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AUSTRALIA: BringDavidHome

08-02-2007 09:01

Hey folks check out the pics from Tuesday's protest outside Parliament House

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Projection 'info night' at the Vortex

08-02-2007 00:36

Bringing together social struggles from across the globe

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US Iraqi Holocaust And One Million Excess Deaths

08-02-2007 00:00

It is nearly the Fourth Anniversary of the illegal Anglo-American-Australian-Coalition invasion of Iraq. What has been the economic and human cost of Bush’s Iraq War?

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Solidarity pitch invasion protest for Greek hunger strikers

07-02-2007 23:58

In a “friendly”/unofficial football game between the Greek national team and the S. Korean national team in London, 4 people holding two large banners (2 people per banner) invaded the pitch. One banner said “70 days of hunger strike” and the other one added “We don’t forget, we don’t forgive” (it looks like they knew that the prisoners were free at last ).

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Terror raid leaks fuel anger

07-02-2007 23:40

Media wallas camp site at 24 Popular Rd
Today two men were released from Coventry without having been charged after the so-called terror raids in Birmingham last week.

Human rights group Liberty have expressed their concern about the media and political speculation that surrounded last week's 'anti-terror' operation. Yesterday Liberty made a Freedom of Information Request to Home Secretary John Reid highlighting the dangers of leaking information to the press.

Below are more pictures from the raids last week in Sparkhill, Birmingham.

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Drowning German nuclear waste pit may poison groundwater

07-02-2007 23:37

Nuclear opponents say a former salt mine in north Germany containing 126,000 drums of nuclear waste is running full of water that could ultimately reach ground water along hundreds of kilometres. The dump is the Asse II pit near Salzgitter bought in the 60s by the federal government for “research of the safe final storage of radioactive wastes”.

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photos of Manchester carbon footprint stencils

07-02-2007 22:48

Last Thursday, to coincide with the IPCC report, a group of Manchester climate activists decorated the pavements outside flight centres, petrol stations, supermarkets and a humvee garage with carbon footprints.

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Israel's Bomb, Iran's Pursuit of the Bomb and U.S. War Preparations, part 1

07-02-2007 22:42

Four years ago today, U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell played a major role in persuading a gullible, stupefied and craven American news media and public - but not a cynical world - to support the Bush administration's illegal, immoral invasion of Iraq. He did so by presenting a panoply of lies, false statements and exaggerations about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction and ties to al Qaeda terrorists.

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East Oxford Stop the War Leafleting

07-02-2007 22:39

Leafleting outside Cowley Tesco this Thurs (8th) 5.30-6.30pm and Sat 10th Feb 12-1.30pm

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Revelations on Brigitte throw doubt on Lodhi conviction

07-02-2007 22:14

Free Willie Brigitte
Comments by a former chief of French security intelligence that Brigitte is a person of no importance who Australian authorities play on to create fear have undermined the case against Lodhi, convicted last year in Sydney on terror charges after being linked with Brigitte.

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ya salio: indymedia oaxaca fanzine

07-02-2007 22:12

Krutaay - We are not in a hurry, because we are going far -: the no compromise, autonomous, leader and fear less fanzine, put together by compas around indyoaxaca and others, is now out, is now out.

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SOCPA - brian haw wins channel 4 political awards

07-02-2007 20:14

brian haw
brian beat five other nominees by an overwhelming majority in a channel 4 poll tonight. he has won the channel 4 award for the most inspiring political figure of 2006.

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Brian Haw Wins!

07-02-2007 19:58

Brian has won the Channel 4 Political Award.

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Truth is being witheld from Americans on global warming

07-02-2007 19:52

Just read the titles, if nothing else, of these
articles from the past few months. Very few
were printed in the US, and only a few were
posted anywhere other than foriegn sites and
the IMC Network.

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Pro-abortion women plan massive rally

07-02-2007 19:42

Rational human beings plan a pro-abortion rally on 3 March 2007, to slap back the world's advancing army of anti-abortion religious loons.

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Actions in the run-up to G8

07-02-2007 19:28

Here is a list of some of what has been going on in Europe agaist this June's g8 summit in Germany

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Pro-War Lefties at I.C.A London

07-02-2007 19:20

Yes the usual suspects of the new breed of ex-lefties will debate whether the war in Iraq is a continuation of the radical spirit of the French May 1968 events.

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Asbo your neighbours!

07-02-2007 18:55

A member of one of London’s most experienced community action groups has hit out against the ‘hidden agenda’ of a new measure to give ASBO powers to Tenant Management Organisations.

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Cold war

07-02-2007 16:48

The meltdown: of the ice-caps