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Trevor Phillips

20-02-2010 13:31

Surprisingly, Harriet Harman's poodle Trevor Phillips has hit the weekend news with the extraordinary claim that he is concerned about human rights of Muslims tortured by the USA with UK spying operatives in complicity.. Phillips is the most promoted ‘hope’ of the British state among the Operation African-origin serviles! He does not deserve to be allowed this latest career move just as election time is upon us

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New eco village starting soon in London

20-02-2010 12:32

Following the eviction threat to Kew eco village, there will be a new eco village set up in London. A new site has already been located. People are needed to help set it up. A couple of other sites have also been located incase the chosen site gets blocked off before we can occupy it. No details of the location can be given at this stage.

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Rough Music #23 Out Now

20-02-2010 10:43

Yer Dirt Digging, Muck-Raking Rag (Feb/March) - Out Now on the streets of Brighton...

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The Digital Economy Bill : what’s yours is ours

20-02-2010 09:08

| UK Gov nationalises orphans and bans non-consensual photography in public |

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Protest, Premier and Punk coming soon to Cardiff

19-02-2010 23:47

Over the next few weeks, No Borders South Wales have three events planned including a protest outside the UK Border Agency, a film premier at Cardiff University and a benefit gig at a city centre nightclub.

You can follow us on twitter @noborderswales

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EU calling oil plantations forests to deflect opposition

19-02-2010 22:09

Incredibly, the European Commission intends to declare oil palm plantations as forests. The obvious trick aims at wiping aside the worldwide opposition to the destruction of rain forests to use the land for oil plantations – according to the motto: no forest is being lost.

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Radiokebele - we done a number 2!

19-02-2010 21:11

Featuring extended interview with the “Sultan of Squats” Clifford Hanger which include a host of anecdotes from Bristol's finest radical raconteur. Also a telephone interview with the Olympic Resistance Network that lays out the ugly truth behind the Winter Olympics on stolen land. Then the usual global update and what's on guide.

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Camden Animal Lab campaign residents "We are up against heavies".

19-02-2010 20:31

There are plans to build a high level [3+] virus contianment facility and animal testing lab on a Camden Council house estate alongside St Pancras International behind the British Library. Residents have been campaigning against the lab plans. Some have said that "we are up against heavies" and others have spoken of "dirty tactics" by those who are in support of the lab plans including aggression.

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Frankfurt(GER)/Calais: Protests in Front of french consulate

19-02-2010 20:30

As a reaction towards the Hangar-Raids the ongoing repression against migrants and activists in the french Harbour City of Calais almost 30 people gathered this morning in Frankfurt/Main [Germany] to protest and demonstrate transnational solidarity in front of the french consulate.

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Syria: A Clenched US Fist Behind the Hand of Friendship

19-02-2010 18:43

Charles Hunter, Chargé d’affaires at the U.S. Embassy in Damascus
The announcement by Washington today that it is appointing an ambassador to Syria – after an absence of five years – is being hailed in the western media as another example of the Obama administration’s “policy of engagement” for regional peace.

The seeming US hand of friendship towards Syria is more accurately understood as the further clenching of Washington’s fist towards Iran.

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1,000 Demonstrators Marked 5 Years of Protest in Bil'in by Dismantling the Wall

19-02-2010 18:32

One week following the victory forcing Israel to begin rerouting the path of the Wall (1), and under the shadow of an unprecedented wave of repression(2) against the popular struggle, over a thousand protesters took part in a demonstration at the west Bank village of Bil'in, marking five years of struggle there. At the height of the demonstration dozens of protesters stormed the Barrier, toppled some 40 meters of it and crossed to village's lands. Protesters also managed to take over a military post adjacent to the path of the Wall for a short time.

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Dissident Island Radio tonight!!

19-02-2010 16:57

mmmmmm.... five more minutes
Captain of the Rant // Aldermaston Big Blockade // FAU Berlin // Calais Hangar // Colonel Gaddafi

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New leak confirms BNP not in control of its own fate

19-02-2010 15:43

A leaked spreadsheet listing transactions on the British National Party’s bank account has proved what Searchlight has said all along: that a militant anti-abortion campaigner in Northern Ireland virtually owns the BNP.

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No ID, No Freedom. People sent home Without ID

19-02-2010 15:01

Police in Wakefield checked 900 ID card, anyone found out in public with NO ID was ordered to go home and not use the streets of Wakefield

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Issue 12 of the Hereford Heckler is out now,

19-02-2010 12:30

Issue 12 of the Hereford Heckler is out now,

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London Benefit gig for Haiti

19-02-2010 10:16

Please dowlode & distribute!
This months ACOUSTIC INSURGENCY will feature a blinding line up (see below) a free veggie meal for the first 50 folks through the door and an awesome raffle with prizes including tickets to the Comedy Store, radical books from FREEDOM & 56a and various bottles of wine, whiskey and other good shit.

The night is a benefit for TUC AID to Haiti.

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Stop UKCMRI [Camden Bio Hazard] Lab meeting at Camden Town Hall update.

19-02-2010 03:23

There are plans to build a high level [3+] virus containment facility and animal testing lab in Camden on a council house estate in Camden, alongside St Pancras International behind the British Library. This week residents met with councillors at Camden Town Hall as a follow up to the meeting at St Mary & St Pancras Primary School meeting. Read the notes below regarding this meeting.

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Gaza Protests: Harsh Sentences Likely To Deter Lawful Protest

18-02-2010 22:52

outside the embassy
Harsh sentences delivered
On Friday morning last week the waiting room inside Isleworth Crown Court started to fill with some of the protesters who had taken part in the London-Gaza protests in January last year. They were there to be sentenced for their role in those protests. The defendants had all pleaded guilty to charges of violent disorder, some because of pressure from their lawyers, others as part of a plea bargain and in fear of a heavier sentence if they stuck to their original "not guilty" pleas. Also present were family members and friends who had come to lend their moral support. The atmosphere was one of tense, nervous anticipation. Most of the defendants had been told that they could expect to be sentenced to community service, which is what the author of the pre-sentence reports had recommended. Others expected a custodial sentence but, in light of their early "guilty" plea and other mitigating factors in their favour, a relatively short one.