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No ID, No Freedom. People sent home Without ID

Concerned of Wakefield | 19.02.2010 15:01 | Anti-militarism | Free Spaces | Repression

Police in Wakefield checked 900 ID card, anyone found out in public with NO ID was ordered to go home and not use the streets of Wakefield

Police in Wakefield checked 900 ID card, anyone found out in public with NO ID was ordered to go home and not use the streets of Wakefield, Since when has not carrying ID been a criminal offence that the police can punish you without any process of Justice and order you off the streets.
Are we not allowed out of our homes now if we have no ID
Some of the people ordered home were 30+ years old !
News speak police article below
Friday, February 19, 2010

Police checked the identification of more than a thousand young people in the city centre on Monday night to ensure that they were not drinking illegally.

Wakefield Central Neighbourhood Policing Team joined forces with Wakefield Council’s Nightlife Marshalls and other partners to crackdown on bad behaviour and focus on premises that serve drinkers to excess.

As a result four people were arrested for offences including possession of drugs and on warrant and being drunk and disorderly.

More than 900 were asked to verify their identification, forty had no identification and were sent home. Follow up enquiries will be carried out in relation to a number of underage drinkers who had altered their own passports. Two parents were woken up by police at 1am and asked to collect their 17-year-old children.

The schools' half term break often brings an increased number of revellers to the city on Monday nights. Police ran the successful 'stamping initiative' checking the identification of drinkers who appear underage and requesting a passport or driving license as identification.

Inspector Richard Close said: "Monday nights in Wakefield normally means peace and quiet for residents and licensed premises. On key Monday nights that fall within holiday periods such as half term, the city becomes busier often on par with a Saturday or Bank Holiday.

“We counted at least 900 proof of age checks at our vehicle. Add to this the challenges we made in licensed premises and out on the street we easily checked over 1000 people. The majority were young people old enough to drink, however there were many who couldn't produce identification who were sent home and out of the city.

“We are in possession of a number of passports which have been altered to show the holder to be over 18. It is an offence to alter or make a form of identification. We will trace the owners of the passports and they will be dealt with accordingly. I look forward to hearing the excuses why identification has been changed and why it was presented at licensed venues in the city."

Cllr Olivia Rowley, Wakefield Council's cabinet member for community safety and cohesions, said:"We welcome this move by West Yorkshire Police. Anything which makes our town centre safer benefits the whole community. It is also important that under-age drinkers and their families are made aware that such behaviour is against the law and will not be tolerated."

Concerned of Wakefield



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