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IAEA Chief ElBaradei Seeks Stop to Iran `War Drums'

09-09-2007 08:12

UN atomic agency chief Mohamed ElBaradei called on Iran and the U.S. to give inspectors a chance to reduce tensions over the Islamic Republic's nuclear work.

``I see war drums that are basically saying that the solution is to bomb Iran,'' ElBaradei, director-general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, said today in an interview in Vienna. ``It makes me shudder because some of the rhetoric is a reminder'' of the period before the Iraq war.

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Another Metropolitan Police Authority whitewash attempt.

09-09-2007 07:04

Apparently, the death of Jean Charles de Menezes was not caused by a police 'Shoot to kill' policy, it was caused by terrorism.

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Israel-England football demo

09-09-2007 00:06

Israel-England football demo
Palestine Solidarity campaigners gathered outside Wembley stadium in London today (Sat 08/09/2007) where the Israeli national football team where playing England in a Euro 2008 qualifier.

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Venice Film Festival:No Shalom for Jimmy Carter

08-09-2007 23:59

Venice, September 8, 2007 – The late Israeli Prime Minister Menachim Begin once compared Jimmy Carter’s efforts to bring peace to the Middle East to a slave building a pyramid in ancient times. Carter, the former U.S. president, is still pyramiding. Only these days he harvests no accolades from Jews who accuse him of having metamorphosed into an anti-Semite, a coward, a plagiarist and a lover of ‘terrorists.’

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Solidarity Campaign Hosts Revolutionary Speakers from Africa

08-09-2007 20:16

Mfanelo Skwatsha
The African People's Solidarity Committee has launched a campaign to gain support and resources from the white community for the international African liberation movement. The campaign will culminate in mid-October with a series of events across the U.S. featuring speakers from Africa, multi-media presentations and cultural performances. (see

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Britain: Government and media rail against “selfish” strikes

08-09-2007 20:07

A number of industrial disputes in recent weeks have provided an invaluable insight into the tense state of class relations in Britain.

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Animal Circus in Wrexham

08-09-2007 19:11

Animal rights activists spent the day at Bobby Roberts Circus, which still insists on exploiting live animals including an elderly and arthritic Asian elephant named Anne, aged 54.

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National Academy of Sciences Member Calls for 9/11 Investigation

08-09-2007 18:29

Exclusive: The New Emmanuel Goldstein - sorry, Tim Osman - sorry, Bin Laden Tape:

Much Love, CIA

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A message from Pegah Emambakhsh

08-09-2007 17:20

Pegah Emambakhsh
September 8th, 2007, Pegah has sent through this mutual friend a message for
all the groups, activists, politicians and everyday people who are trying to
solve her case.

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APEC meeting: Sydney Declaration a Climate Distraction

08-09-2007 17:17

APEC Leaders Fashion Statement
While thousands of people protested in the streets of Sydney about the war in Iraq, climate change, and civil liberties, the 21 APEC leaders made a fashion statement on the steps of the Opera House, before meeting inside and signing the Sydney Declaration - a statement on climate change, that is being widely criticised by environmentalists and climate activists.

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Copenhagen Update September II

08-09-2007 16:12

69 small...
More news from Copenhagen - 69 peaceful demos totaling thousands of people, US embassy warns against activists and preparations are underway for big squatting action in October.

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"Sink MediaSpree!"

08-09-2007 13:30

"MediaSpree versenken!"
("Sink MediaSpree!")


Quarter walk / demo in Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, Mitte (Berlin), against "MediaSpree".

"MediaSpree" is a capitalistic project made by big companies, like "O2", "Anschutz Entertainment Group" ( ), "MTV", "Universal", ..., to build big, ugly blocks, near by the Spree river who cross 2 "poor" quarters (Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain) in Berlin.

More infos:

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Deportations to Sri Lanka are continuing.

08-09-2007 13:04

Deportations of Tamils to Sri Lanka are continuing despite the new country guidance case. Two families are due to be deported tomorrow, Sunday the 9th September

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Glasgow Employers Getting Away With Murder?

08-09-2007 12:55

GMMC Banner at Glasgow Sheriff Court
Two recent court cases in Glasgow have highlighted weaknesses in the protection offered to employees. As the family of one of the victims' asks: Who says hard work never killed anyone?

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Keep the Nibbler on Radio Oxford

08-09-2007 12:13

Radio Oxford loses the plot as it axes the legendary Nibbler.

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Support displaced Palestinian families in Iraq

08-09-2007 12:00

International concern was first raised by Astrid Van Genderen Stort, a UNHCR spokeswoman in Geneva, who stated in 2005, "They (Palestinians) have been victims of night raids, arbitrary arrests and torture carried out by Iraqi security forces."

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"Not Guilty" in Brutal Glasgow Dawn Raid Case

08-09-2007 11:14

The African woman who found herself charged with 7 counts of police assault after a brutal and humiliating dawn raid on her home was acquitted yesterday. The jury trial at Glasgow Sheriff Court lasted the whole week and represented a further ordeal for a severely traumatised woman.

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Bin Laden: Still Dead After all these Years

08-09-2007 10:22

It hardly comes as a surprise… Osama plans to release “a new video recording … on or before next week’s sixth anniversary of the September 11 attacks on the United States,” reports the Voice of America, the propaganda unit established by the Office of War Information.

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Key Lockerbie Witness Admits to Perjury

08-09-2007 04:04

Crucial witness at Lockerbie trial says he committed perjury...further proof of Libyas innocence