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Stop Asda expansion in Shipley

22-05-2009 22:40

Asda has submitted two planning applications to Bradford council that will massively increase the sales area of its' Shipley store and add 129 parking spaces to the car park. If you wish to vote, there are local councillors tha specificallyt oppose these plans (green though I don't agree with voting, I do agree with stopping multinationals).

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Direct Action; Afghanistan, UK, Mexico & Switzerland

22-05-2009 21:56

19th-22nd May


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David Rovics & Attila the Stockbroker - Play In Birmingham MONDAY BANK HOLIDAY

22-05-2009 20:43

Just a reminder for those who have not seen the posters around brum..

May 25th Bank Holiday at the Wagon and Horses, Digbeth, Birmingham. £6 in. Hard hitting political songs from David Rovics & Attila the Stockbroker. A variety of food and stalls in the garden from 6pm with performances following and DJs later in the evening. Fundraiser for the West Midlands Industrial Workers of the World, the fighting union!

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Europe is well on its way to Walk the Plank of Recession

22-05-2009 17:06

As Wall Street witnesses: In spite of depression, Business is Business, and as the United States guarantee: Big Business is Good War, and Big War is Good Business.

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Dissident Island Radio - latest show ready for download!

22-05-2009 16:28

Download the latest show which aired live on 15th May 2009

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This Week in Palestine -Week 21 2009

22-05-2009 16:09


Welcome to This Week in Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for May 16th through the 22nd, 2009.

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Scottish Climate Camp 3-10 August - details

22-05-2009 15:51

what the camp is interested in...
"Global ecosystems are in collapse, species extinction is unparalleled
in human history and dangerous climate change is a reality affecting us
all. There is no time to act but now. Join us 3-10 August for a week of
low-impact living and high-impact direct action."

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Was Ireland's 1916 Easter Rising justified? A debate, 28 May

22-05-2009 15:30

A debate on Irish history and politics.

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22-05-2009 14:19

The BNP have advertised in the Evesham Journal

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Inspiral Lounge Freedom to Dance - a Success!

22-05-2009 13:50

Following postings on Indymedia on the 8th May we can bring you the good news that Camden's best [probably the Uk's best...] veggie cafe has been given a license to dance and last night saw the Freedom To Dance Party! On the 14th May Inspiral Lounge had their entertainment license updated by Camden Council and people are now allowed to dance to the music in there. Inspiral Lounge is near Camden Lock, has a canal side bar and the chilled reggae music can be heard from

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Sri Lanka conflict: And Then They Came For Me

22-05-2009 11:00

by Editor, 'The Sunday Leader'
Published: 11 January 2009

This was Mr Wikramatunga's last editorial, who was brutally assassinated on 8 January. The opinions expressed are the author's own. Extract was also published in the May/June 2009 edition of Amnesty Magazine.

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Leeds peoplen Banned from their own streets

22-05-2009 09:38

Police in Leeds have banned people from their own Streets

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Egypt pigs are being mass-suffocated and cauterised to death

22-05-2009 02:49

Unbelievable cruelties are taking place in Egypt's pig cull that is unique in the world and totally unscientific. Take action now!

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Who's up for a national "request-the-footage day"?

21-05-2009 22:44

"greater use of subject access requests by those caught on CCTV cameras might make them less attractive for those so keen to keep an eye on us at all times"

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Tamil Hunger Strike Tim Martin, London - pictures

21-05-2009 22:30

A wounded nation.
On the day US President Barack Obama signals for the enlisting of the power of fundamental values, Tamils continue to demand the British Government take action to help the Tamil people of Sri Lanka as they fall into unsupported statelessness.

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Veggie Pride UK, Birmingham, 16th May 2009

21-05-2009 21:56

Compere Rakhee Thakrar
Birmingham played host to the UK's first Veggie Pride event, which celebrated an animal cruelty free lifestyle and promoted Vegetarian and Vegan food. The organizers cited the City’s central location, and the historic link Birmingham has played in the progress of Vegetarianism over the last century and a half, as the reason for location choice

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Update on Shell's work in Rossport and recent court cases

21-05-2009 21:35

The summer in Mayo is under way and it's set to be a busy one. Below is a report on the ongoing illegal works in Broadhaven Bay and on Glengad beach, the Annual Solidarity Camp June Bank holiday Gathering, May 29th to June 1st, the courts, Maura Harrington's jailing and the oral hearing.