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Paul McCartney against cluster combs

protesta | 01.06.2003 20:47

Paul McCartney has recently make a call for banning cluster bombs.

The ex-Beatle explained to BBC news that the goal of these kind of "cowardly weapons" is to harm innocent civilians. "It would be great to outlaw these cowardly weapons," he said. "What happens after the war finishes is that it's the civilians - mainly women and children - who get blown up."

Cluster bombs were massivelly used by US army in Afghanistan and Irak, and are sperating in hundreds of small bombs wich looks like a game for childrens. These bombs continue to kill or hurt months after the end of a war... Paul McCartney said that "time will tell" if US led coalition were right to use force on the Iraqi regime. “I felt that the UN all agreed that Saddam should be made to disarm. They didn't agree on how to do it...a lot of people agree that there are other ways to do it. I don't want anyone to fight anyone."

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