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Bristol Plane Stupid activists 'close' travel agents

Alphonse | 06.11.2006 01:03 | Climate Chaos

Climate change activists have kicked off monday's day of action against short haul flights by 'closing' travel agents in central Bristol.

The three main travel agents peddling damaging short haul flights in central Bristol have been 'closed' by climate change direct action group Plane Stupid. Posters announcing the shops are 'CLOSED, FOR A TOTAL RETHINK' have appeared on the shopfronts, and one store has been closed for business more firmly by a bike lock across the front door handles. Plane Stupid have called a day of direct action against the short-sighted madness of cheap short haul flights. Aviation is the fastest growing cause of climate change.

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Interesting thought!

06.11.2006 16:39

How do these web Denial Of Service attacks work then?
Perhaps the next blockade needs to be an electronic one...

Ryan's daughter

Bristol Activity

07.11.2006 16:16

Going Places was locked
Going Places was locked

Trail Finders was postered
Trail Finders was postered

Thomas Cook was postered
Thomas Cook was postered

Bristol activists targetted the Going Places outlet, Thomas Cook and Trailfinders all in Broadmead, the most popular shopping centre in the city.

Ben Rose


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  1. Nice try, but most short-haul flights are booked online these days. — Helios Stelios
  2. Get real — muppet