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Manchester Plane Stupiders Close more Travel Agents!

Alphonse | 06.11.2006 01:20 | Climate Chaos

Yep, Plane Stupid have struck again, this time at climate change profiteers in the city of Manchester. Travel agents promoting short haul flights have been postered and d-locked in what is proving to be a pattern of direct actions marking the beginning of the national day of action against short haul flights.

Manchester Plane Stupid activists have been helping travel agents see the error of their ways by giving them a chance to have a day off to contemplate their role in bringing about the ensuing planetary disaster. 'CLOSED, FOR A TOTAL RETHINK' posters and accompanying D-locks and chains have sprung up on the shopfronts of at least 6 travel agents around central Manchester. Aviation expansion at present promises to eat up our entire national carbon budget by 2050 unless it is stopped now.
Whatever next in this action-packed day of, er,action?

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Action in Altrincham, South Greater Manchester.

06.11.2006 23:40

Another action took place in Greater Manchester today, in the busy high street of the well off area, Altrincham. A Climate Camp banner complete with several Plane Stupid posters was dropped from a walkway overlooking the high street, in-between two travel agents. These two and a third business a few streets away were targeted by more Plane Stupid posters and lots of leafleting. The significance of this location - where professional footballers and the affluent live - is that it is the rich who benefit most, and suffer least, from budget, short haul flights.



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