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the Daily express on calais - combining fact and fantasy seamlessly!

18-02-2010 19:24

Outside of hangar 18 feb

Once again Peter Allen, well known right wing hack journalist, has had another vituperative piece of fantasy on the situation in Calais published, this time in the Express. 'Now Migrants Get A 'VIP Club' blurts the headline of this totally bizarre article.

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Stop The Stevenage GSK/Wellcome Trust/Mandelson Animal Torture Park

18-02-2010 18:59

Plans were unveiled in October 2009, that's FIVE MONTHS AGO, to build a new animal testing lab park in Stevenage. They plan to open the project, fully built in 2011. This should be opposed with a National campaign. We want to know what is being done to stop this animal lab science park. Is anything being done? We are aware that Brendan co ordinates UK Animal Rights / ARC. What will be done?

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Call out to Brendan / London Animal Rights and Bedford Animal Rights.

18-02-2010 18:48

In October 2009 plans were unvelied by the government, Glaxo Smith Kline, Wellcome Trust and Stevenage council for a new Stevenage Bio Sciences Park. This will of course contain new animal testing labs. The plans wee unvieled in October and have been met with SILENCE. Is there a campaign other then struggling local activists who do not want the lab? Will there be a national group?

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Two Human Rights Defenders From Everyone Group Receive A Penal Order

18-02-2010 18:45

From left: Roberto Malini, Viktoria Mohacsi, Dario Picciau

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S.D.L's website admin – Scott Clinton

18-02-2010 15:26

The Scottish Defence League is currently trying to develop a website. Two of these attempts are:
 http://www.scottishdefenceleague[NO LINKS TO RACISTS]
 http://scottishdefenceleague[NO LINKS TO RACISTS]

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Heckler and Koch successfully shutdown

18-02-2010 11:36

Giving up selling guns for lent?
Protestors Occupy the Roof and Lock Themselves to the Gates of the Nottingham Offices of Heckler and Koch

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Guerrilla Gardening Talk

18-02-2010 11:33

GuERRILLA Gardening talk 20/02/10

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The Really Open University: Strike / Occupy / Transform!

18-02-2010 11:10

What is an ROU?
In recent weeks a struggle has begun to emerge at the University of Leeds. The university management is claiming that they need to cut spending by £35 million due to the economic crisis. The lecturers union (UCU) rightfully claims this could cause the loss of 700 jobs. The effects will go beyond just job losses but will continue the degradation of education caused by deep rooted systematic problems.

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U.S. – Iran Power Struggle over Iraq

18-02-2010 09:57

A secure, stable and democratic Iraq will have first to wait for an end to the raging power struggle over Iraq between the United States and Iran inside and outside the occupied Arab country.

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Indigenous Health Clinics and Schools - Delegation to Chiapas Appeal

18-02-2010 09:35

Zapatista Children with new school books Photograph: A. Conde, M. Reilly and M-S
Thank you to all those who have supported the Edinburgh Chiapas Solidarity Group in 2009 and best wishes to everyone for 2010!

In March this year some members of the Edinburgh Chiapas Solidarity Group will be traveling to the Autonomous Zapatista communities in Chiapas to visit the communities and see how their struggle for a dignified life is progressing, to observe the current state of human rights in Chiapas, and to discuss how we here in the UK can continue and improve our support for the Zapatista movement of Mexico's indigenous south.

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Support The Gaza Protestors Currently Facing Heavy Sentences

17-02-2010 23:24

The Israeli bombardment of Gaza of 27th December to 18th January, provoked passionate protests across the UK. The familiar mass demos of the anti-war movement were supplemented by large spontaneous break-away demos and a wave of university occupations. The police used indiscriminate baton charges, kettles and heavy surveillance, in an effort to impose their control on the movement.

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Manchester Class Struggle Forum, meeting on elections

17-02-2010 22:43

The Manchester Class Struggle Forum are holding their first meeting on Wednesday 24th February.

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2 anarchists convicted to 22 years for industrialist's kidnapping case (Greece)

17-02-2010 20:43

The anarchists P. Georgiades and V. Hrysohoides were sentenced to 22 years and 3 months each, for charges related to G. Mylonas (President of ALUMIL corp and northern Greece's industrialists).

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Support the Local Campaign Against Bradley Proposed Open-cast

17-02-2010 19:16

This years EF! winter moot was held in Dipton Community Centre, which looks over the proposed site for an open-cast at Bradley. Members of the local campaign against the mine have asked if people who attended the moot, (as well as those who didn't) would write in their objection to the development.

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Greece economic crisis (by Latuff)

17-02-2010 19:11

Greece Economic Crisis
Artwork originally produced for Greek newspaper DROMOS:

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Sony, Nora Ephron, Julie Powell, and Others Teach Children to Kill Animals

17-02-2010 18:45

Animal Life is Cheap to Many TV and Film Cooks
Desensitizing the public to animal slaughter is dovetailed
with desensitizing people to human slaughter

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325 & Amor Fati fundraiser this Saturday, Brighton

17-02-2010 18:19

Fundraising concert for your favourite insurgent magazine of social war and anarchy this Saturday, February 20th, at the Cowley Club, Brighton. Proceeds also towards Amor Fati, an Indonesian zine of insurrectional ideas, communication and action.

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Belgrade 6 Acquitted

17-02-2010 17:59

The six Serbian anarcho-syndicalists who were charged with 'International Terrorism' have been acquitted today.

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Belgian Rail Workers Strike For Safety/Going Postal Yet Again/March Of The PIIGS

17-02-2010 17:36

We support... rank and file workers' struggles against the chaotic profit system!

We believe... workers know how to run our workplaces far better than business people, the government, or trade union leaders!

We aim for... workers' control over our own jobs and our own lives!

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Aldermaston Big Blockade 2010

17-02-2010 14:22

Blockaders 'Locked-On' at the Main Gate (In)
Anti-nuclear and peace activists from CND, Trident Ploughshares and other groups descended upon the Atomic Weapons Establishment, Aldermaston, on Monday to protest against the replacement of the UK Trident nuclear system and increasing nuclear weapons manufacturing.