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France warned of long war in Ivory Coast

08-11-2004 13:21

& now, the fight against French imperialism

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Art of War : The Christian Right

08-11-2004 13:21

The New Crown of Thorns
The Christian Right

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08-11-2004 13:06

Subverting workshop at Maelstrom.

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08-11-2004 12:39

In the Oliver Stone Vietnam War movie "Platoon", one African American soldier says that, "The U.S. has been going around kicking everybody else's ass for so long, I know that it's about time that the U.S. got its *own* ass kicked." THAT TIME HAS COME AGAIN!!

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Cambridge residents take to roof of Guildhall to protest Fallujah attack

08-11-2004 12:37

Cambridge residents have climbed fifty feet up on the roof of the
Guildhall, in Market Square, Cambridge, and are currently hanging a giant
banner reading 'Fallujah: Stop the Massacre', as part of a larger protest currently taking place in Cambridge's Market Square.

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Rage and mourning across Germany

08-11-2004 12:31

Rage and sorrow have been manifested across Germany at the death of a 21-year-old Frenchman run over by a nuclear waste train in France.

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Oxford meeting to discuss The Corporation and take action.

08-11-2004 11:43

Seen the film 'The Corporation'. Inspired to do something about corporate power? Come along to a public meeting to discuss the film adn ways we can take action.

16th November 7.30
Friends Meeting House - 43 St Giles

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thought crime 2005 calendar

08-11-2004 11:25

download and print your own copy of the 'thought crime 2005 wall calendar' with cartoons and graphics by nick watson.

cost? make a donation to the indymedia server appeal (see feature)

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Fallujah Graffiti in Cambridge

08-11-2004 10:31

Anti-war graffiti on the entrance of the Labour headquarters in Cambridge.

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Rush-hour protest in Cambridge against Fallujah massacre

08-11-2004 10:14

Several protesters were handing out leaflets and displaying this beautiful banner at Elizabeth Way in Cambridge this morning.

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starbucks prosecution puts rev billy in jail

08-11-2004 10:13

The jury found Billy guilty of 'criminal trespass with intent to obstruct lawful business.' He will serve 3 days in jail.

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Fallujah Protest in Market Square Cambridge

08-11-2004 09:45

The long announced all out attack on Fallujah is now imminent.

Campeace are asking all supporters to gather outside the Guildhall from 12 noon TODAY (Monday the 8th of November) to protest this appalling war crime.

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East Oxford Community Association AGM

08-11-2004 09:35

East Oxford Community Association to hold AGM on Wednesday 1 December 6.30pm

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Save East Oxford Community Centre - a chance not to be missed

08-11-2004 09:26

East Oxford Community Centre is at risk of closure and could become a social centre if we get involved now. Terrible bureaucracy but what a site !

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08-11-2004 06:02

Gypsies are facing eviction from their own land this week,
despite an all-party commission's recommendation today
(8 Nov) that a duty be placed on local authorities to provide
spaces for caravan parks.
Families at Twin Oaks, Ridge, near South Mimms are now
dug in waiting for Blair to act: will they get a place to go
or see their caravan site bulldozed, as happened at
Chelmsford earlier this year.

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Siblings say Milat innocent

08-11-2004 03:51

Instead he was not only denied legal assistance but he was thwarted, isolated, and traumatised, by the government to prevent any form of appeal by him that would be able to reach the High Court. During that time Ivan was alleged to have committed other crimes, suffered hunger strikes, and self-harm just to prove his innocence.

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Fallujah, the Hue of Iraq

08-11-2004 03:04

US troops are following Gen. Westmoreland’s playbook, while the Iraqi insurgents seem to be following the playbook of Ho Chi Minh. We know the ending of both books.

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Honoring the Fighters of Fallujah - a message to Iraq

08-11-2004 01:49

It is one thing to march with a sign down a street, and it is quite another to do what that Iraq Resistance Movement in Fallujah is about to do, and get on the wrong side of bunker busters and Abrams tanks and F-15 and cruise missiles. My God I am deeply deeply moved right to the core of my being by that Iraq Resistance Movement in Fallujah. I salute them. I honor their courage. I vow from this day forward to remember them, to tell their story. Someday the whole world will honor the Iraq Resistance Movement in Fallujah. I swear it here today, they will.

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08-11-2004 01:26