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Running battle on Victoria Dock Rd VIDEO

10-09-2003 23:08

Video of running 'battles' (crap media exagerated term) on Victoria Dock Rd at around 1:30 ish....

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Canning town kids vs mounted cops VIDEO

10-09-2003 22:38

Short video showing Canning town kids being chashed out of their local park by mounted filth.... (can you believe these scum?, really makes me sick)

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Protester killed in Cancun

10-09-2003 22:31

the injured Korean Farmer
A Korean farmer was killed during protests against the WTO protests on Wednesday. A Mexican woman was injured. During a march of landless farmers from the old town centre of Cancun towards the Conference Centre in the hotel zone, protesters tried to tear down a high metal fence. Police used batons and tear gas, several protesters were injured.

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Demonstrate this saturday against the WTO!

10-09-2003 21:24

Anti WTO protest in Oxford this Saturday

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Activists Infiltrate DSEi

10-09-2003 21:11

Today (September 10th) at 3:30pm, a group of Oxford peace protestors have disrupted a display of military hardware at the Defence Systems & Equipment International (DSEi) Arms Fair taking place in London Docklands’ ExCeL Centre.

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10-09-2003 21:10

The (very) long awaited issue 10 of radical ecological journal Do or Die is out now.

Do or Die is an occasional journal crammed with reports and analysis from the world-wide ecological frontlines. These are the voices not of outsiders, journalists or academics, but of those involved in the struggles themselves. In these times of concrete alienation these voices shine hope from movements that take action to defend nature, create revolution and re-wild humanity.

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Desperate call for photos or videos of arrest

10-09-2003 20:32

Hi, The cops are trying to charge me with a load of stuff i didn't do, i need help to clear myself

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DSEI: RTS party pictures

10-09-2003 20:21

3 pictures

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good on yer at dsei

10-09-2003 19:48

bal blah fucking blah lol!

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Sahara climate change threatens region

10-09-2003 19:08

Sahara November 2000
Changing Climate on the Sahara brings flooding in countries along Southern Border, with more torrential rains in the forecast...satellite images reveal the view from space

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DSEI: IMC Liverpool pictures

10-09-2003 19:04

5 pics

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US foreign policy and Oil on the BBC world service

10-09-2003 18:59

Got an email from the BBC world service regarding the airing of the prog.... details below

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Who is the terrorist? - special forces in Jenin

10-09-2003 18:34

Israeli special forces occupy houses in Old City Jenin, arresting 7 people

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Excessive policing at DSEi Reclaim the Streets

10-09-2003 18:27

Police use force, threats and mounted riot police against street party and observers, ending up using mounted police to chase children out of a park.

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Anti-War protestor on Racist Charges scores early Legal Victory

10-09-2003 18:25

An anti-war protestor appearing in court for legal debate had all his legal arguments accepted. The charges concerned an allegation that he was stirring up racial hatred by bearing an upside-down US flag with the words "Fuck Bush" on it.

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DSEi roundabout protest

10-09-2003 18:03

Latest news from DSEi at 1800 on 10 September - a group of about 150 pink and silver protesters are being confined to a roundabout by police. They have been subjected to a section 14 order and don't know when they will be allowed to leave - plus the public order act has been read so they could be arrested at any time. Meanwhile protesters are singing and dancing the hokey cokey...

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Eamonn McCann calls for support for Brian Butterworth and the Socialist Alliance

10-09-2003 17:52

Eamonn McCann calls for a vote for Brian Butterworth and the Socialist Alliance in the Brent East by-election against war and privatisation

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Mobile photos

10-09-2003 17:46

riot photographer
mobile pix from street party

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DSEI: Pictures outside Custom House DLR Station

10-09-2003 17:27

3 pictures from outside Custom House DLR station