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Climate Camp Copenhagen ‘Leaving Party!’

17-12-2009 12:17

Camp for Climate Action plans to occupy a vital location in central Copenhagen to hold a ‘Leaving Party’ tonight.

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REMINDER solidarity demo outside Danish embassy 4pm onwards today!

17-12-2009 11:05

There will be a mass demonstration outside the Danish Embassy in London in solidarity with those unlawfully arrested and detained in Copenhagen during the Climate Summit protests. Today on Thursday the 17 December from 4pm onwards. The address of the embassy is :- 5 Sloane Street, London SW1X 9SR. Nearest tube Knightsbridge.

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Protest, state violence, democracy

17-12-2009 10:57

Protest and social struggle would be more effective with stronger, citizen-led democracy.

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Norfolk Community Action Group

17-12-2009 10:18

New working class organisation in Norfolk.

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demonstration at G S K at barnard castle

17-12-2009 10:08

on saturday the 16th of january 12pm activists will take to gsk premises in barnard castle to protest g s k animal abuse and horror at thier cheek to make there barnard castle site 55 times larger within the year

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Police, judiciary and CPS actively support illegal hunting

17-12-2009 10:05

Whilst the police and CPS response to enforcing the Hunting Act 2004 has been anaemic at best there is a bottomless pit of resources when it comes to soothing the collective fevered brow of the hunting fraternity. Apparently it is now an offence to actually do the police's job for them and try and gather evidence of unlawful hunting.

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Conspiracy Cafe at the Lift 'n' Hoist

17-12-2009 10:01

Tinfoil Hats vs Skeptics

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BNP Leader's Family Alleges Abuse

17-12-2009 04:16

Arthur Kemp, the third highest-ranking member of the British National Party, is accused of years of unspeakable, sadistic abuse of his children, according to an interview with his family published earlier this month in the United States.

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Glasgow Social Centre Christmas Party Sun 20 6pm

16-12-2009 22:11

6pm - whenever
Joint Anarchist Film Show/Projektions
Food - soup (inspired by Brothmix at the RIB) and vegan sausage rolls at
the very least
'Hawkwind at the Summer Soltice at Stonehenge '84' to celebrate the Winter

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Sign the Open Letter: Release Tadzio Mueller and the other climate prisoners!

16-12-2009 20:43

The following Open Letter was drafted by Turbulence: Ideas for Movement. Please sign here:

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Contractor's van sabotaged at Mainshill

16-12-2009 20:22

On Wednesday 16th, contractors parked in front of Mainshill Solidarity Camp returned to find their van sabotaged.

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Prince William should not come to Australia on Australia Day

16-12-2009 19:54

Prince Willliam
Prince William’s plan to come to Australia and give a speech on our national day is political, even if the Palace denies it. It is no doubt an attempt to stave off growing republican feelings in our country, and to maintain the status quo and keep the cruel and outdated constitutional monarchy under which we are suffering here in Australia. I understand he will be visiting New Zealand too.

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Release Bil’in popular leader Abdallah Abu Rahmah

16-12-2009 19:26

Abdallah with the Elders at a grave of a Bil'in resident shot by Israeli forces
***please circulate widely***

press release follows the action alert in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Arabic, and Turkish

As part of a recent escalation of political arrests in Bil’in, Abdallah Abu Rahmah, a school teacher and coordinator of the Bil’in Popular Committee was arrested by Israeli soldiers.

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Multiple Climate Protests Hit Cambridge - Darwin Speaks!

16-12-2009 17:14

Outraged Cambridge locals have launched multiple protests to coincide with the Climate Justice Action mass protests in Copenhagen. They demand climate justice and and end to false, carbon trading solutions.

This comes as Charles Darwin has finally broken his shameful century of silence on climate change, warning the world - 'Climate Change = Extinction'.

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BMI lease plane to UK/France for joint 'Charter flight' to Afghanistan

16-12-2009 15:59

On Tuesday 15th December, a BMI plane left the UK with a number of Afghans who had been refused asylum in the UK. It stopped at Charles de Gaulle (Roissy/CDG) in France, where Afghans refused asylum in France, were boarded, the flight then departed, destination for the Afghans on board, Kabul.

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Climate Protester Clash With Police Outside Bella Centre

16-12-2009 15:17

Thousands of protesters made a concerted attempt to enter the Bella Centre to hold a people's climate summit, in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Festival host charged with allowing the smoking of cannabis on his land.

16-12-2009 14:40

Organiser of music festival charged with allowing the smoking of cannabis on his land.

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Film Night In Support Of Gaza 17/12

16-12-2009 13:22

Screening of the exclusive film documenatry 'Erased Wiped Off The Map'
filmed in Gaza in Jan 09 during the Israeli bombings

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U.S. Creates Its Antithesis in Iraq

16-12-2009 12:58

Nowhere it is more obvious than in Iraq that the existence of an election law, elections themselves and the constitution they are based on are not indicators of democracy or legitimacy, because these mechanisms are merely symbols of the antithesis of the mechanisms of democracy as practiced back home by the U.S. occupying power.

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peoples assembly - LIVE AUDIO

16-12-2009 11:17

LIVE AUDIO from the Reclaim Power