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al-jazira tv headlines

27-03-2003 15:38

some more headlines translated by arabic speaker

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27-03-2003 14:42

Security at the death camp at USAF Fairford (from which B-52 bombers are being sent out to slaughter the children of Iraq) has been breached once again - looks like even thousands of coppers can't stop the peace-loving people of Britain from taking their actions to the belly of the beast

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A week of war resistance - roundup

27-03-2003 14:29

11am weekly roundup - wednesday the 26th march, 2003
indymedia radio london broadcasting on res fm 104.4fm
every wednesday 1-2pm
and on the web at

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What Umm Qasr is really like (semi-comedy)

27-03-2003 14:26

An amusing comment from Sky News on Geoff Hoon's description of Umm Qasr. Well, I thought it was funny, anyway. Interesting that they're still being shot at - I thought Umm Qasr was meant to be taken?

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Wot to do If you get injured by police on a demo

27-03-2003 13:53

If you get hurt by the cops at a demo, you dont have to just lick your wounds in solitide. Why not sue the bastards!

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Pictures from saturdays oxford st london blockade

27-03-2003 13:48

Pictures from saturdays oxford st london blockade
Oxford street in London was blockaded for several hours after hundreds of thousands demonstrated against the war on iraq. At one point a squad of police rushed at the crowd infront of a police van which a protestor had been occupying for what seemed like an hour. As they attacked people the man on the van was arrested.

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Lastest Russian Intelligence Re invasion

27-03-2003 13:15

This website is supposed to be from Russian Intelligence. If true, as of yesterday, 500 troops were out of contact: "So far it was not possible to establish how many of these troops are dead, captured or have successfully reached other units."

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More Fairford / London Coach Pictures

27-03-2003 13:10

More Fairford / London Coach Pictures
More pictures from the disgraceful and most probably illegal treatment of the three coach loads of Londoners who tried to attend the Fairford protests on sat 22nd march 03, but who were detained for around 2 hours, then returned to london under police guard (where they later escaped from their 'moving cells').

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27-03-2003 12:59

a few pieces of news that don't make it to western media

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request for radio participation

27-03-2003 12:34

contrabanda 91.4 FM
doing special on London protests and protesters.

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resistance anarchist bulletin - issue 48

27-03-2003 12:04

Fight the bosses, not their wars!

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Baku Oil Pipeline Protest at BP HQ : 26/03/03 pics

27-03-2003 11:54

Baku Oil Pipeline Protest at BP HQ : 26/03/03 pics
Friends of the Earth campaigners together with other groups and supporters built a huge pipeline through the City of London on Wednesday 26th March 2003, to protest against the Baku-Ceyhan Oil Pipeline. (article 2)

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stop the war photos from saturday

27-03-2003 11:54

sorry bout the delay in getting these up...(i forgot the part about publishing the LINK to the site of the photos...)so click here for more photos from saturday's demo.

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civil disobedience: new york is doing it, why not london?

27-03-2003 11:23

civil disobedience campaign today, march 27

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discussion of the issues -- Gulf war III

27-03-2003 11:19

the discussion is focusing at portland indymedia. follow thelink. theories: why is this war happening and why are the favorites losing? everyone is invited to participate.

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stop fascism

27-03-2003 10:51

reppression against basques must stop now!!!!

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eQaeda campf in northern Iraq bombed & Gulf states may be next: British MP

27-03-2003 10:45

two articles taken from
and Belgium ammends laws to prevent bush being tried for war crimes!!!

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Green Day made a song against the war

27-03-2003 10:42

One more US artist who made a song specificly against the war. As they know that Us radios will not boradcast such type of songs, most of them give songs freely on the internet.

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Must read this-war for oil, i've changed my mind

27-03-2003 10:39

I had some doubts about the war for oil statement, read this and you won't think anything otherwise

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27-03-2003 10:16

CIA : America is altering the destiny of the Middle East, and Kurdistan will not be independent, as long as most of the water in the region - especially most of the water for Israel - originates in the mountains of Kurdistan. CIA-analysis : The water in Kurdistan is much more important than the oil.