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anti-swp posting is killing indymedia

a revolutionary | 18.10.2004 13:42

i cant find any real information on indymedia any more.
all that is reported from the UK aree stories where an anti trot angle can be found.

i have tried to find good reports of the ESF/Beyond the ESF/The ESF march on Indymedia.
instead all i can find is what appears to be an editorial obsession with anti-trot stories.
i have followed the well advertised and central column links to the Beyond the ESF at:
and as far as I can tell nowt much happened.

I have searched for reports and photos from the tremendous international demo (70,000?)
against war and privatisation and all the other shit and for the things we stand for (peace and love and struggle and fredom and stuff).

But it got lost in a big story about a group of people who wanted to speak but couldnt because of....well you know (think trots and not being allowed to). where was the real story?

i am sorry people on the demo got nicked. i have been arrested a few times. i aided the freeing of another demonstrator elsewhere on sunday (although some poor guy got nicked-which you havent reported). bvut you are becoming delusional and egotistical only ever focussing upon yourselves.

NOT the job of reporters. You are NOT the story.

can't you (indymedia) and the anarchists begin to realise that the poison that you are swallowing is killing an important part of our movement? By not reporting what actually happens (big demo, quite big ESF), and only focusing on increasingly smaller and smaller parts and tiny groups of people people involved you are acting in an antidemocratic, dishonest and essentially possesive way?

that the "beyond the esf" was really quite small and the thing you MOST REPORT from beyind ESF is the disruption of the big and diverse ESF?

face facts. It was always going to be hard to hold an ESF in Britain. It is hardly Florence in the year of Genoa. It is a cold expensive place on the edge of Europe. But it was fairly big and had a tremendous spirit. It was diverse, young, angry, beautiful, gentle, progressive, poetic and hopeful. It wasn't small, bitter and divisive.

By obssesing about your small part of this huge movement you are killing part of it's spirit. You are behaving in a narrow control freak manner and it does not become indymedia.

By all means report everything. But that means big as well as small (hey even tiny)

But most please realise importantly YOU cant swallow poison and expect SOMEONE ELSE to die.

a revolutionary


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