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Abolishing the Fed & World Bank

01-09-2001 04:31

After we abolish the Fed and the World Bank, perhaps we should abolish formal schooling as well.

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video & anticapitalism global actions.

01-09-2001 03:47

take part into an international summons of
documentary- video and video- art about the
anticapitalism global action.

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The world must Boycott Australia!

01-09-2001 01:11

Until the Australian Governement allows asylum seekers on a Norwegian cargo ship to land on the Australian teritory of Christmas Island. BOYCOTT ALL THINGS AUSTRALIAN!

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01-09-2001 00:25


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Australian Victorious Special Force

01-09-2001 00:04

Victory and Defeat for Australia

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Clinton’s Embezzlement of N.Y. Education Funds

31-08-2001 18:51

Investigative Reporter and Producer Dean Loren X-Esq of New York Dirty Judges & D.C. Dirty Judges
is breaking the silence on New York’s 2nd Circuit control of Wall Street and the Embezzlement of National Education Funds through the Democratic National Committee.
(article 1)

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Handbook on Urban Warfare Web-Page Re-appears!

31-08-2001 18:40

Urban warfare Handbook Web-Page re-appears!

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Facists open youth camps!!

31-08-2001 17:34

BNP open youth camp.

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Gatecrash Labour's Party meeting!

31-08-2001 16:39

Don't trot, gallop

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Bristol WOMBLES Public Launch (fresh from their burrows)

31-08-2001 16:01

Bristol WOMBLES Public Launch (fresh from their burrows)
Fresh from the burrows of College Green the BRISTOL WOMBLES are teaming up with the Wimbledon wonder Wombles to disarm DSEi and New Labour! Never again will we be coralled and stomped by G8 police!

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US Military Handbook on Urban Warfare - File 6

31-08-2001 15:23

File 6

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US Military Handbook on Urban Warfare - File 5

31-08-2001 15:22

File 5

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US Handbook on Urban Warfare - File 4

31-08-2001 15:20

File 4

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US Handbook on Urban Warfare - File 3

31-08-2001 15:18

File 3 of US Handbook on Urban Warfare

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US Handbook on Urban Warfare - File 2

31-08-2001 15:16

File 2 of the US Handbook on Urban warfare

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US Handbook on Urban Warfare - File 1

31-08-2001 15:14

This document, made up of 6 pdf files, was discovered on a US military web-site. The web-page mysteriously disappered shortly after it was discovered by anti-globalisation people! Some of the formatting was lost when converting to text format.

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Toynbee SPINS some old yarns

31-08-2001 14:53

At first glance this article seems good. when you read more carefully the old prejudices are still there.

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Hackney protest, please support!

31-08-2001 14:43

Taken from web-site below - A demonstration has been called for the next Hackney Council Regeneration Committee meeting to protest at the proposed hitlist of council facilities to be sold off (more news to follow on this). It's expected that community groups who use the facilities will be represented at the demo.

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Globo Cops

31-08-2001 14:33

Sponsored by a tobacco company and packed with the cream of western law
enforcement agencies and corporations. Jim Carey investigates the first meeting of a
formidable new organisation aiming to increase corporate involvement in
international law and order.

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Hang the newt loving fucker

31-08-2001 14:14

Ken Livingstone mayor of capitalist london is daring to speak at the UK Green Party Conference in September