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Full list of Gateway 303 and 202 posts to IMC UK

23-01-2011 19:30

Attached is a CSV file (which should open in Open Office) of all the posts from and that were caught by the anti-abuse filters set up to detect this Police abuse of the site.

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Police dirty tactics and indymedias dirty laundry

23-01-2011 19:00

The shit hit the fan when Schnews published it's story on how a shadowy police unit has spent years planting false stories and sowing discontent among activist groups using the comments sections of campaign blogs and IMC UK. It instantly became impossible for indymedia admins to continue to claim that they did not have any access to IP logs on the IMC UK site. Airing indymedias dirty laundry could not have come at a worse time with all the distrust generated by the recent outing of a number of deep infiltration undercover cops within activist circles.

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Oxford Education Campaign meeting!

23-01-2011 18:46

Weekly consensus based campaign meetings @ Ruskin College, Walton St
Oxford OX1 2HE - 8pm Monday

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Dr Hans-Christian Raabe: Homophobic Scum Gets Job Dictating Drug Policy!

23-01-2011 18:13

Mad bastard and member of the Maranatha Christian cult, Dr Hans-Christian Raabe has been given a job on the Advisory Council for the Misuse of Drugs according to the Guardian.

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IMC London Statement on the recent Schnews Article

23-01-2011 16:22

Following the publication of this schnews article, Indymedia London
would like to make it clear that it does not log, monitor or filter
the IP addresses of those who visit or publish on this website. The
hyperactive code that indymedia london and others [1,2] run on does
not have these facilities built into it.

The story published by schnews relates to the website found at only.

The information published does not apply to any other Indymedia
website, inside or outside the UK. Indymedia websites live on
different servers and use different Content Management Systems, as
well has having different policies and abuse measures.

In fact indymedia london takes the issue of IP logging so seriously
that we do not allow people to embed content like Youtube videos on
the website, since that would make the IP addresses of viewers
available to youtube. Whilst this means Indymedia London may look a
little behind the times in terms of internet development when compared
to other websites, it's simply because we take your online security

For advice on these issues including how to publish anonymously see:

tech tools for activists - security in a box  - corporate social networking

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'Easton against the Cuts' meeting

23-01-2011 16:22

Worried about the spending cuts?
Worried about how they are going to affect our jobs, services, benefits and green spaces?

Want to take action?

Then come to Easton against the Cuts public meeting on Thursday 27th January, 8 - 9.30 pm at Easton Community Centre, Kilburn Street, BS5 6AW

Meeting called by Bristol IWW with Bristol & District Anti Cuts Alliance (BADACA)

See Facebook: Easton against cuts and

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Southampton’s Unions reject Council cutback plans and promise to fight back

23-01-2011 15:49

Southampton’s main public sector unions have rejected the Council’s proposed changes to their working conditions (to include redundancies and large pay cuts) at a packed membership meeting this past Thursday, and have promised to fight against their implementation.

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The Second National Troll A Tory Day - 24/01/11

23-01-2011 15:17

The first National Troll A Tory Day on the 15th December led to an outpouring of righteous anger, much of it on the facebook pages of Nick Clegg and David Cameron. Spread the word now and let's make this one bigger!

As part of the National Day of Cuts Against Benefit Claimants on the 24th January 2011 Tories and their Lib Dem lackys will be told exactly what the nation feels about their sham coalition.

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150 NGOs slam execution of Kurdish activists by Iran's islamic regime

23-01-2011 14:30

Barbaric Islamic law
Demonstration against Atrocity of barbaric Islamic regime in Iran

Erbil, Jan.23 (AKnews)- The Federation of the Non-governmental Organizations in the Kurdistan Region sent Sunday a protest letter to the president and the senior officials of the Islamic regime of Iran, condemning the execution of Kurdish activists in Iran.

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Launching the Network of Accommodation for Asylum Seekers

23-01-2011 13:46

A call out for people interested in providing practical support for asylum seekers.

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Statement on Lynn Watson

23-01-2011 13:40

The following is a statement from the collective following discussions with individuals involved in the expose of 'Lynn Watson' as an undercover police infiltrator. The original of this, including photographs, can be found at their website

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After Network-X - Anti Cuts Action Bristol

23-01-2011 12:22

featured image
On January 15th & 16th some anti-cuts activists from Bristol headed up to Manchester for the first Network-X gathering. The aim was "to establish a network that will allow libertarians to co-ordinate and support each others struggles" as part of the wider anti-cuts movement.

The decision was taken to form regional networks of anti-authoritarian groups fighting the cuts. As Bristol Anarchist Federation's Anti-cuts Action Campaign has already been working on this for a while we hope to further this network. At present we have built links and are in contact with groups and individuals in Bristol, Bath, Gloucester, Stroud, Taunton, Hereford, Wiltshire, Cardiff, Newport and slightly further away in north Wales and Northern Ireland.

We don't look to replace groups like Bristol Anti-Cuts Alliance and our affiliation form is winging its way to their secretary as I type. Our simple aim is to network with groups and individuals in the west to share ideas and mobilise for actions.

We support alliances such as BADACA and believe there are some great individuals working in them, their strong union links and ability to organise large scale mobilisations are vital to the anti-cuts movement. However they are all to often stifled with bureaucracy and party politics making them unable to mobilise at short notice and some within groups such as these abuse the platform to push their party line and show little interest in actually taking action.

Full Story | Bristol Against The Arms Trade Demo Shuts Down Barclays | The Cutz: So Long and Thanks for all the Cutz | Cut the War Not the Poor | Bristol Black Communities Mobilise Against the Cuts

The Facebook revolution has made it almost too easy to call demos, although it is great to level the playing field in this way, people are calling events and then not providing and propaganda/placards/banners etc needed, and as a result (like the recent Bristol EMA demo) protests are failing. Conversely where materials are provided and a demo properly organised the group calling the demo can take the opportunity to push their particular brand of politics and puts newspaper sales before fighting the cuts. We are also concerned about certain political parties who are moving to build power by hijacking organisations such as the NSSN and NCAFC.

