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Deportations to Sri Lanka are continuing.

one of noborders | 08.09.2007 13:04 | No Border Camp 2007 | Anti-racism | Migration

Deportations of Tamils to Sri Lanka are continuing despite the new country guidance case. Two families are due to be deported tomorrow, Sunday the 9th September

In the case of Mohammed Umer Sehabden a fresh application based on the new country guidance was refused on the basis of very flimsy credibility issues and and permission to apply for a judicial review was refused. Umer was deported the 5th of Seprtmber and his pregnant wife Najunnissa and 4 years old son Abdullah were left behind because Najunnissa was in pain and could not sit on the plane. However they have been given new removal directions for Sunday the 9th. Najunnissa does not want to go until she gets news of her husband, who has disappeared after being deported. Although she is still in pain and never got a gynecological visit, she has been declared healthy and fit to fly by a “doctor” in Yarl s Wood detention centre.

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Ponniah Uthayakumar, Uthayakumar Saroja Devi, and Uthayakumar Kawsika are a Tamil family from Sri Lanka who were taken from their Newcastle home in a dawn raid on 5th September and taken to Yarl's Wood. 10 years old Kawsika was just about to start school.
The family are suspected by the Sri Lankan government of connections to the LTTE (Tamil Tigers), and would be in extreme danger if deported.

"The Sri Lankan government has apparently given its security forces a green light to use 'dirty war' tactics. ... Security forces have subjected civilians to indiscriminate attacks and impeded the delivery of humanitarian aid. Some 315,000 people have had to flee their homes due to fighting since August 2006, the vast majority Tamils and Muslims. About 100,000 were displaced in March alone. Government authorities have forced some to return to areas that remained insecure."
Human Rights Watch, 6th August 2007

Over 70 Tamils from Sri Lanka recently went on hunger strike in various detention centres in the UK, some for nearly one month. They were demanding the removals to be suspended until the new country guidance case was heard, and the sort of Tamils who were imprisoned, tortured or disappeared after being forcibly returned to be investigated. One was killed at Colombo airport.

"I met a gentleman who was claiming asylum-for the second time, as he had failed the first time. He had been returned, re-arrested, detained and tortured again. I learned from talking to his lawyer that his case was not an isolated one. This country has been sending back as failed asylum seekers a number of people who went through that experience. Some managed to escape again and tried to claim asylum again; others have disappeared; still others have been killed."
Edward Davey MP, highlighting a constituent's case, 2 May 2007

The Tribunal documented 12 principal risk factors.

i. Tamil ethnicity
ii. Previous record as a suspected or actual LTTE member or supporter
iii. Previous criminal record and/or outstanding arrest warrant
iv. Bail jumping and/or escaping from custody
v. Having signed a confession or similar document
vi. Having been asked by the security forces to become an informer
vii. Presence of scarring
viii. Return from London or other centre of LTTE activity or fundraising
ix. Illegal departure from Sri Lanka
x. Lack of ID card or other documentation
xi. Having made an asylum claim abroad
xii. Having relatives in the LTTE

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GOOD NEWS! the deportaton of the Uthayakumar family has been stopped.

08.09.2007 18:45

GOOD NEWS! We have just heard today from friends of the family that the deportation of the Uthayakumar family has been stopped. Theres been coverage of the event in local North East newspapers The Chronicle and The Journal (information not online yet) and made front page of Sri Lankan National newspaper 'Daily Mirror' ( The fact that it has made front page news in Sri Lanka has added to the strength of their case as it is more dangerous for them to go back there now and the solicitor has said he can use it as more evidence. So it looks like our actions and press campaigns have been successful. The family is still being held in Yarlswood detention centre but the solicitor is putting in a fresh appeal on Monday. Thanks for your support TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER! TCAR!




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