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Honoring the Fighters of Fallujah - a message to Iraq

Brent Herbert | 08.11.2004 01:49 | Repression | World

It is one thing to march with a sign down a street, and it is quite another to do what that Iraq Resistance Movement in Fallujah is about to do, and get on the wrong side of bunker busters and Abrams tanks and F-15 and cruise missiles. My God I am deeply deeply moved right to the core of my being by that Iraq Resistance Movement in Fallujah. I salute them. I honor their courage. I vow from this day forward to remember them, to tell their story. Someday the whole world will honor the Iraq Resistance Movement in Fallujah. I swear it here today, they will.

George Bush WON! Celebrate!

Do we have a problem with the low morale? Do we have reason to be feeling hopeless? Is the Peace Movement, the Anti-War Movement at its lowest ebb? Has it reached it darkest hour? How about the Iraq Resistance movement? Is the oppression onerous, is the future looking bleak, is there deep down inside a feeling of weakness, of over whelming hopelessness as you stare down the greatest militaristic monstrosity the world has ever produced? I can see the desperation, and the filthy oppression hangs in the air like a poisonous vapor. Does it kill the spirit? Can that deathly vapor be held at bay by desperate fierceness, by bravado,. Is it overwhelming? Can it be overcome by acts of desperation, by whipping up the fury, by reckless bravado. My heart is aroused and my solidarity goes out to the people in Iraq, and in particular my deepest feelings are stirred up by the Iraq resistance movement, not in spite of, but because of their reckless acts of wild and indiscriminate violence. Even the resistance in Iraq is so desperately so brutally crushed that has taken on a crazed and reckless form. Some of the acts of that Iraq resistance movement are so incredibly self destructive and so harmful to their cause, so utterly harmful and ruinous to their cause, that they could only have been born of the desperation of a rag tag group of rebels in some wreck of a third world country facing down the filthy oil thieving military monstrosity, the greatest military machine the world has ever known that is even now sinking its thieving claws into the Iraq Oil Fields.

Yes, truly it is a filthy and disgraceful time in which we find ourselves living, when even the most shocking and shameful deeds are committed and the corruption is so deep that every power and every high place is revealed for what it is, rotten to the core and morally bankrupt.

Do we have a problem with low morale? Do we not recognize it when a gift drops from heaven, have spirits fallen so low, does the situation look so desperately hopeless, that we can no longer recognize our bright and shining moment, our golden time, our gleaming and golden opportunity.

After all, stop and think about it. George Bush is back in. The American powers stole another election for him. Oh, yes, they stole it alright. They had to do it. Yes, those Elite American Powers have become so deranged and so reckless that not only are they in Iraq, blowing the guts out of babies and the heads and arms off of old grandmothers for O-I-L, they have become so recklessly deranged they are actually stealing elections as well. They are very very desperately hard up, those Elite American Powers, and that desperation of theirs has made them unbelievably reckless, and their arrogant hubris has rendered them unbelievably blind, which means that they can no longer make correct judgments, nor can they avoid falling into pits or stepping into traps or getting tangled up in cobwebs and snares. They can't see them. Their notoriously famous abilities in the fine arts of Machiavellian plotting and scheming has failed them, but their blind hubris has rendered them ignorant and blind to the failing effects of their many spells and their endless sorceries.

After all, stop and think about it. George Bush is Back in. The Elite American Powers stole another election for him. Oh, yes, they stole it alright. It was just one more example of Machiavellian plotting and scheming, and a fine example of arrogant hubris on the part of the American Imperialists, since they picked the wrong goat, but apparently their arrogant hubris has led them astray.

So find good cheer Iraq resistance and take heart. Be of good spirit and strengthen those failing knees and shore up that failing morale anti-war resistors. She picked the wrong goat that time. Her powers of sorcery have led her astray. She thinks to herself, ‘I will rule and sit upon the throne till the end of history. I alone am the power, and there is no one on earth who can resist me.' Her many weapons of mass destruction and her overwhelming killing powers have made her unspeakably arrogant and full of blind hubris and she picked the wrong goat.

