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Protesters target Bechtel Corp. in San Francisco

02-06-2003 10:24

By Rachel Konrad (Contra Costa Times)
SAN FRANCISCO - A dozen women carrying limp rag dolls, symbols of Iraqi children killed by coalition troops, kicked off four days of anti-war demonstrations expected to stretch throughout the country.

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IMC UK Reporter seriously injured in Geneva

02-06-2003 10:23

Photographer and IMC UK volunteer, Guy Smallman, seriously injured in Geneva on Sunday 1st of June.

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G8 Clashes - pictures

02-06-2003 09:44

Pictures of G8 Demos on BBC Website

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Police crush anti-G8 protests!

02-06-2003 09:14

15,000 police were mobiliesed and a ten mile exclusion zone set up around the G8 conference centre. Protesters who attempted to force their way to the conference centre were beaten back by lines of riot police who made hundreds of arrests! Despite cliam by activists that they would definitly shut down the G8 Summit they failed miserably!

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g8 @narchist multilingual reports pt, en, it, ca, fr

02-06-2003 09:09

ongoing radical reportage multilingual

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02-06-2003 08:50

The Latest ISM Reports From Palestine..
[Tulkarem]American ISM Volunteers Freed from Prison!

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Poodle wants to chew GM labelsPoodle wants to chew GM label

02-06-2003 07:54

The leaked memos in the Sunday Times article below make totally transparent the basis of the UK government's strategy on GMOs - pleasing Washington!
What the article fails to make clear though is the steps the government has already taken to serve Washington's......,,2087-699255,00.html

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Bush's visit

02-06-2003 07:34

Bush's visit
Guantanamo's death camp

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02-06-2003 07:09

How about this war?

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While Mr Blair talks of victory in Iraq, troops are afraid to go out at night

02-06-2003 02:56

'Saddam was a shame upon Iraq,' one man told me as we stood beside 400 skulls in a hall at Hillah. 'But America let them die'

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legal team press release, translated from french

02-06-2003 01:47

press release from legal team, at 8.30pm, Sunday

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Berlin: European Education Forum and Demo

02-06-2003 01:08

September 18 - 20 there will be an European Education Forum in Berlin. During the forum there will be also a demo and other creative actions.

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foto overview sunday 1th june

02-06-2003 00:57

foto overview sunday 1th june

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What's happened to the pictures???

02-06-2003 00:32

Pictures are not loading properly on the IMC-UK newswire, edtioral team - sort out ASAP

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medic's account of police abuse in lausanne

02-06-2003 00:04

detailed eyewitness account of police abuse today, and events in the detention centre, transcribed from a phone call @11pm gmt

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Links to pics of g8 1st june

01-06-2003 23:44


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Buying consent: How corporations manipulate the GM debate

01-06-2003 22:37

Alan Simpson (Labour backbench MP) explains how corporations are taking control of the world's food supply for the benefit of the bosses back home.

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Geneva updates

01-06-2003 22:20

Genoa goes postal

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"Free Ulla" campaign website launched

01-06-2003 21:58

The Trident Ploughshares activist, Ulla Roder, who is on remand after recently disarming a Tornado jet that was bound for the Gulf, has had her trial date set for June 30th. Meanwhile, the "FREE ULLA" campaign website has been launched at

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Paul McCartney against cluster combs

01-06-2003 20:47

Paul McCartney has recently make a call for banning cluster bombs.