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The K.I.S.S. Principle

01-07-2007 09:42

For those not familiar with the acronym ‘KISS’, it expands to, “Keep It Simple Stupid”! The KISS (K) principle was/is the most invaluable teaching/training aid in the IT industry, especially in the early days when people actually feared the ‘complexity’ of computers. Anyone who is confronted by an overwhelming amount of ‘information’ tends to lose themselves in a sea of confusion. Fortunately, a very bright and creative mind developed the ‘K’ principle for dealing with these situations.

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Urgent Action for women in Ciudad Juarez

01-07-2007 01:47

Members of an organization set up to fight for justice for women abducted and murdered in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua state, and lawyers working with them, have been threatened and harassed, apparently because of their work.

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Postal Strike in London a massive success.

30-06-2007 23:17

Mount Pleasant Sorting Office.
From the CWU website:

Over 95% of postal workers were taken part in strike action across the UK.

CWU General Secretary Billy Hayes said

“The strength of support today has proven that postal workers are resolutely determined to fight against cuts in the public service, against job cuts and for decent basic pay”.

The Union has again today reiterated their call on Royal Mail to negotiate seriously with the union on pay and dealing with major change and modernisation.

“We have seven days with no strikes and this is a window of opportunity for the company to come and negotiate seriously. We urge them to take it”, said Dave Ward, Deputy General Secretary

The Unions Executive is meeting Tuesday to consider the next steps. If Royal Mail continue to refuse to negotiate, this is likely to see the announcement of further strike action.

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Tony Blair: What, me worry? (by Latuff)

30-06-2007 22:34

Peace envoy Tony Blair, the worst joke of the year!
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Nottingham Congolese Community demonstrated against continued deportations

30-06-2007 21:22

On Saturday 30 June at 12 noon, The Nottingham Congolese Community assembed to demonstrated against continued deportations. Starting from The Old Market Square, they marched through Nottingham, past the railway station and continued through the Meadows Queens Walk to the Meadows Park near the embankment.

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Blair's future is Brown

30-06-2007 20:37

As Tony Blair left Downing Street, leaving Britain 's Prime Ministership to his long time rival and co-leader of the Labour Party, Gordon Brown, the protesters outside Blair's office were greeted with the news that Blair had just been appointed as the new "Middle East Envoy" for the Quartet. (US/EU/UN/Russia)

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More Nottingham students arrested at Faslane

30-06-2007 20:01

Six Nottingham students have been arrested following blockades at the North and South entrances of Faslane nuclear base.

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Lord Lieutenant of Surrey Presents Queen's Award - Evicted Family's Open Letter

30-06-2007 19:59

The Queen's Award for Enterprise
The Surrey based property developers, Crest Nicholson, acquired by Sir Tom Hunter’s Castle Bidco, with support from HBOS Bank Plc, have recently received the highly prestigious, Queen’s Award for Enterprise. Presented by Mrs. Sarah Goad JP, Lord Lieutenant of Surrey, the Shalom Family - callously evicted from their own Home by Crest, have written an open letter, which is reproduced below.

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Palestinian Children Visit to Oxford - Summer 2007

30-06-2007 19:46

A public party event will take place at the Pegasus Theatre on August 4th
Eight children (4 girls and 4 boys) are coming to Oxford for 2 weeks. They will visit our city, as well as London, the Cotswolds and make a trip to the sea side. During the 2nd week, they will take part in the Pegasus Theatre Summer Youth Workshop. There will be many opportunities for the people of Oxford to participate.

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Uganda and Foreign Gays in danger!!

30-06-2007 19:19

Nsaba Buturo the instigator!
A uganda main stream "independent" Monitor news paper, that is owned by the Agakhan has called for Vigilance against Gay People in it' Editorial section.
This is a very serious and dangerous thing!!!!!!

Uganda Monitor:

"We appeal to our religious and cultural leaders -- in addition to school matrons and teachers -- to enhance the fight against the immoral agenda espoused by gay activists who are in and outside Uganda. Their orientation must not be allowed to take root in our society as is the case in some countries. The custodians of our laws; the police and the courts of law should therefore be vigilant."

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MP Norman Lambs Westminster office could be bugged.

30-06-2007 19:11

Serious Fraud Office Detectives suspect North Norfolk MP Norman Lamb’s Westminster office ‘could be bugged’.

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Refuting Climate Sceptisism on Indymedia

30-06-2007 15:58

Are there people out there fed up with Indymedia being used as a platform for ill-informed and dangerous climate change denial? Can we do anything about it?

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Brazil/Curitiba: Eighty a thousand families without dignified home.

30-06-2007 15:57

Cities that do not have public policy of popular habitation do push devoid populations for non buiding areas as fertile valleys of the rivers. The result is periodic flooding, with all the ominous and known consequences for local inhabitants, other populations and for the environment.

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Beavis and Butthead in London jihad

30-06-2007 15:21

More of a Pop than a Bang from so called Car Bombs.

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Tremendous strike by CWU shuts down post

30-06-2007 13:31

The postal strike yesterday shut down Royal Mail from top to bottom of the country in a terrific show of postal workers’ power. The CWU postal union has claimed that over 95 per cent of its 130,000 members in the post took part in strike action. The strike ended at 3am Saturday 30 June but could cripple postal deliveries for days

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Immigration Squad Raid Children In Swansea

30-06-2007 09:54

Three children under eleven suffer early morning raid in Swansea

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Cults of Unreason and the End of Species

30-06-2007 06:35

People today seem perplexed as civilisation as we know it plummets into the abyss. Yet, in the broad sense, the future is entirely predicable. The much lauded system of economic rationalism has resulted in huge disparities in wealth comparable to ancient societies; the wealth of Pharaoh-God-Kings of the past was staggering and in stark contrast to the wealth of their subjects. The peoples’ living standards were maintained at ‘adequate‘ levels to ensure a fit work/slave force for their rulers – remind you of anything, are you able to draw any comparisons today? In fact ancient Egypt (utilising modern poverty statistics) would have fared better in the social sense than most of today’s societies. So much for economic rationalism and laissez-faire capitalism! The inequity of today’s economic reality is far from mysterious; however, one mystery remains, the masses of today tolerate far greater inequities than the masses of yesterday.

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Sounds of SOCPA.

30-06-2007 06:23

In recent months London Critical Mass sound systems have been banned from playing within the SOCPA zone but drivers are allowed to continue playing theirs.

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Peace envoy Tony Blair (by Latuff)

30-06-2007 05:56

Peace envoy Tony Blair
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Absurd London “Bomb Plot” Inaugurates “Control Freak” Brown

30-06-2007 00:28

Of course, you need evidence to claim “al-Qaeda” is behind the sloppy and wholly amateurish work in London today, but that has not stopped the corporate media or the fear-monger hacks with an agenda—i.e., slaughtering Muslims and divvying up the Middle East—from leading to conclusions and thus subjecting the public to non-stop propaganda.