And that was her that picked out that goat. That much is becoming clearer and clearer, at least to me, as I consider the matter. You might recall the debacle that was the last American election. Now you would think that something should have been done about that voting problem. For example in lots of poor districts, in key battle ground states like, say, New Mexico, there are these crappy old voting machines that don't work right, and you would think, that, for the sake of that most important of American values, DEMOCRACY, that someone would taken some time in the last four years to fix those malfunctioning voting machines in those poorer non-white voter's districts. You know the districts with the most non-white poorer Democrat voting types voting in them. Because if those faulty machines don't get fixed then ballots get ruined, Democrat ballots, and then they have to be thrown out. The same is true in many black, Democrat voting districts around the country, including key battle ground states, where once again those things didn't get fixed, and thus great big piles of ruined non-white Democrat votes once again had to be thrown out.

But then I guess that refusing to fix those bad voting machines cannot be called a crime. And besides it could have been worse. They could have gone shopping for new voting machines. As you might have heard the American Powers decided, after the Florida election theft debacle, when without giving enough time for notice, Florida waited till it was to late to do any protest, and abruptly threw one hundred thousand black voters off the elections rolls to toss the election to Bush. This was not done early in the year to give those one hundred thousand black voters a chance to contest being thrown off the rolls, but rather they waited till the last minute and then threw off, and the Supreme Court, which saw what they did, showed by its actions that truly the moral rot and corruption in High Places has become thoroughly widespread and all pervasive, when they ignored all that, and gave the election as a gift to George Bush, by halting a recount he couldn't win, since apparently they should have thrown one hundred and one thousand black voters off the voting rolls, but they came up about one thousand short. It was close, and maybe they thought that was more than enough, but as the recounts, which went ahead unofficially without the Supreme Court's approval, proved they were just a little bitsy bit short on that one, and they needed to disenfranchise at least one hundred and one thousand black voters in Florida really late, instead of earlier in the year, so they couldn't vote.

Now that seamy, messy, dirty affair became world famous and it exposed not only the widespread decay and corruption eating away like a cancer at America, it also exposed that the cancer was quite advanced even infesting such lofty institutions as the Supreme Court. It also exposed lots of rotted corruption in the Democratic Party, such as when they crushed down their own Black Caucus in the Senate, but that came as less a surprise to everyone, since everyone already knew about the corruption rotting away at the Democratic Party, but a lot of the rest of that newly exposed corruption came as more of a shock to a lot of people.

And so therefore that just could not be allowed to happen again. All that rot, all the putrefaction being exposed in broad daylight like that. It was reckless, it was terribly risky, but it had to be done. The American Powers needed George Bush-that was decided ahead of time. So the American Powers went shopping, they went shopping for voting machines. Now there are models available. There is the one model, with the advanced computer touch screen, and another similar model that also spits out a paper ballot so that it leaves behind a paper trail. After giving the matter careful thought, and with due deliberation, the reckless and hubris filled American Elite Powers decided, that since this was for the institution of Democracy, after all, and only the very best would do, and since those machines would have to last for years, thus making the correct and wise purchase a vital requirement, they would buy a bunch of the ones that left no paper trail. From a strong Republican backer. A strong Republican backer of George W. Bush. Which was as fine an example of provocative arrogant hubris as you are ever likely to see, because, you know when you think about it, well need I say anything at all. And of course the American Powers did not feel it was required to spend money on those other faulty voting machines that kept ruining black and latino ballets. Because, when you stop and think about it, there was no need to spend money in those districts, because they already had old worn out faulty voting machines that ruined ballots, and given how even a hanging chad can be declared not a vote, and thrown out, as Florida in 2000 proves, and yes even a deeply dimpled chad can be thrown out and called not a vote, as Florida proves in 2000, well why bother buying some of those new voting machines for those districts because any problems with the vote there were already well taken care of, especially when you consider the rules of the game.

No the districts that needed new voting machines, the kind of course that don't leave a paper trail, got new machines in time for this election, and while it is of course deeply and highly suspicious, and a fine example of supreme arrogant hubris on the part of King George and the Elite American Powers, they went ahead and did it anyway, because when you are as overwhelming mighty and rich and wealthy and powerful, and you rule the whole world, and always always get your way, as decades of neo-liberalism and globalization against the poor countries of the world, which got thoroughly plundered by privatizing away every red cent that could be ripped off and robbed away from them, well when you have risen to such power and such strength, and when you are supreme and unchallenged, and indeed, are destined to rule the world forever and ever with no challenges at all, well why not just go right ahead and do anything, even when it is suspicious, deeply suspicious, like purchasing that one brand of Pro-Bush Republican Voting Machine that leaves no paper trail instead of the other one that people could check up on later because of that trail of paper it was leaving behind. That way it would be the best of both worlds, and a really effective democracy, and there would be no room for fraudulent activities or any screwing around anywhere, and so democracy in America would come as close to being absolutely guaranteed as Democracy get be. It would have been worth the money given just how important democracy is in America, to buy the right voting machine, the one that can't be screwed with, and which guarantees that the votes are always everytime counted and done properly every single time.

