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Plane Stupid leaves Camp for Climate Action for protest at Gatwick

07-08-2008 09:04

Nine protestors from the anti-aviation group ‘Plane Stupid’ have left the Kingsnorth Climate Camp to mount a protest against short-haul flights from the nearby Gatwick Airport. The nine climate activists had been planning to protest against the government’s plans to expand Kingsnorth coal fire power station. However continual police intimidation and violence forced them to leave the camp, choosing instead to protest against the popularity of short-haul flights, especially during the Edinburgh Festival, from Gatwick airport.

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Demonstrate At The Labour Party Conference

07-08-2008 08:50

Protest activity

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Police "strategy" and climate camp autonomy!

07-08-2008 08:48

I have been impressed and inspired by campers resistance to the repeated police encursion attempts. The police are shooting themselves in the foot!

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Climate Activists Shut Down South's Biggest Biofuel Base

07-08-2008 08:15

This morning climate activists from around the country have shut down the
South's biggest agrofuel depot.

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HLS Largest Shareholder Barclays - Update & Action Alerts

06-08-2008 23:19

Barclays Global Investments has called a PR meeting to decide what to do about the protests against them. Remind them that HLS shares = puppy killing scum!

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Climate Camp Radio - Wednesday evening show for download

06-08-2008 22:19

Here is the Wednesday evening Climate Camp show, available for download. Daily shows are live streamed (at 1pm and 7pm) and archived at

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Climate Camp - Police Demonstrate Excessive Force At Stop And Searches

06-08-2008 22:14

Here is a short video from Kent Online, showing the police using excessive force against a some female climate campers and a legal observer.

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Protests at Novartis in Dublin Continue

06-08-2008 21:52

For the past few weeks we've been having regular demonstrations outside Novartis in Dublin (Regus House, Harcourt Road, Dublin 2).

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3 years 2 days since the last - Mauritania has a coup.

06-08-2008 20:19

At first glance the news that the 147th richest (or 36th poorest) state on the planet with less than 4 million population has had yet another coup d'etat might not seem newsworthy. Until you realise that current European migration & "drug war" policies hinge on the amenability of the regime in the desert state.

Although the EU has only set aside €156 million of aid for 2008-2013 or roughly 54 million sterling a year - a myriad of agreements made since the last coup d'etat have allowed for the EU to start their southern border against migration in the buffer zone just the other side of our 2,720 km long security fence for Africa.

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Gay Teen Murdered in Liverpool: LGBT Youth Groups Demand Action

06-08-2008 20:13

Gay Teen Murdered in Liverpool: LGBT Youth Groups Demand Action

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Climate Camp Radio - Wednesday lunchtime show for download

06-08-2008 18:58

Here is the Wednesday lunchtime Climate Camp show, available for download. Daily shows are live streamed (at 1pm and 7pm) and archived at

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Coal Train Bail-Breaker Prison Address

06-08-2008 18:42

Address of Paul Morozzo, in prison until 11 August (at least), for trying to participate in Climate Camp. Plus an article about the Drax Coal Train bail-breakers' mostly successful attempt to get to Climate Camp openly defying their bail conditions. Plus a link for a short film about the bail-breaking.

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Climate Camp Silver Group- Call Out For Flying Devices

06-08-2008 17:50

On Saturday August 9th we will shut down Kingsnorth Power Station. the Silver Group are planning a significant aerial presence involving all sorts of flying craft. Some details obviously cannot be discussed however...

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Tibet Activists scale Tower Bridge on Eve of Olympics

06-08-2008 17:47

Two campaigners have climbed London's Tower Bridge to unfurl banners in protest at China's occupation of Tibet on the eve of the Olympics. The banner-hang was linked to similar actions internationally, most notably the unfurling of free Tibet banners within metres of the 'Bird's Nest' Olympic stadium in Beijing. The activists are linked to the group Students for a Free Tibet.

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The ‘Security Vacuum’ in Jerusalem

06-08-2008 17:16

The Israeli – made “security vacuum” in Jerusalem is self – inflicted and Olmert himself, or whoever would succeed him, holds the Palestinian key to offset it.

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Legal info for Climate Campers

06-08-2008 16:22

List of good lawyers if arrested!

Do not accept a duty solicitor when taken to police station.

Here is a list of lawyers who have successfully defended people arrested at protests

Jim Nichol (successfully defended the Birmingham 6)
Taylor Nichol. 3 Station Place. London. N4 2DH.
Contact - James Nichol. Telephone - 020 7272 8336.

275 Gray's Inn Road
London WC1X 8QB
DX: 37904 King's Cross
Tel: 020 7833 4433

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Workers Climate Action outreach leaflet for Climate Camp

06-08-2008 16:20

Workers Control and the Climate: For a Just Transition.

The Camp for Climate Action is targeting Kingsnorth on the 3rd to 11th of August. The Camp is not trying to force everyone to live in tree-houses or shit in a hole, or to get you all sacked. What we aim to do is to encourage people to begin the fight for a just transition to a carbon neutral economy.

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Climate activists at Longannet call for closure date

06-08-2008 15:56

One-night mini Scottish camp outside UK's dirtiest power station. SNP Government urged to set early closure date for plant and guarantee green jobs for coal workers in the growing renewables revolution.

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from within an italian 'mafia' prison

06-08-2008 15:34

a case of italian un-justice

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Riot Police Continue to Attack Women and Children at the Camp for Climate Action

06-08-2008 15:22

The relentless campaign of intimidation by the police against the Camp for Climate Action continued during the night.
Around 2 am the police switched off the floodlights at the front gate and rushed in four riot vans blasting out Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries which was the theme music of the film Apocalypse Now and also Adolph Hitler's favourite music.