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18-10-2004 18:21

Read this in the guardian. It would apparently explain the chaos that happened on Thursday.

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Report of anti-war march and rally in London October 17th 2004.

18-10-2004 17:57

`Stop Bush` placards.
This is a 2,000 word report of the anti-war march and rally in London on Sunday 17th October 2004.

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Art of War : Chicago Tribune Editorial

18-10-2004 17:21

Chicago Tribune Editorial
Chicago Tribune Editorial

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Manchester Critical mass

18-10-2004 17:14

a flyer
Get Yer Ass to Critical Mass, Come on anything human powered!
5pm central library 29th september FRIDAY!

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Haiti and sweatshops - union organiser speaking - Tuesday 19th October

18-10-2004 16:54

Yannick Etienne of the Batay Ouvriye union federation is visiting Britain to speak about the organisation of sweatshop workers in Haiti. As part of her short tour, the activist is speaking at Sheffield University.

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Join the World Bank Bond Boycott!

18-10-2004 16:04

The U.S. based Bretton Woods Institutions-International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, along with the World Trade Organization, have been the driving force behind corporate capitalist globalization. Now, in the spirit of the 20th century campaign to liberate South Africa from the curse of aparthied, we can stop the World Bank's global economic de-predations!

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ESF Coverage - Mainstream & Indymedia

18-10-2004 15:32

The coverage of the ESF and Beyond ESF has been piss poor both mainstream and here on Indymedia

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Cambridge Immigration and Asylum Forum

18-10-2004 15:27

Below is a report of the Cambridge Immigration and Asylum Forum which took place on Wednesday October 6 2004. This event was organised by the Cambridge Action Network and Cambridge Indymedia.

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Housing Corporation savage Pavilion Housing Association

18-10-2004 15:15

Following hard on the heals of a damning report by the Audit Commission, Pavilion Housing Association has now been slammed by the industry regulator, the Housing Corporation.

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Last word from the ESF

18-10-2004 15:14

The ESF has succeed despite the anarchist's...

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Pachamerica day in London

18-10-2004 15:03

In the 12th of October Hands of Venezuela and Rythms of Resistance organised a picket in front of the USA embassy in solidarity with indigeneous struggle in Latinamerica

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Brighton Activists deface Marks and Spencers store.

18-10-2004 14:42

In the wee hours of the morning activists from Brighton defaced the shop front of Marks and Spencers Brighton.

This was done in response to Marks and Spencers support of Apartheid, Racicm and Zionism and in solidarity with the suffering people of Gaza.

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The rebirth of radical samba in Oxford!

18-10-2004 13:53

Love to dance in the streets?
Appreciate the energy and strength samba can give a crowd?
Want to reclaim public space, support worthy causes at legal
demos, or defy an authoritarian police ban on political samba?
Enjoy playing drums, or dressing in crazy beautiful costumes?

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anti-swp posting is killing indymedia

18-10-2004 13:42

i cant find any real information on indymedia any more.
all that is reported from the UK aree stories where an anti trot angle can be found.

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manc CM photos

18-10-2004 12:48

happy cyclists
2 lovelt snaps

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Israel/Palestine: New booklet on Anarchists Against the Wall

18-10-2004 12:41

New booklet on the non-violent struggle against the Apartheid Wall in Palestine and the role of "Anarchists Against the Wall"

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Report of the Sunday - arrests and betrayal facilitated by official ESF

18-10-2004 12:23

postevent the it seems like a set-up and betrayal of the official ESF organisers inviting somebody to speak and whilst speaking getting him arrested.

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StopWar march - pix and report

18-10-2004 12:12

International demonstrators

If you ever wanted to know what’s put the knockers on revolution in England, you should have been in a storm drenched Trafalgar Square at half five on Sunday.

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When the Dust Finally Settles...

18-10-2004 11:59

Having participated in this year's Social Forum, swapped with others about what else was going on throughout London and reading the Indymedia site, I can only but come to one conclusion.

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Photos from the ESF march

18-10-2004 11:07

Backwards inteligence team back
Some photographs of the ESF march in London on the Sunday 17 Oct 2004.