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The U.S. Lost the War Before It Started

09-04-2003 16:06

Undoubtedly the U.S. will experience a military victory in Iraq as well as a complete and thorough occupation of the entire country but a military occupation does a society not make.

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Baghdad has Fallen, The War Goes On...

09-04-2003 15:19

Are those anti-war people in the UK ready for the end of this war? Because our is not yet over. Not by a long way.

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Belfast/Hillsborough Protest Photos (

09-04-2003 15:12

Belfast/Hillsborough Protest Photos (
{ photos by redjade } (c)

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Fuck Saddam - Sack the Maid

09-04-2003 15:10

Poignant lyrics written by the controversial music artist Luke Haines 7 years ago which uncannily sum up the 25 year rule of Saddam's wicked dictatorship. We await to see if the poor Iraqi people have to put up with US dictatorship now.

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Banner Lost or Stolen at Hillsborough protest:

09-04-2003 14:56

Banner Lost or Stolen at Hillsborough protest:
A banner was lost or stolen at Monday's Hillsborough demo. If anyone knows where it is please give its owner a call at

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09-04-2003 14:54


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Indymedia screenings- [london]

09-04-2003 14:52

Indymedia cinema screenings

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US Army puts it's flag on statue of Saddam

09-04-2003 14:51

US Army puts it's flag on statue of Saddam
US Army troops brandish blatent nationlism in front of Iraqi people.

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legal request

09-04-2003 14:37

Did you see anything

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The war in Iraq is over!

09-04-2003 14:30

Saddam Hussein's rule collapsed in chaos in Baghdad today as elated Iraqis welcomed US forces while looters and gunmen ran wild. As marines rolled in from the east to a joyous reception, hundreds of people gutted official buildings, dragging off all they could carry.

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This is Global Resistance

09-04-2003 14:22

Heroic intervention by the International Solidarity Movement in the Gaza Strip on Monday

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Northern Ireland Protests at Opening of Magee Library by Princess Anne

09-04-2003 13:49

Northern Ireland Protests at Opening of Magee Library by Princess Anne
From early on yesterday evening police had sealed off the Magee campus of the University of Ulster in Derry, Northern Ireland. The reason was the visit by Princess Anne to perform the official opening of Magee's new library. (article 1)

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zionist terror gang plants bomb in palestinian school, many killed and injured.

09-04-2003 13:39

Occupied Jerusalem, IAP News:

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09-04-2003 13:36


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Embarrasing Jubilation

09-04-2003 13:30

Its hard to say your wrong

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CIA and FBI to have full arrest powers in Europe

09-04-2003 13:22

A Press Release from Statewatch

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US-backed militia terrorises town

09-04-2003 13:05

Having just gotten rid of Saddam Hussein, who they helped to power in the 1960s, the Americans now have a new set of bullies and tyrants to plant on top of the Iraqi people.

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Spanish MP resigns over Iraq War

09-04-2003 12:58

Spanish MP Luis Acín member of the ruling Partido Popular has just resigned from his seat at the Congreso de los Diputados in Spain. He has also announced his renounce as PP affiliate cause he does not agree "with the position mantained by President Aznar on the War in Iraq".

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U.K. Forces Committed Mass Killing In Umm Qasr

09-04-2003 12:22

UMM QASR, Iraq, April 8 ( - The U.K. troops in the Iraqi southern port city of Umm Qasr set up mass graves in the city to cover up hard evidence of committing massacres that claimed the lives of some 200 Iraqis in the first days of the war, unleashed on March 20, eyewitnesses told Tuesday, April 8.

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Anti-war songs online on euphonic radio

09-04-2003 12:14

in this next part of the anti-warseries on euphonic there's an extra. you can click on the artists name in the playlist below and download each track from the artists' website yourself. you can hear artists like dj shadow, greenday, beastie boys and r.e.m.