But then I guess the reason why King George and the Lords bought the wrong voting machine instead of the right one was because you know that when you have democracy you might lose control of the agenda since who knows what people might vote for if they could actually vote, and therein lies the problem.

So therefore, King George got back in during this last election, or so they say. I say ‘so they say' since, thanks to those highly suspicious new voting machines, not to mention those vote wrecking things in the black and latino districts that no one saw fit to fix, even though they had four years to fix democracy in America after that disaster in Florida, well no one can really say for sure that King George actually won the election this time. You just have to be trusting, not suspicious, and tell yourself, ‘they wouldn't do that', even though they did it in Florida in 2000, but as I said, you have to tell yourself they wouldn't do it this time because they must have changed since 2000 in Florida. Either that, or they decided that they did not want to expose the utter corruption of the
American Empire in 2004, while still be able to steal elections, so they bought new voting machines. From a Bush Republican. The one that doesn't leave a paper ballot. The one that can't be checked up on. The one that requires all those constant reassurances. You know what I mean, those constant reassurances that it was just utterly safe and secure and that nothing, no nothing went wrong, because it was a well done election, with extra high security to make up for the fact that those voting machines don't leave a paper trail. Which I suppose would be reassuring, if one decided to accept that explanation, because you would need extra high security and safety measures to make up for the fact those things don't leave a paper trail, but given the reassurances that there was just that much extra security and just that much extra safety to make up for the fatal flaws of that way of voting, well I guess maybe, just maybe, someone might decide to be trusting and just accept those new voting machines that were purchased by King George and the Lords of America (not to mention the Lords of the Earth, perhaps even the Lords of the Universe). Myself the reassurances I require would be extra security, extra safety, just like now, along with paper ballots, which you must agree would be even better than it is right now, when all we have is extra security and extra safety, which still isn't good enough, for obvious reasons.

Yes it really is a fine example of arrogant hubris, of endless provocations, and of reckless daring, of the type so characteristic of those increasingly reckless American Elite Powers. But why should they worry. Hell they have been rubbing the planets nose in it for decades now, and despite their endless daring provocations they just get more and more powers, not to mention richer and richer and richer, which has just encouraged them become even more daring and reckless, like they are today. And why not, because this could just go on forever and ever, because they are just that rich and they are just that powerful and nothing is impossible for them. Nothing. Not even the invasion of Iraq and the plundering of Iraq's trillions of dollars of O-I-L. That is reckless, but they have the situation well in hand, and even if they don't, well given their great capacity for creative mendacious perjury and their ability to constantly think on their feet, well no matter what comes up they will find a way to deal with it, master it, and then move on to their next daring and bold provocation. Fearlessly. Without self doubt or reservation. And even if their opponents get angered by it all, and make a stink, well it can be ignored forever, because they are just to powerful to resist or oppose. All of history has shown that. They have just got their tyrannical rule wound so deeply through every nook and cranny of American life, they are just omnipresent, so omnipotent, just like a god like being, that even if someone wanted to resist them they wouldn't be able to do so, because they have control of every single thing, including life itself, the right to food, the right to live, every single thing is at their mercy, and thus no one can ever ever dare to try anything against them lest they face their utter ruination at their powerful powerful hands. Its just an amazing system of oppression, like an elaborate sticky spider's web, and a fine example of centuries of Machiavellian scheming and endless constant plotting and scheming which in the end has produced this - yes this sorry state of affairs - this rotted and corrupted Imperialistic war mongering degenerated American Empire where every institution and every high place is just overflowing with the rotted corruption which is eating at and destroying American life like a malignant cancerous tumor which has grown unchecked only to reach its terminal phase, all this rot and all this corruption being a fine example of the moral putrefaction that is certain to result when an entire system is corrupted in its youth and then left to spend a few centuries in the service of something as wickedly evil as unadulterated and filthy greed. You wouldn't expect to get apples from a thistle bush. No you get apples from an apple tree, and you only get wickedness and evil from moral corruption. A good tree produces good fruit. A corrupted and wicked greed filled tree produces advanced decay, putrefaction and deleterious moral corruption. You cannot have a tree of evil, and then go out to pick good fruit. This simple principle explains everything that is now rotted and corrupted in the Imperialistic American Empire. It explains her turn to massacres and cruel murdering and the filthy greed driven thefts of the powerful American Elites, it explains the turn to baby killing and the slaughter of old women for filthy disgraceful O-I-L by those equally filthy and disgraceful American Powers, who naturally enough, couldn't purchase the right voting machines because let's face it, they are right in the middle of something and don't want to be disturbed, and knowing full well that they would be disturbed and find it real disturbing if they bought the right voting machines for America, they didn't by them, and instead in one more provocative act of insolent bravado, they just went ahead and bought the wrong ones instead so they could, if it proved to be necessary, get that George Bush back in again so he could finish what both he and the Have Mores he serves, could finish what they started in Iraq, without the bother of any of that troublesome Democracy getting in the way.

