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Russian War Ships, Landing ships And Nuclear-Armed Submarines Going To Iraq ?

06-04-2003 06:23

"..the battle group would comprise “about ten warships, including submarines and large landing ships”." "A media report said at least three Russian nuclear submarines armed with nuclear-tipped missiles would also be deployed in the Indian Ocean."

"Mr. Ivanov told reporters....the Russian warships had no plans to enter the Persian Gulf."

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Russian Intelligence Re: Iraq, April 5

06-04-2003 06:16

"...extraordinary dispersion of the (coalition)ground forces, their fragmentation (the biggest group now contains up to 12 thousand troops) create advantageous preconditions for Iraqi counter-attacks, but the air superiority of the coalition severely complicate such projects. If, due to weather conditions, the coalition forces lose their air support, it may have very dramatic consequences. "

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06-04-2003 06:01


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Who do you want to win the war?

06-04-2003 03:12

I am sick of this support our troops crap.

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From one of the arrested...

06-04-2003 02:39

After leaving the sit-in, I walked down Duke street with some of my friends. One of my friends was still in the small group of marchers that had been isolated. I kept shouting his name, so that he would know we were all nearby. After shouting his name one time too many, the police at the back of the contingent came and grabbed me violently...

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Yugoslavia and Iraq: A War Comparison

06-04-2003 00:39

A comparison of the so-called humanitarian interventions against Yugoslavia and Iraq

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Police Clear Oxford St After US Embassy March : pics

06-04-2003 00:30

Police Clear Oxford St After US Embassy March : pics
The anti-war sit down blockade of Oxford Street after the march from the BBC to the US Embassy today was one of the most positive and upbeat I've seen for a long time. Happy pics to be uploaded later - for now here's some pics of the police bullying and assaulting peaceful fluffy protestors.

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Info for people arriving in Belfast

06-04-2003 00:16

Thousands heading for Hillsborough…..

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Manchester Anti-War Funeral March

05-04-2003 23:34

Manchester Anti-War Funeral March
This took place on March 5th (article 1)

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Support for Blair dropping

05-04-2003 23:10

New Poll shows support for Blair is falling

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05-04-2003 22:39

They chanted "Bush is a dog" and "Blair is a dog"

On Sunday, an MMA-sponsored rally in the north western city of Peshawar drew up to 100,000 people, the biggest protest so far in Pakistan since the war started two weeks ago.

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Edinburgh: report of one the arrested, 22nd of march

05-04-2003 21:50

On Saturday the 22nd at a protest in Edinburgh, after one person was violently arrested by plaincloth police officers, demonstrators tried to intervene,thus resulting in more arrests. Most were released on sport due to crowd pressure, but here is the report of one of the arrested, all of them but one released without charges on the following monday.

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05-04-2003 20:53

If able, please get to Belfast asap!!

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MARCH ON US EMBASSY: Police Threaten to Arrest Anyone Protesting Again Today

05-04-2003 20:50

The demo at the US embassy today ended with an impromptu march to Oxford street.Police violently pushed us towards the square, caging us in with barriers, telling us that IF ANY OF US PROTESTED AGAIN THAT DAY WE WOULD BE ARRESTED. A new police tactic? WE MUST NOT BE INTIMIDATED WE MUST CONTINUE TO STRUGGLE. IT SHOWS THEY ARE SCARED.

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Report on Peace funeral, Manchester & we need more flowers!

05-04-2003 20:42

Bringing death home to Manchester today. Tomorrow, remember Mayday, reclaim Albert Square. Turn it into a garden.

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Update from Baghdad reveals scene of unprovoked slaughter

05-04-2003 20:30

Frontlines is publishing approx. hourly updates of the situation in Baghdad. The most recent update describes senseless destruction and wanton killing of civilians by US forces - all reportedly captured on film.

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05-04-2003 20:20


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Poodle Blair, mad dog.

05-04-2003 20:17

Poodle Blair, mad dog.
He is dim, but that is no excuse.
Who would take his pregnant wife for a holiday in Sellafield?

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Oppression of free speech

05-04-2003 20:12

The attempt to strip Sheikh Abu Hamza of his Citizenship is wrong and endangers the ability of everyone to speak freely without fear.

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Cambridge: March Down Mill Road

05-04-2003 19:37

The Cambridge anti-war movement split into two parts today.
About 75 people marched down Mill Road at 11 am, while others headed off to the BBC/US Embassy actions in London.