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SOCPA - brian haw wins channel 4 political awards

rikki | 07.02.2007 20:14 | SOCPA | Repression | London

brian beat five other nominees by an overwhelming majority in a channel 4 poll tonight. he has won the channel 4 award for the most inspiring political figure of 2006.

brian haw
brian haw

the six nominees were

aisah azmi
tony blair
david cameron
richard dannatt
brian haw
archbishop of york

brian's majority, with thousands of votes cast, was described as 'overwhelming' on the c4 news tonight. he is attending a gala reception at the channel 4 studios in horseferry road this evening. his personal guest is barbara tucker, whose solicitors were fighting in court today.

as reported on indymedia recently,, barbara is banned from the socpa zone without exception until a court case in may. the c4 studio lies in that zone! her solicitors pointed out the idiocy of the conditions that also prevent her from attending legal hearings about her own cases, and even an actual socpa trial on the 22nd feb. they overturned the conditions and district judge snow has allowed her to attend the reception tonight as long as she goes directly there along horseferry road. he also has kindly allowed her to attend her own trials.

the presentation will be broadcast on c4 on saturday evening at 7.10

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seating arrangements

07.02.2007 23:22

tony mcnulty, the new labour home minister for police and security, was supposed to be sitting right next to barbara and brian at the awards tonight.

guess what? the cowardly so-and-so didn't show. i guess he didn't want to have to face the woman his government's been trying to lock up for the last year.

meanwhile, babs had some small talk with david davis, shadow home secretary, who showed himself to be no better with some fatuous comments about people being nice to eachother. and a nearby table took the strain of the corpulent ex-home minister, charles clarke, feasting and sweating profusely as always while espousing his nasty right-wing views.

barbara and brian won over most of the channel 4 staff, and barbara had a well-deserved restful evening after all the tribulations and dodgy trials of recent times.



08.02.2007 13:35

Mr Haw received 54% per cent of the votes
Gen Sir Richard Dannatt 18%
Tony Blair 8%
David Cameron 6%

Go Brian (and his valiant supporters).



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