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Corporate Watch blog during the G8

29-06-2005 20:13

Corporate Watch will be publishing regular anlysis and comment on corporate G8 subjects on our blog

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Live Music at G8 Dissent Camp, Stirling

29-06-2005 19:43

If you want better music than Make Poverty History, and a more radical lyrical vibe, head to the free concerts at the G8 Dissent Camp in Stirling this weekend.

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Interview with Dissent participant in Edinbrugh

29-06-2005 18:43

An interview with Finbarr, an Irish activist who is helping out with the preparations for Dissent in Scotland. Interview includes how preparations are going, what is happening with the MPH march and the sort of issues that are motivating people

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Discussion on ageism

29-06-2005 18:31

The activist community, especially the anarchist community, discriminates against middle aged people. We get photographed by so called "cop watch" activists at demonstrations for no other reason than being middle aged

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29-06-2005 18:30

The website will be updated throughout the course of the summit protests. The site features a number of resources for activists including “Activists Guide to Scottish Law and Police Powers”.

We recommend that activists regularly return to the website for any updates or changes in law, in the run up to the summit as well as during the week of the protests themselves.

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constructive elements threaten MPH

29-06-2005 17:55

Bucky Bloc
The notorious authoritarian group Dissent has cancelled plans to disrupt this Saturday's passive Make Poverty History march in Edinburgh. Other groups however...

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Call for action for all Antifascists!

29-06-2005 17:51

Protest March in the bavarian town of Wunsiedel on August 20, 2005.

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29-06-2005 17:12

Notwithstanding the global hype associated with reversing aid, debt
and trade injustices during the past few days, it hasn't been an easy
time for the huge Non-Governmental Organisations at the centre of the

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Anarchist/Anti-Authoritarian Assembly@G8!

29-06-2005 16:54

aaa_assembly flyer

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Opposition in Craigmiller

29-06-2005 16:14

People traveling to Scotland should know there is strong opposition to people camping in the Craigmiller area.

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Mental Bloc (Aid) - during the G8

29-06-2005 16:13

From July 3rd to July 10th, as part of the resistance and alternatives to the Gleneagles G8 Summit 05, artist activist the vacuum cleaner will be bringing their Mental Bloc, 5 new performance actions, to the streets and stores of Glasgow.

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Join the Fairie Army at G8

29-06-2005 15:58

More info to be posted soon about the Fairie Army actions... join us...

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G8 Traintickets Must GO!!! £50 return

29-06-2005 15:24

Dissent Train leaving Friday 1st returning Saturday 9th July

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Is the bottom falling out of Biotech corps???

29-06-2005 15:07

Is the market falling out of love with the biotech corps or vice versa?

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To sHell or to Connaught!

29-06-2005 14:45

Local Area
Local community requests help from activists to fight a Shell/Statoil/Marathon gas pipeline that will threaten their lives and be ecologically devastating for an isolated, beautiful area of Ireland

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Bush: USS Titanic stays the course...

29-06-2005 14:41

About the gangsters that seize Indymedia servers: The US cabal's presidential 'front man' offered no shift of course: "We have a clear path forward,'' he said, sounding like the SS Titanic's captain, ignoring the many icebergs surrounding him.

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Crashing the Echelon System

29-06-2005 14:35

Help to LEGALLY crash US/UK Government system for spying on YOUR private email

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Worker's rights campaigners slam Fila

29-06-2005 13:14

Activists ask attention for garment workers...
June 28, 2005 - Today Wimbledon is showcasing the tennis
world’s top talents, some outfitted in gear from sportswear giant Fila.
But while Grand Slam tennis calls for fair play, off the grass courts
Fila is anything but fair.

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Live 8

29-06-2005 12:48

Live 8, a rock concert to rock the world.

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G8 eco village request...

29-06-2005 12:36

G8 eco village request...Sound systems. thanks, but no thanks