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Immediate mutual aid needed for our Greek visitors!

@ | 18.03.2010 20:01 | Repression | Social Struggles | World

Our Greek friends from The Void Network ( have had a horrible incident happen in Berkeley California. Their vehicle has been broken into and their livelihood has been taken. This threatens the rest of their tour and the great success of their tour up till now. The tour has been possible up till now by people passing the hat. This has been (barely) enough to cover gas but this situation requires explicit help.

Please donate generously!

•Do you have access to a video projector we can have?

What was taken

1.One window of their vehicle (which must be replaced for their tour to continue)
2.One high end (2200+ lumens) projector: THIS IS THE LARGEST LOSS
3.One pair of professional DJ headphones
4.3 External Hard Drives
5.3 boxes of books !!!!
◦1 box of the new book We are an Image from the Future
◦1 box of Peter's book Anarchy Works
◦1 box of Anarchy Works, How Non-violence protects the state, and others
6.Pamphlets (for distribution)
7.Paperwork, and ephemera

How to help

•$20 via Little Black Cart
•$5 via Little Black Cart