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Live 8

Keith Parkins | 29.06.2005 12:48 | G8 2005 | Analysis | Globalisation | Social Struggles | London

Live 8, a rock concert to rock the world.

'The boys and girls with guitars will finally get to turn the world on its axis.' -- Bob Geldof

Can a handful of musicians armed with guitars rock the world to its bedrock, to its very socio-economic foundations? If not, then who can?

Live 8, a series of free concerts planned for 2 July 2005 in each of the G8 nations. Timed to coincide with and put pressure on the G8 Conference at Gleneagles, Scotland.

Following on the Jubilee 2000 and Drop the Debt campaign, millennium goals were agreed on debt and development. At the present rate of progress, these goals were not being met, were not likely to be met.

To put pressure on G8 and to coincide with the UK hosting the G8 summit and assuming the presidency of the EU, Make Poverty History was launched to pressure world leaders to drop the debt of the world's poorest nations, increase and improve aid, and negotiate fairer trade rules.

To increase that pressure, to raise awareness, and to reinforce the call for a million people on the streets of Edinburgh, Bob Geldof launched Live 8, a series of eight rock concerts in each of the G8 countries. Sail 8, a modern-day Dunkirk, was to bring them across from France.

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