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When the Dust Finally Settles...

Jonny be Good | 18.10.2004 11:59 | European Social Forum | Analysis | Culture | Free Spaces | London

Having participated in this year's Social Forum, swapped with others about what else was going on throughout London and reading the Indymedia site, I can only but come to one conclusion.

There is room for everyone...the clowns ARE making a serious political their way. I saw them mock fight the suits in street performance theatre, and it was the most inspiring thing i saw... :-) The SWP are ok. The clowns are ok. We are all ok. But we have to share space on this planet..the autonomous lead contingent just wanted to exist,and be heard. What's wrong with that? There must be room for all people's to contribute to the process, how they see fit. There is a middle ground. We can make the link, we can all be heard, we can do it better. I believe that we must all reflect on what has happened in the past year...ask ourselves why such high levels of conflict happened...if they did happen...did we enjoy ourselves? Did we learn anything? Did we leave with a sense of great energy to do more for our world?

Jonny be Good


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