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G8 police state

08-07-2005 18:10

Report from Stirling IMC surrounded by cops for 2 days now, but a having a great time!

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08-07-2005 18:07

eco banner drop
Two eco-protesters with a fair amount of imagination manage to make fools out of Mr Plod once more.

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Demonstrators Protest at Edinburgh Prison

08-07-2005 17:30

Around 100 people demonstrated today Friday 8th July at Saughton prison Edinburgh. They showed their support for all arrested during and around the G8 demos, including those still in Saughton jail itself. At least seven prisoners from the Carnival for Full Enjoyment are still behind bars there, plus probably more from later protests.

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Healand Kitchen

08-07-2005 17:25

Healand Kitchen
Peaceful fun atmosphere in the communal kitchen of the Healand Barrio

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The people have roared but the G8 has whispered

08-07-2005 17:23

Indies were watching a sweating and nervous Tony Blair give details of the G8 communiqué to a packed press conference in Gleneagles. "The people have roared but the G8 has whispered," said Kumi Naidoo, chair of the Global Call to Action against Poverty.

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real g8 communique

08-07-2005 16:46

today, friday 8th july.2 activists from the stirling ecovillage, talk about illigitimacy of g8, live, on live at 5 at 2:45pm, directly before tony blair's "we failed utterly" press statement.
sorry i don't know how to upload this but you can listen on the bbc site under simon mayo on friday.

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False Alarm or Hoax? Suspect Package Outside Edinburgh IMC

08-07-2005 16:38

This afternoon (Friday 8th July) there was a false alarm suspect package / bomb alert outside the Edinburgh IMC and Forest Cafe.

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08-07-2005 16:28

Great Escape Campaign flyer
12th-14th July 2005 THE GREAT ESCAPE BED PUSH
A crazy escape team will be pushing a psychiatric bed from Cygnet Secure
Psychiatric Hospital, South Bradford, across the Pennines to Central

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Blockading Gleneagles

08-07-2005 16:02

At about 6 am Tuesday morning around 50 protesters, including sambaband, jumped down on the M-9 motorway near Stirling, direction Gleneagles.

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Caterpillar Protest Photos & War On Want Press Release

08-07-2005 15:44

Withdraw Church Money
Photos of York Protest & WoW press release: 'Synod urged to follow ACC steer on Palestine / Caterpillar'

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Gleneagles Demo: Send in the Clowns

08-07-2005 15:27

There were three types of official looking yellow bibs on the Gleneagles demo. Two comprised our friends the Old Bill, a little disorganised and anxious for once, and the G8 Alternatives stewards, totally disorganised and incompetent.

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Media distortions & lies over 06/07 "Battle" of Bannockburn and Stirling

08-07-2005 15:24

Over the past few days through both mainstream and independent media sources a number of distortions and lies have solidified themselves into "facts". The following is an individual's eyewitness account of what happened on the morning of the 06th of July within the bloc that left the Stirling eco-village.

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M2N: Glasgow resists

08-07-2005 15:14

Half thousand standing against G8!

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Samba on the A9

08-07-2005 15:10

This is a personal report from the adventure of a lost samba band who finally managed to block the A9 for some time around 7am on Wednesday (6th) morning...

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Sydney G8 action

08-07-2005 14:53

Risingtide Action, Sydney
About 100 people joined a colorful and loud G8 solidarity action in Sydney, Australia tonight. The climate criminal carnivale focused on a range of corporate and government offices that are contributing to climate chaos.

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Eco-Worriers in Scotland

08-07-2005 14:34

Eco-Worriers Midland eco-band playing in Scotland during G8

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The G8 and Africa's unreported famine conditions

08-07-2005 14:00

To close off the final day of the G8 summit, a special report I was saving for the end, and perhaps take my cue from the media to spread some wild rumours and maybe scare some people. Behind the scenes at Live 8 and the G8.

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Medics Targeted at G8 : Interview with Arrested Medics : Transcript

08-07-2005 13:59

On Monday 4th July during the Carnival for Full Enjoyment in Edinburgh it became clear that the police were targeting the street medics for harassment and arrest. Medics were subjected to many stop and searches, five-six medics were arrested and their medic van seized. This pattern was repeated on some of the following days.

Indymedia spoke with two medics who had been arrested and mistreated on Monday 4th July. They received bail conditions that meant they had to leave the area and sign on at their local police stations every day until 10th July, thus removing them from the streets. We spoke to them just before they had to leave.