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Summer of Resistance action report - Thursday 24/05/2012

25-05-2012 12:37

Picket outside Brighton Magistrates Court
Smash EDO have called for three months of direct action to close down EDO MBM - From 1st May to 1st August 2012

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Solidarity action for Greek political prisoners//Manchester

25-05-2012 12:32

Until the destruction of the last prison…

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Aborigines launch their own government

25-05-2012 06:27


Foundation Meeting of the Sovereign Union – National Unity Government

A meeting of representatives from across the continent gathered to confirm their intent to form a National Unity Government of the Sovereign Union of First Nations Peoples in Australia.
This intent was confirmed with representatives formally signing an Act of Sovereign Union between First Nations Peoples in Australia.

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Smash EDO Open Letter to the Argus about the Don't Attack Iran Demo

25-05-2012 00:28

The following Open Letter was sent to the Argus regarding the Don't Attack Iran, Stop the Arms Trade Demo on June the 4th

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open planning meeting to resist drone conference - Sat 2nd June, Bath

24-05-2012 20:57

Between the 5th and 28th of June, the Assembley rooms in Bath will play host to a range of arms industry and military bigwigs holding a series of events based around the pimping and selling of unmanned ariel drones (the same unmanned ariel drones responsible for hundreds of indiscriminate civilian deaths in Pakistan, Afghanistan and elsewhere).
Concerned groups in Bath are coming together to make sure their stay in our city isn't a pleasant one!
To make the resistance as wide and inclusive as possible, we are holding an all day open planning meeting on Saturday the 2nd of June -

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Oppose the EDL in Redditch this Saturday

24-05-2012 20:22

On Saturday 26th May the English Defence League are holding their postponed regional demo in Redditch. It's only a 'West Mids regional demo,' so numbers won't be huge - even more reason to get there and show your opposition.

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Occupy Oil the Sequel and #RIPShell

24-05-2012 18:55

“These people have more rights than us” was the response of the police to an irate driver who was attempting to refuel at the Shell Garage in Old Street, London.  Protesters had managed to blockade the station in the last action of a very successful day against Shell Oil.

Activists from Occupy Oil in solidarity with Anonymous UK closed the station for almost an hour.The protesters were carrying Anti Shell banners, placards and a coffin to represent the destructive nature of this 1% company

On the 22nd of May activists from Occupy Oil held demonstrations in London and Las Vegas (See Video of action here against Dutch Shell Oil, who were holding their Annual General Meeting at The Hague and London via video link.

The morning began with six activists leaving St Paul's Cathedral with a coffin and banner to make a symbolic funeral procession through the streets of the City of London.

We were greeted with a small police presence; this scaled back policing response was possibly as a result of their behavior on the 12th of May, When peaceful demonstrators from Occupy May were assaulted and kettled outside of the Bank of England.
In a very dignified ceremony, the 6 activists and coffin took around 40 minutes to get to the location of the AGM, which was being held at the Barbican Centre

Little did we know at the time that we were being followed and photographed not by the police but by a private security firm. This latest intimidation fits in well with their behavior elsewhere as pointed out by Marc Vallee at the recent #netpol2012 conference.

@marc_vallee At #netpol2012 today I mentioned that a private intelligence company had contacted me for information on direct action protest groups.
@marc_vallee The groups are: @climatecamp @RisingTide_UK @NoTarSands &@UKuncut << I will be providing the groups with the relevant evidence. #netpol2012


Despite the intimidation the whole day was very successful with garages closed and Shell's Annual General Meeting disrupted with zero arrests,
Our message is clear, "TO HELL WITH SHELL"


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From woodhill prison CSC

24-05-2012 17:07

How many deaths will it take before this inhumane tortuous prison conditions are shut down and England stops killing prisoners?

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Film on Murray Bookchin

24-05-2012 14:37

Spectacle productions need help making a film on the political thinker Murray Bookchin, the founder of the social ecology movement. Please visit

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Transport to day of action against GM wheat- 'Take the Flour Back'

24-05-2012 12:55

Hello Growers, Eaters, Bakers and Candle-stick Makers,

Transport to 'Take the Flour Back' Sunday 27th May
From Bristol for donations up to £20.00

Please Email:

Phone or Text: 07810468286

Please say how many places you would like and you will receive confirmation,

time and pick up point. Retuning by 8pm the same day.

Public transport from London:

From London, Harpenden is 30 minutes on the train from St. Pancras (£12.00 each way no advance fair from London)

Cheers :)

Take the flour back!
Sunday 27th May 2012
Public day of action against the Rothamsted genetically modified wheat trial.

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Oppression and Fashion

24-05-2012 12:46

Abour the mainstream fetish of consumerism and fashion

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Preview of the UK Uncut street party on May 26 in central London

24-05-2012 11:14

Here is a preview of what the UK uncut street party in cental London will be like on Saturday the 26th of May.

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Ban Military Recruitment In Welsh Schools

24-05-2012 01:34

Friday 1 June, 7 pm, Temple of Peace, Edward VII Avenue

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Smash EDO Summer of Resistance: Bringing the Noise of War home

23-05-2012 23:32

Raising the flags at the factory gates
Smash EDO have called for three months of direct action to close down EDO MBM - From 1st May to 1st August 2012

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Smash EDO: upcoming events and June the 4th

23-05-2012 22:47

Here's an update of the pre-planned events coming up in the near future, as well as on the big demo on June the 4th. If you're coming from out of town and need somewhere to stay or June the 4th, do email us.

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Wed 30 May: Julian Assange Supreme Court Verdict Due - Call Out

23-05-2012 18:12

Julian is appearing at the Supreme Court in London on 30 May 2012.
The verdict (on Julian's appeal against extradition to Sweden) is due to be handed down in the morning. London Catholic Worker & Veterans for Peace UK are co-ordinating a vigil outside the court.
Report from previous vigil at the Supreme Court with background information:

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E.On greenwash campaign gets on its bike

23-05-2012 16:55

Energy giant E.On, well-known locally for operating the controversial, massive coal-fired carbon emitter at Ratcliffe-on-Soar, are sponsoring a "festival of cycling" in Nottingham this July.  See for details.

At a time when the big energy compaines are coming under increased criticism for the social and environmental effects of their profit-driven policies (see eg., this feels very much like a cynical attempt to get some green image points by associating themselves with "cycle cred".  It's a shame that what lookis like an interesting event with good potential to promote cycling is tarnished by suffocating branding from a major polluter.

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Activists disrupt Mayoral ceremony in Oxford over deportation

23-05-2012 16:49

Banner drop from public gallery
A group of protesters unfurled a banner reading "Stop Deportations" and heckled councillors at the Election of the Lord Mayor today at the Town Hall. The action was done by a group from Oxford No Borders standing in the public gallery.

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Lying Prison Social-Worker Invited To Audition For Pinocchio

23-05-2012 13:05

Brendan Barnett may soon be looking for another job.