15:41

The July 2205 G8 should make this a hot summer of dissent, and inspire Britain's biggest ever festival of dissent. The London anti-war demo saw a very large turn out, despite demands from other political activities: elections, G8, pension cuts, etc... yet this has been a powerful warm up for what’s ahead. More pertinently, it has reminded Tony B Liar that he will never be able to draw a line under his illegal destruction of Iraq, and the brutal cold-blooded murdering of 100,000 innocent Iraqi people. The march 19 demonstration has ensured that his despotic decision should haunt him for a long time to come.

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"Visibility Policing" on March 19th Anti-War Demo in London

20-03-2005 15:08

Line at Piccadilly Circus 1 (police, barriers, vans)
Quite a few people I spoke to on the large anti-war protest on Saturday March 19th 05, remarked on the style of policing deployed for the march.

While they were not criticising the actions of any police officers, they were keen to point out that there was an increased level of close policing along the route and the increased use of police vans to create road block barriers, both en route and at Trafalger square, where the march ended.

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Samba surveillance on Saturday

20-03-2005 14:51

Trailing anti-fascists, 2004
Coppers targeting the samba band on Saturday have been spotted before ...

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BBC bans Better Dead Than Wed

20-03-2005 14:12

BBC RADIO has banned the Class War/Conflict CD 'Better Dead Than wed' after allegedly discovering a plot to hype it to the number one slot during the week of the Royal wedding. Sales of just 18,000 would apparently do the trick!

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Iraq demo: Anti-Islamist protest

20-03-2005 11:54

Freedom for Iraq: London anti-war demo, 19 March 2005
OutRage! backed the call for “Britain and the US to set a timetable for the withdrawal of troops,” but it opposed calls for “Troops Out Now”; warning that “a hasty withdrawal could pave the way for the seizure of power by Saddam loyalists or Islamic fundamentalists.”

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Saturdays Summer Weather Cause For Concern

20-03-2005 11:40

While people have been enjoying the freak summer weather this weekend, scientists have been warning that the ozone layer is are at amoung the thinest sofar and that UV levels will be conrispondingly high. Record cold tempatures during the artic winter have resulted in an increase of the chemical reaction that destroys ozone during the spring as the sun comes closer to the earth. So, enjoy the early spring/summer but remember to cover up and keep up the pressure to curb consumption and climate change.

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USA ban right person - shocker!

20-03-2005 11:32

In a move that has suprised many, US authorities have banned Narendra Modi,, who headed the government of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Gujarat when hindu extremists rioted and killed 2,500 muslims. After pressure from civil rights groups, Modi was refused entry by the United States which cited violation of religious freedom as the reason. However he will now address two meetings of expatriate Hindus via satellite this Sunday...

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Portraits from the End the Occupation of Iraq demo.

20-03-2005 04:55

Former Guantanimo bay detainee Martin Mubanga.
5 faces from the tens of thousands.

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Images from the Troops Out demo.

20-03-2005 04:46

No STW demo who be complete without George & Tony.
Photos from the End The Occupation Of Iraq demo in London today.

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Iraq protest report.

20-03-2005 01:56

An eyewitness account of today's antiwar demonstration in London, followed by a brief restaurant review, then a synopsis and diagnosis.

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Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army IN GLASGOW next WEEKEND

20-03-2005 01:48


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Pics. Stop the War Demo London 19th March

20-03-2005 00:54

pic 1
small selection of photos from the day.
Introducing the Greater Manchester Coalition to Stop the War new banner getting its first outing

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50,000 - 80,000 march to bring troops home

19-03-2005 23:22

It was the usual numbers game, organisers hyping the figure to 200,000 while the police play the figure down to 20,000. The media then talk about the different claims instead of the issues... just like me!

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On behalf of Inigo Makazaga and Basque prisoners

19-03-2005 22:01

This afternoon Korrika has taken place in London. Korrika is an event happening every year in the Basque Country to reclaim rights for the Basque language and to promote its use. Korrika links every village and town in the basque Country with a race where people takes part. The London version of Korrika happened today. There, 10 Basques who are helding a hunger strike on behalf of Inigo Makazaga and Basque prisoners were there too togetehr with Inigo's mother and friends and many other sympathisers.

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pics of creative protest from today's anti-war demo in london

19-03-2005 20:37

english bush
creative banners, costumes, and props from today's demo

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samba pics from the anti-war demo today in london

19-03-2005 20:23

pink protestors
massed sambaistas in the sun

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pics from today's london anti-war demo

19-03-2005 20:17

carrying the coffin to the u.s embassy
various general pics from today

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pigwatch pics at anti-war demo today

19-03-2005 20:04

potecting the u.s.embassy
the state of surveillance

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America's Preventive War as Ultimate Risk

19-03-2005 16:48

Never before has a demcoratic state threatened so openly to repudiate the basic norm of all law, the prohibition of violence.. Apart from self-defense, no war is legal if the Security Council has not approved.. The American government does not feel bound to the norms of law and political ethics