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legal team press release, translated from french

sprout | 02.06.2003 01:47

press release from legal team, at 8.30pm, Sunday



The legal support group were working all of sunday, from 6 am in the morning. We estimate having taken about 600 calls, in french, german, italian and english - here is a summary, from 8.30 sunday evening.
1.150 people were stopped at the 'official' camp, at Bourdonnette, and were subject to identity paper checks. They were all detained for between 4-6 hours, in cagelike cells, at a holding station at Mont-sur-Lausanne, in dreadful conditions.
Only one of these people is still detained, held on charges still to be determined.

2.Amongst these people, there were several locals from Bourdonnette.

3.45 people were taken to Mont-sur-Lausanne, on Sunday evening, after being held for 3 or 4 hours on buses parked at the police station at Blécherette.

4.Quite a few minors were detained - their parents were not informed, even though they were detained for so long. This was not seen as a priority by the magistrate (this is apparently what the magistrate said on the telephone)

5.Sunday evening, according to the information from one of the offical legal observers, 30 people are still being held at the police station in Lausanne, and 20 others at the station in Blecherette. A few of them are being brought before a magistrate.

6.2 people stopped at 2am were released at 3.30 pm, after having being interviewed by the Police and being brought before a magistrate.

7. the activist from the bridge action, who dropped after the police cut the rope suspending him, is alive and concious, according to the director general of CHUV, at 2pm.

8. there are still some people for whom the police are looking, who they wish to arrest, but thay have not yet been found - this is a matter of some concern for the legal support group.

9. At this stage, we observe that there has been a violation of the principle of proportionality ( reasonable scale/force)in the length of time people were detained for and the conditions in which they were held.In addition, the rights of minors were not upheld.
translated from the french,



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