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Linslade anti-bypass protestors acquitted

17-05-2005 10:47

Two women arrested for chaining themselves to a digger in protest at the start of work on the controversial Linslade bypass have been acquitted.

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Cannabis March & Rally Video

17-05-2005 10:02

London May 15th: In beautiful sunshine, a 'cannabis education march' hit central London Sunday May 15th, as over 2000 people marched, danced and even floated their way through crowded streets to a rally of up to 5000 in Trafalgar Square.

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Immigration try to deport man tortured in Angola back to the hands of the people

17-05-2005 10:00

Yesterday Immigration tried to deport Joao Paulo Cassongo back to Angola.

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Torture okay: propaganda paper

17-05-2005 04:12

The article - Not Enough Official Torture in the World? The Circumstances in which Torture is Morally Justifiable - is soon to be published in the University of San Francisco Law Review?

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Refusnik film screening, Sunday 22nd May

16-05-2005 22:55

On Sunday 22nd May at 7:30 there will be a screening of 'Refusing to Kill', a film that tells the story of soldiers from around the world who have taken a moral position on their country's foriegn policy and who have suffered as a consequence. 'Why Close the G8?' by the Camcorder Guerillas will also be shown.

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West bar gearing up for security ministers?

16-05-2005 20:52

West bar gearing up for security ministers?

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EU counter summit in Luxembourg: status of the preperations

16-05-2005 20:35

Only one month left until the (anti-) european counter summit in Luxembourg.
Whilst in the European public everybody is paying attention to the EU constitution and fear or hope its rejection, networks of the radical left and anarchists in Luxembourg have initiated protests against a Europe of capitalism.

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Dissent! Gathering Draft Agenda: Nottingham 20th-22nd May

16-05-2005 19:37

Please forward this information, and remember to register!

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Selfridges Day of Action Rocks Birmingham

16-05-2005 17:22

On Saturday 14 May 2005, Selfridges felt the full force of Midlands anti-fur protesters anger, as the biggest ever Birmingham Selfridges demo hit the city streets!!

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Corporate Pirates Latest: Peace(s) of Cake

16-05-2005 16:47

Some pirates, yesterday.
The latest event in an on-going campaign by the Corporate Pirates protesting the corporate invasion of Iraq, went off with a figurative Kerblam! Friday (13/05) lunchtime, as members of the group opened a “Pirates Pantry!”, selling cakes and biscuits to members of the public outside the offices of Windrush Communications.

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Once again, the civil inspectors entered the NATO base of Bétera (Spain)

16-05-2005 16:45

Similarly to what happened the last two years, a group of inspectors crossed the wire fences of the future headquarter of the NATO Response Force in Valencia (Spain) in order to claim for its closure and return to the population, inspite of a strong deployment of police forces.

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16-05-2005 16:11

A Genoa judge has ordered police, prison guards and medical workers to stand trial on charges of abusing anti-globalization protestors being held during the Genoa G8 summit in 2001

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The Depressed Business Climate

16-05-2005 14:30

The system rules of the economy are not natural laws. The village square in the Middle Ages was framed by the church, the town hall, the school and the hospital and no market could have occurred without these social institutions.

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Inter Milan accepts challenge of playing Zapatista football team

16-05-2005 13:52

subcommandante marcos playing football, by Alessio from LaJornada
As previously reported on Indymedia Scotland and Indymedia UK, plagiarised though of BBC world news, Subcommandante Marcos from the EZLN in Chiapas, Mexico, wrote an invitation for a solidarity football game to Inter Milan.
Now the solidarity group B.A.S.T.A. Reports on Indymedia Germany that Inter Milan would have accepted the challenge, however, not yet detemining the time and location of the match.

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Mainstream Media admits it was wrong

16-05-2005 13:38

Newsweek magazine admits it error

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Report and pics: Levellers' Day, Burford, Oxfordshire

16-05-2005 12:05

SWP stall
The 31st annual Levellers' Day took place in Burford on Saturday 14 May. There was a good turnout of people of all ages, coming from as far afield as Leicester and Cheltenham, and the weather was, for once, almost perfect, considering that most years we either bake or drown..
The theme this year was ‘The Media as a Political Weapon’, and we had excellent speeches from people such as Greg Philo of the Glasgow Media Group, Anna Wagstaff of the Oxford NUJ and Judith Brown from Arab Media Watch.
The afternoon’s entertainment was astonishingly varied, including Geoff Berner and his friends from Canada, Attila the Stockbroker with both poems and songs, and many more (see Delicious Indian vegetarian food was available all day.
We Indy types managed to get in a 2-minute plug for Oxford Indymedia, immediately after Anna Wagstaff’s speech, but there was no other mention of Indymedia and, as far as I could gather, just a nod in the direction of alternative media sources on the part of Greg Philo. This was disappointing for us as we consider that Indymedia, though still fairly small and immature, has great potential on several counts: by providing self-publishing facilities for all, it can in principle greatly extend the range of news available to people, so bypassing many of the problems associated with the corporate media. It can also have an empowering effect on those contributors who have hitherto felt themselves to be ‘voiceless’, and thereby reinforce democracy (etc., etc!!).

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16-05-2005 11:27

IWPR reporter's eyewitness account of scenes of panic as armoured cars spray gunfire randomly into crowds of demonstrators.

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16-05-2005 11:26

Fleeing Andijan residents say "only death" now awaits them back in Uzbekistan.

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The Power Of Performance

16-05-2005 10:41

The Power of Performance
"There is too much to learn from Acting, to keep it the sole reserve of Actors"

The link between Psychology and Drama is a barely visible, hugely underestimated and very powerful human resource. Augusto Boal knew this and developed exercises with this link in mind. Though they were still firmly rooted in the theatre, the psychological benefits cannot be ignored.