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Mark Thomas to Open DSEi Convergence Centre - 6th September

03-09-2003 12:31

Mark Thomas to open DSEi convergence centre from 7pm, Saturday 6th September

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Thessaloniki Prisoners Benefit Extravaganza!

03-09-2003 11:33

Throughout the summer there has been benefit concerts, raves and other events in aid of the Thessaloniki 8 prisoners who were fitted up by the Greek State as scapegoats for the massive demonstrations against the EU on June 21st, 2003.
Benefits have been organised by the Thessaloniki Prisoner Support Campaign,
Eton Mission Social Club and friends. The next one is this Friday, September 5th
and is hoped to be packed. Come down, bring your friends!

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DSEi Debunking the Myths

03-09-2003 10:47

There are a number of myths, smoke-screens and excuses being circulated by the Government and Spearhead Exhibitions Ltd, regarding DSEi 2003.

(Please distribute...)

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Another blow for Asylum Seekers

03-09-2003 09:05

Once again the "Left" Labour government make Maggie look like Marx, how can we let them get away with it?

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Saturday 6th coach to DSEI Arms Trade Protest

03-09-2003 08:31

Still lots of tickets available - please consider using the CND coach to avoid their making financial losses .

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Indymedia Reporting for DSEi Arms Fair

03-09-2003 08:25

Latest info from Indymedia on reporting DSEi protests:

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Back to the future as North West faces service sector jobs haemorrhage

03-09-2003 05:23

Up to 200,000 UK jobs are likely to be lost in the biggest industrial collapse since manufacturing was decimated in the early 1980s. Analysts predict a total of 2 million jobs will migrate from Western Europe to India by 2008.

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03-09-2003 04:00

links to recent article of sabotage

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Fluffy DSEi press release: Fluffy Protesters Face Ruthless Arms Dealers

02-09-2003 23:31

Thousands of international activists and local citizens are planning to blockade Europe's largest ever arms fair when it opens on 9 September at the ExCeL Centre in the London
Docklands. Dressed to impress, protesters will converge at 1pm at the small roundabout under the Connaught Bridge underpass and proceed to peacefully, creatively and
artistically block the eastern entrance to the ExCeL centre.

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Israel and the OPT: democracy, race & class.

02-09-2003 23:06

When the behaviour of the state of Israel is brought up in debate, the usual thing that’s levelled in its favour is that it’s “the only democracy in the middle east”. But what does this mean, and to what extent is it true?

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Imc Cambridge howto leaflet

02-09-2003 21:15

The PDF of a new leaflet explaining how to publish on Indymedia Cambridge.

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psychiatrist declares Kelly a suicide, right-o

02-09-2003 20:31

a leading psychiatrist is [ well-nigh certain ] Kelly was a suicide...

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Fluent anti-DSEi action in Sheffield

02-09-2003 19:50

Fluent deal in Death
Around twenty people took action against Fluent Ltd, a computer modelling software company on an industrial estate next to Sheffield airport today.

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synarchist history (2)

02-09-2003 17:19

I've read an article on "synarchist history" here by Lyndon LaRouche.
He's well known for his conspiracy theories, and the very most
of the text seems to be fiction.
Here is a translation of a german text on the history of synarchy.

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DEstroY DSEI Smash themup

02-09-2003 17:10

Transport and general info re Demo
Local details pick up etc
wht to do
how to get in touch

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Fluent Deals in Death - Anti-DSEi Protest

02-09-2003 16:46

Fluent helps bully boys kill children

Fluent Inc had their European HQ in Sheffield targeted by anti-war protestors because they are an exhibitor at the DSEi arms fair in London next week.

Protestors barricaded themselves in the main entrance revolving door, scaled the entrance canopy to drape a Fluent Deal in Death banner and two protestors locked themselves to the front door with d-locks.

Previous Sheffield DSEi actions include a protest in the city centre and public meeting.

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Enemy with a human face

02-09-2003 16:38

Now “peace activism” ironically sides with jihad... whether an official partner or not, it's ideas often parallel those of radical Islam and are quickly seeping into the mainstream. As the organisation moves from campuses to churches, it concomitantly lowers the bar to principles outlined in the Hamas Charter—jihad, death to Jews, delegitimization and destruction of Israel. Evidently, churchgoers don’t realize that Hamas also seeks global Islamic supremacy.

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US boycott nuclear testban - NGO’s call for US boycott

02-09-2003 16:12

Brussels - Vienna September 2, 2003 – Since 1945 there have been 2051 nuclear tests on our planet. This adds up to an average of one nuclear explosion every 10 days for the past 58 years. As the US boycott the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Conference (CTBT) which starts tomorrow in Vienna (Austria), a growing coalition of NGO’s is calling consumers to stop buying American (1).

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Dublin: Benefit gig for the Pit Stop Ploughshares Five

02-09-2003 14:17

what the flyer looks like
needing your solidarity & support....