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Palestine Today 061509

15-06-2009 15:52


Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, for Monday June 15th, 2009.

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Eleven Activists Arrested as Trident Ploughshares Blockades Aldermaston

15-06-2009 15:07

Blockade of home office gate
Trident Ploughshares activists working with Bikes Block Bombs, Scrap Cars-Scrap Trident, Aldermaston Women, and Eastern-region CND have blockaded 4 gates at AWE Aldermaston today. They are protesting at the building of new nuclear weapons facilities and the lack of democratic accountability.

The surprise blockades have caused massive road blockages and construction vehicles have been prevented from getting into Aldermaston.

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More Black Deaths in Custody as racist judges dogwhistle to racist police

15-06-2009 14:46

Attached is the scathing finding by the Coroner into the death of Mr Ward. It makes compelling reading.

But for those who don’t have time to read the 150 page report, the media coverage below, gets to the essence of what the Coroner found — the Department of Corrective Services, GSL/G4S and to two officers who drove the van transporting Mr Ward were all responsible for his death.

The Doing Time Show on 3CR at 5 pm Monday 15 June will discuss these findings and, of course, remember to watch Four Corners at 8:30 tomorrow night.

(1) DPP asked to consider charges over WA prison van death

David Weber reported this story on Saturday, June 13, 2009 08:03:00

The West Australian coroner will ask the Director of Public Prosecutions to consider laying charges over the death of a man who effectively baked to death in the back of a prison van. The Aboriginal man's family wants charges to be laid.

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Vice-Chancellor of Kingston University Accused of Misappropriating Public Funds

15-06-2009 14:33

According to a public interest disclosure filed with the Higher Education Funding Council of England, Kingston University's Vice-Chancellor allegedly used public funds reserved for education and research to pay for his personal legal action against a former staff member. The disclosure alleges that Sir George Scott, aka Sir Peter Scott, utilized his position as Vice-Chancellor to get the University to pay for his failed complaint with the World Intellectual Property Organisation against former Senior Lecturer, Dr Howard Fredrics.

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Peru: Blood Flows in the Amazon

15-06-2009 13:26

The Obama regime has predictably not issued a single word of concern or protest in the face of one of the worst massacres of Peruvian civilians in this decade – perpetrated by one of America’s closest remaining allies in Latin America.

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Mother Palestine: Gaza border (by Latuff)

15-06-2009 13:11

Mother Palestine: Gaza border
Published in this week's issue of the Jordanian newspaper "The Star".

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Support SOAS occupation 4.30pm today

15-06-2009 12:52

Emergency Rally called for 4.30pm
Speakers to be confirmed.
All media welcome
SOAS steps
Many staff will also be there.

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Join the fight to bring train fares down

15-06-2009 12:43

Train v plane: fair fight?
We’ve always suspected that when planes and trains compete for our business, planes fight dirty. We were right. It’s now been captured on camera!

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Mothercare Support Arms Trade

15-06-2009 12:25

This article shows how Mothercare Plc are trying to ignore the fact that their sponsorship of the Baby Show is helping to fund the global trade in weapons, and that they are fully aware of it.

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Sikhs March in London against Caste Discrimination

15-06-2009 12:20

Several thousand Ravidassia Sikhs marched through London on Sunday in protest against the killing of Sant Ramanand by fundamentalist SIkhs in VIenna last month. Although this provoked riots in India, the protest in London was peaceful, and as well as condeming the attack called of an end to caste discrimination by Sikhs which underlies the attack.
Pictures Copyright (C) 2009 Peter Marshall

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Protest today for FULL PUBLIC INQUIRY INTO IRAQ WAR - 3pm, Parliament Sq

15-06-2009 12:04


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London World Nakede Bike Ride 2009

15-06-2009 11:51

WNBR 2009
Around 1200 cyclists, mainly naked, rode through the centre of London on Saturday in a protest against oil dependency, celebrating bicycles and the human body and expressing the vulnerability of cyclists. Photographs Copyright (C) 2009 Peter Marshall. All rights reserved.

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SOAS directors office occupied to demand release of 9 cleaners!

15-06-2009 11:43

SOAS directors office occupied to demand release of 9 cleaners! Rally called for 4.30pm today‏

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Lancaster Carnival of Culture 2009: Community Art Exhibition and Street Games

15-06-2009 11:25

Two events on Saturday June 13th made up the 2009 manifestation of the Carnival of Culture, three days before the Public Inquiry into the planning permission given to Centros Miller’s appallingly unimaginative retail-led developments to trash the “cultural quarter” of Lancaster, with it’s Music ians’ Co-op (est. 1976), Dance School, Grand and Dukes Theatres/independent cinema, listed building local brewery etc etc etc. Details of how to get involved towards the end.

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Palestinian Visitors to Brighton Denied Visas

15-06-2009 10:19

Brighton Tubas Friendship and Solidarity Group Press Release

Demonstration 5pm Today – Free Palestine, Boycott Israel

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ATHENS greece riot : Name: Exarhia anarchy ( december 2008)

15-06-2009 07:13

this small "article" it was written at the first week of the riot in Greece . it is the first thing that I upload .
Nobody really argue with that and that thing make me belive that it is very close to the truth - at least not far away ....

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Wake up and smell the...

15-06-2009 02:16

"MNPF TRAIL 2004 2ND CHANCE; Non motorised campaigns and Greenpeace* overground activity.
*Inspired by good news our direct action methods using alternate fuels with no fossil fuel addiction may seem to align with the goals of the original Greenpeace. MNPF TRAIL 2004 is a self funded event."

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This is a Coup - Recognize it!

15-06-2009 01:13

After the electoral fraud and widespread crack down of the opposition in Iran, Iranians abroad have been protesting outside Iranian embassies ever since. London winessed a demonstration of this kind every day since the election date. On Monday 15th of June Iranian students living and studying across the UK are expected to go to london to show their support for their fellow country men and women who are protesting on the streets in many Iranian cities. The below is a Statement of a group of Iranian stutents in the UK who are urging the British public to show their solidarity to the Iranian people by encouraging the British media to reflect the whole story in Iran, as well as encouraging the British govornment to pursue a legal and freere-election in Iran through diplomatic relations.

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Nuclear files could “paralyse” German regional government

15-06-2009 00:03

A German regional government says it could no longer function if it gives public access to cabinet files about the establishment of a nuclear waste dump in its area. The admission comes from the Christian Democrat (CDU, conservative) government of the northern state of Lower Saxony, where 32 years ago a previous CDU government licensed the dump near the village of Gorleben, which at the time was close to the border with former communist East Germany.

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Speak out against racism and deportations

14-06-2009 22:35

The Angel, London
13 June 2009