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150 German towns want nuclear power ended

18-03-2010 22:52

Diet Simon 17.03.2010 09:05 Themen: Atom Weltweit Ökologie Local power utilities in Germany have formed an anti-nuclear power alliance saying that planned longer running times for nukes are endangering their plans to invest billions in climate-friendly green energies. “This is the best news in a long time!” comments Volker Thomsen, Treasurer of the World Wind Energy Association and active in a number of other renewables roles.

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The Huntington Lane Fossil Fools weekend gathering

18-03-2010 21:37

The Huntington Lane Fossil Fools weekend gathering
West Midlands Climate Action presents … The Huntington Lane Fossil Fools weekend convergence

A large number of trees have been felled at the proposed open cast coal mining site at Huntington Lane near Telford in Shropshire. A small camp has now been established on the Surface Mine Site (SMS) and people are urgently needed. As part of Fossil Fools day West Midlands Climate Action are putting on a weekend gathering from the 1st-4th April

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Immediate mutual aid needed for our Greek visitors!

18-03-2010 20:01

Our Greek friends from The Void Network ( have had a horrible incident happen in Berkeley California. Their vehicle has been broken into and their livelihood has been taken. This threatens the rest of their tour and the great success of their tour up till now. The tour has been possible up till now by people passing the hat. This has been (barely) enough to cover gas but this situation requires explicit help.

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From Trickle to Torrent

18-03-2010 16:56

by Action Against Hunger’s Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Advisor, Nick Radin

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Big Shout out to Defend Huntingdon Lane

18-03-2010 15:07

Proposed open cast coal mine near Telford.
Protest camp been there 1 week.
UK Coal visited yesterday-not pleased.
People needed there to boost numbers.

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G20: PS Smellie due in Court

18-03-2010 13:56

The police officer charged with assaulting a protester at the G20 demonstrations in London, is due in court on Monday 22nd March.

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Stop the Charge of the Nuclear White Elephants! - UK gathering, 27 March, London

18-03-2010 13:33

Image: Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images
National Grassroots Anti-Nuclear Power Network Planning Gathering

Saturday 27 March, 10.30am - 5.30pm
London Action Resource Centre
62 Fieldgate Street, London E1 1ES

Venue details:
Nearest tube: Whitechapel

Please get in touch ASAP if you need a bed or crash space for one or more nights, or have specific access requirements.

Lunch: Bring vegetarian / vegan finger food to share. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided.

There’s lots to discuss and share, including:

* The latest situation on nuclear new build in the UK
* Updates on recent actions and campaigning activities
* How we can be even more effective and make the best use of our skills, resources and networks
* Planning for future actions, including Sizewell Camp in late April and a possible summer camp at a strategic location
* Pull-out for publication in late April – work on concept and content
* Ideas and proposals for future activities and network building
* International dimension – overseas networking, French update, UK-India nuclear deal and proliferation implications, waste transport, etc

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The War on Education

18-03-2010 13:10

Battle lines are being drawn in the bitter conflict for the future of our schooling system

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Smash Edo picket Barclays

18-03-2010 12:41

A crowd of protesters stood outside Barclays gates in its main Brighton stronghold yesterday with banners, handing leaflets out and talking to passers by about the corporate bank's associations with arms manufacturers EDO MBM/ITT.

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Monkeys Cooked Alive in Bradford Collaborator’s Labs

18-03-2010 12:09


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lloyds private banking building attacked in bristol

18-03-2010 11:42

last night the office of lloyds private banking in bristol was attacked

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Justice for UBS Cleaners campaign goes international

18-03-2010 09:40

On Friday 19th March the "Justice for UBS Cleaners - Reinstate Alberto Campaign" are now staging an international day of action against UBS offices in 3 countries and 6 capital cities including Zurich and New York.

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A Very Brief Introduction to Peak Oil

18-03-2010 02:37

We're not all hard-line clued-up radicals, and even if we are we haven't always been. If you haven't got a clue what peak oil is, then try my hopefully accurate take on it to get you in the mood to find out more
Once again, Indymedia possibly not the best place for it, but there you go...

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Greece: The implosion of the systemic crisis

18-03-2010 01:13

Political bankruptcy, elections and parliamentary parties; Economic bankruptcy and “green” development; Social crisis and the systemic problem of immigration; The move of PASOK from social-liberalism to social-fascism; The transformation of Greece into a EU protectorate; Is there an alternative solution to EU colonisation?; Immediate measures following the rejection of the present elites’ measures; The prospects for the future of Greece a) The scenario of Latin-Americanisation of Greece, b) The scenario of setting the preconditions for an economic democracy as part of an Inclusive Democracy

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Titnore Protester begins hunger strike in response to wrongful arrest

17-03-2010 22:38

Eco protester at Titnore woods begins hunger strike in Lewes Prison forcing authorities to re evaluate to bail conditions that leave him homeless.

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Urgent Appeal - Wrekin Wrecking Coal Hole

17-03-2010 19:02

Campers at UK Coals Huntington Lane SMS are appealing for urgent support to defend the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

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Campaigners Leaflet Yorkshire Forward Head Office

17-03-2010 18:30

Campaigners leaflet Yorkshire Forward Head Office over University of Bradford vivisection links.

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Bradford Uni / LCM Merger Falls Through

17-03-2010 18:28

Bradford Uni / LCM Merger Falls Through

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Universities Issue Banning Orders to Activists

17-03-2010 18:26

Universities Issue Banning Orders to Activists