We reject sectarianism and all party politics. Any demos we call are non-sectarian and we challenge those who muddy the anti-cuts message by taking the opportunity to sign up new members to the "party" and sell newspapers. All our propaganda is targeted and non-sectarian.

We reject capitalism, imperialism and feudalism; institutions and governments that promote destructive austerity measures;

We reject all forms and systems of domination and discrimination including, but not limited to, patriarchy, racism and religious fundamentalism.

We condone and encourage a confrontational attitude, since we do not think that lobbying alone can have a major impact in such biased and undemocratic organisations, in which transnational capital is the only real policy-maker.

We encourage direct action and civil disobedience, support social movement struggles, advocate forms of resistance which maximize respect for life and oppressed peoples’ rights, as well as the construction of local alternatives to global capitalism.

Dates for your diary:

Jan 22nd - Called by Bristol against the arms trade - Saturday 22nd @ 1pm, Castle Park. Target the banks who invest in the arms trade. While we face austerity measures they make billions from investing in weapons.

Jan 23rd - Activist sports club, organised by Bristol Anarchist Federation: 2pm this Sunday at the riverside park behind staples. A great opportunity to meet other activists outside of stressful demos and boring meetings.

Jan 23rd - Co-mutiny 2011 organising meeting, 4pm @ The Smiling Chair 40 Stokes croft. A great opportunity to build an autonomous activist network and promote the anti-cuts campaign.

Jan 25th - Resources Scrutiny Commission Budget meeting, 5.30pm @ The Council House. Meet on College Green and Make some noise.

Jan 29th - Anonymous Promotion presents Cut Cameron festival:
Raising money for Anti Cuts Action Bristol & Bath and student legal support. All day punk festival at The Winchester Arms in Taunton on January 29th. So if you can't make London then be there instead and support the cause.

Jan 30th - Taunton ukuncut action:
Anti Cuts Action Bristol and getting together with our friends Anonymous and Taunton UNCut and are calling for a rolling picket of tax dodging corporations Sunday at 30th 1pm at the War Memorial.

Jan 30th - Bristol UKuncut - Anti Cuts Action Bristol have called all previous UKuncut demos but with us sodding off to Taunton we hope others will call a Bristol Demo it its non-sectarian style. Contact us and we can provide you with pdfs of the posters and flyers we have made for UKuncut demos. It is essential to have propaganda on hand so passers by know what you are protesting about.

Jan 31st - Anti Cuts Action Bristol public meeting - The Factory, 3 Cave street off Portland Square, St Pauls, 7.30pm. There will be a feedback presentation about the Network-X gathering and a discussion on where the autonomous anti- cuts movement can go next. Also to propose the idea of hosting the next network-x gathering in Bristol. If you want to get involved with whats happening in the anti-cuts movement, get involved with organisng the next network-x gathering and find out about groups mobilising against the cuts in the region then come along!

February 5th - Anti Cuts Action are calling our for Bristol residents to attend the Big anti-cuts march in Bath. More info to follow.

Feb 7th - Save Legal Aid Demo - 12pm Queens square outside legal aid commission!

Feb 7th - Anticuts film/pannel discusion at the cube - 7pm. Pannel discussion involving IWW, BADACA, Anarchist Federation, Student Representatives and probably other we don't know about. Should be good!


FIGHTING THE CUTS - Pamphlet by Bristol Anarchist Federation about staying safe and knowing your rights on demos - Click Here

DEMO TIPS – This pdf is basically a crash course in staying safe on demos, give it to anyone on a demo, the information could prove vital for some people. Click Here

STUDENT LEAFLET – A little dated but still contains useful information. We often meet students who only want to fight education cuts and dont care about the other austerity measures so we made this. Click here

TAX DODGER LEAFLET – We have been heavily involved in the actions called by UKuncut. We have produced a leaflet of facts about tax dodgers to give out to the public. Click here

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300 immigrants start hunger strike in Greece,in 25 January!!

23-01-2011 11:27

The banner:Hunger strike 300 immigrants.Brothers, greeks, your support we need!
Solidarity in their social struggle,worldwide!!

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Farewell to NETCU

23-01-2011 11:07

Corporate Watch published last week an article outlining a history of NETCU / NPOIU and other related units. It is long but it gives a pretty detailed overview of them, including their history and what they have been up to. The body of the text is below. To get the references in it see the original article at They have done another interesting article on the various companies involved in spying on protestors at

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23-01-2011 11:07

Mozaz, aka Mark Wallis, was angry, unpredictable, stubborn and inconsistent.

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Attacks on democracy by the police state

23-01-2011 02:52

will the real Mark Stone aka Kennedy please stand up
Police State infiltration of activists has no place in a democratic society. There is urgent need for a full Judicial Inquiry.

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Phuck The Scum State Wankers Club I'm Voting Horse Outside

23-01-2011 00:42

In our pup tent we can suck down home brews
And remember money broker Cowen--
And his no-down loan that brought the bad news
That sent us to the street in our home town

Later on we inquire
How our dream so backfired
We followed the rules
We're feelin' like fools
Living in a wanker wonderland

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Dixie's Vintage Stall Cambridge's Last Fur Retailer

22-01-2011 21:15

Vintage fur perpetuates the fur industry, as fur is make 'acceptable' in the vintage scene, it finds it's way on to the catwalk in the form of new fur. Indeed new 'imperfect' fur is often passed off as vintage by manufactures and finds it's way into vintage retailers.