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Radiokebele - we done a number 2!

McGherkin | 19.02.2010 21:11 | Culture | Free Spaces | Other Press

Featuring extended interview with the “Sultan of Squats” Clifford Hanger which include a host of anecdotes from Bristol's finest radical raconteur. Also a telephone interview with the Olympic Resistance Network that lays out the ugly truth behind the Winter Olympics on stolen land. Then the usual global update and what's on guide.

Our number 2 has been picked clean of peanuts, if you imagine peanuts to be swearwords. I once saw a gorilla in Bristol Zoo picking the peanuts out of his number 2. He looked me in the eyes and seemed to say “think i do this in the effing wild, do you?”. But thats another story.

Buon Apetito!

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