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Smash EDO: upcoming events and June the 4th

Smasher | 23.05.2012 22:47 | Smash EDO | Anti-militarism | Palestine | South Coast | World

Here's an update of the pre-planned events coming up in the near future, as well as on the big demo on June the 4th. If you're coming from out of town and need somewhere to stay or June the 4th, do email us.

So far during the summer there have been events practically every day, including themed noise demos, surprise noise demos, a critical mass, graffiti, twitter and phone blockades of EDO and ITT and a Barclays picket. For info about all those events visit our web-site at

Upcoming events:

Thursday the 24th: Solidarity picket with the arrestee from the mayday demo. 9.15am outside Brighton Magistrates court on Edward Street

Sunday the 27th: Benefit vegan BBQ to raise some money for the campaign. From 2pm at the Cowley Club, 12 London Road.

Wednesday the 30th: weekly noise demo outside EDO, 4-6pm. This week the theme will be 'Don't attack Iran' in build up for the big town demo.

Wednesday the 30th: Summer of Resistance open meeting, 6.30 at the Cowley club, 12 London Road. Come and plan for the rest of the summer. Everyone welcome.

Bankholiday Monday the 4th of June: Big town demo -No to an attack on Iran -No to the arms trade. Meet 12 noon at Barclays Bank on North Street, Brighton. Please share the event widely. Facebook event here:

About the June the 4th demo:

History is repeating itself. The US, UK and Israel are beating the drums of war, stoking the fire with talk of weapons of mass destruction, and crippling sanctions threaten a powerless population - yet intelligence shows no evidence Iran is close to producing a nuclear bomb. Even the ex-head of Israeli intelligence argues military action would be 'a stupid idea' and could ignite a regional war across the Middle East.

The invasion of Iraq was motivated by a desire to control it's oil, so the hostility towards Iran is of little surprise considering it has the world's fourth largest known oil reserves. The country also refuses to be a US puppet.

Barack Obama, swept to power espousing his opposition to the invasion of Iraq, has since approved the largest US defense budget in history. In the UK, David Cameron backs covert war in Somalia. As the death of innocent people across the world is reduced to a turn-of-phrase, reported as mere numbers in the unfortune byproduct of 'collateral damage', the arms industry continues to profit from the destruction.

Whilst the press claim that, in hindsight, they should have been more critical of politicians in the run-up to the Iraq war, probing questions are abscent as we head towards conflict with Iran. Those who claim responsibility for holding the powerful to account are incapacitated by their need to keep on good terms with the state - it is time for us to act.

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