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London Rising Tide Invade CAA

06-11-2006 15:14


This morning a group of London Rising Tide activists, in the guise of bean
counting civil servants, gathered at inside the offices of the Civil
Aviation Authority, brandishing a massive cheque for £9.2bn made out to
the airline industry from the government regulator.

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Stop Moping - Towards Strategic Insurrection

06-11-2006 13:13

Big mobilisation haven't turned out very successful recently. The 22nd October Collective gives us an idea why. Some more thoughts on strategies and what makes them work.

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Smash EDO smashing update

06-11-2006 13:02

Smashing Dates for your Diary

to find out why we want to SMASH EDO see

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Leeds Bradford Airport Protest, part of Plane Stupid Day

06-11-2006 12:43

A group of local activists have visited Leeds Bradford airport to draw attention to the damaging effect of largely uneccesary shart haul flights.

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BtB press release: Stop nuclear weapons - stop climate change

06-11-2006 12:42

Cutting out - July blockade
Anti-nuclear campaigners return to warhead factory ahead of government White Paper. Work on new laser in full swing - blockade on 13 November 2006. Join us!

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This Weeks SchNEWS - Taco Hell

06-11-2006 12:06

SchNEWS - A drop of truth in an ocean of bullshit.

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Faslane365 double-decker bus going to Faslane to say NO to Trident Replacement!

06-11-2006 11:58

Red bus departs Manchester for Faslane-1
On Monday 6th November, the Faslane365 double-decker campaign bus set off from Albert Square in Manchester and travel to the Faslane Trident submarine base in Scotland. Among the passengers will be Greater Manchester residents who will be taking part in the Faslane365 non-violent blockade on Tuesday 7th & Wednesday 8th November.

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Rioting by India police hopefuls - repost

06-11-2006 11:50

Reposted from the BBC - I know its not really in line with IMC guidelines, but this is too funny to ignore:

>> Hundreds of people applying to join the police have gone on the rampage in the northern Indian city of Ghaziabad. Riots began because many felt a written test was too difficult, officials say. The mob of would-be officers rampaged along a stretch of the main road to Delhi, attacking people and property. Almost 30 people were arrested. Passengers were forced from their vehicles and reports say several women were molested. It took police an hour to bring the riots under control.

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Weekly Vigil to Save the Jarawa - Reminder

06-11-2006 10:27

The Jarawa Tribe
nternational are holding a weekly vigil at India House in solidarity with the Jarawa tribe

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Plane Stupid Shut Down Easyjet HQ

06-11-2006 07:46

Environmental activists opposed to the climate wrecking effects of short haul flights have this morning shut down the HQ of Easyjet in London.

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London Plane Stupid strikes again

06-11-2006 03:35

Flightcentres in the city and west end have been closed as part of the day of action against short haul flights. ctivists superglued the locks, and hung 'CLOSED FOR A TOTAL RETHINK' posters.

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'Neo-Con' Fascists Abandon, Scapegoat Bush Republicans

06-11-2006 02:19

A very Orwellian scam is about to be perpetrated against the American people, and the people of the world.

The Extremists behind Bush's policies and wars are abandoning the Bush Repugnicans, in the hopes that their agenda against the Arab World can simply be transfered to the other half of the RepugniCrat Party after the election.

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Manchester Plane Stupiders Close more Travel Agents!

06-11-2006 01:20

Yep, Plane Stupid have struck again, this time at climate change profiteers in the city of Manchester. Travel agents promoting short haul flights have been postered and d-locked in what is proving to be a pattern of direct actions marking the beginning of the national day of action against short haul flights.

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Bristol Plane Stupid activists 'close' travel agents

06-11-2006 01:03

Climate change activists have kicked off monday's day of action against short haul flights by 'closing' travel agents in central Bristol.

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London Plane Stupid Activists 'close' more travel agents!

06-11-2006 00:53

Apparently the same thing as happened in Bristol has also taken place in London, with Plane Stupid activists postering and locking travel agents across London in a call to end short haul flights.

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Beit Hanoun "IDF Shoots Anything That Moves" - More Air Strikes on Gaza

06-11-2006 00:07

As predicted, Israel has launched its plan to re-occupy the Gaza Strip.

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Benn Speaks in His Favorite City

05-11-2006 23:07

Merseyside STWC welcomed Palestinian delegation and Tony Benn to Liverpool

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Help to imprisoned antifascists from Russia!!!

05-11-2006 22:13

Several anti-fascist were arrested after attack of the nazi march in the midle of september, 2 of them still in prison, yesterday a lot of anti-fascists were arrested in St. Petersburg and some other russian cities after counter-actions against nazi-marches. Some of them were injured during the arrests. Will let you know more later!

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SOCPA - citizens support group patrol the zone

05-11-2006 19:34

'citizens supporting government' unit sets up
a brave and concerned group of public-minded citizens today helped to patrol the government's designated zone and prevent unauthorised demonstrations near parliament. they scanned passers-by and marked anyone thought to be prone to political outbursts.

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Photos: Climate Change Protest (04.11.06)

05-11-2006 18:49

Credit: Marc Vallée -
Photos: Climate Change Protest (04.11.06)