Which just goes to show the utter contempt that the Rich American Powers have for Democracy. They bought the wrong machines, even when their was clearly a choice of buying the right machines, and they didn't buy the right machines because that would have meant Democracy for sure, and it would have been iron tight and guaranteed, and they just didn't want that. Which is obvious, since they bought the wrong ones.

,And that showed insight and foresight. Because you see, if they would have bought the right machines, then George Bush would have lost the election. You know, for example, that exit polls were showing George Bush losing Ohio, but then, like a miracle, those infallible voting machines, with no paper trail, showed him far ahead, which meant, of course, that those exit polls were wrong, a mistake that was quickly cleared up later. The American Powers aren't perfect you know. They can make mistakes, but, fortunately for them, given their arrogant hubris, they can just bounce right back from even the worst debacle and then just in a show of even more arrogant and smug hubris just carry on, because who can stop them. They rule the whole world, in the god like way, those American powers, with the power of life and death over the planet, they are just that god like that Rich American Elite PowerHouse. So even though that was a bit of a mistake nevertheless, neither that provocation of theirs, or any other mistake or provocation of theirs will ever prove to be a real problem for them, because of who they are and how damn much money they have and because of how many weapons of mass destruction they have at their disposal, more than any other place on the face of the planet by a long shot, making them even more powerful, thus meaning that they can now do anything, whatever they want, forever and ever and ever till the End of History, at which time they will still be found on the throne and ruling and lording over the whole wide world, because that is just how powerful and eternal they are.

And of course seeing something that filthy and foul sitting up on the throne, not to mention something that cruel and vicious, such a terrible mass killing murderer and O-I-L thieving rapist sitting up on the throne like that, well its enough to make anyone lose their hope, their faith, their idealism, and to sink into a state of dispirited low morale. Well, you know, like many of the progressives, especially the older ones, in America, who have lived there a long time, long enough to learn about just how impossibly wicked and greedy those Elite American Powers really are, thus making them demoralized. Which explains their incoherent, demoralized election campaign they just ran, where the American Powers sent them the Bush Clone for a ‘progressive' candidate and like the demoralized progressive movement they are (they would prefer the term ‘realistic' or perhaps a ‘sensible liberal') they then tiredly, and not very enthusiastically, just went ahead an encouraged people to vote for the Bush Clone. The inspiring campaign slogan of the worn out and demoralized progressive movement leaders was either that the Bush Clone was the less evil version of George Bush, perhaps even only 2 percent less evil than George Bush, but that would still be good enough, because in a greed corrupted decayed place like America with its greed based marketing ideology (and its doctrine of the ‘growth' of endless piles of greed infintitely till the end of eternity) every wise in the ways of the world sensible progressive knows that you always vote for evil, choosing in each case where a choice of the evils of the world are put before you by the Elite American Powers, who only allow for the evil choices being so full of evil and atrocious greed themselves, well in each case you try to choose the lesser of those two evils that are allowed, otherwise you would be guilty of choosing the worst evil one and that would be a crime for which you must be held morally responsible, since apparently voting for evil is morally acceptable in some strange way, provided its the less evil one. This then is the essense of the American Progressive ideology, put on showcase once again during the election, which consists of attempting to progressively move from say 98 percent evil down to say 80 percent evil and then maybe 65 percent evil and so and so on, provided of course that the Elite American Powers don't roll that back up to 99.9 per cent evil, forcing you start all over again from the beginning rolling everything back down to a lower evil, just like your grandparents were forced to do before you, and which, as you know is now being completely trashed, so that you will of course have to start right back from the beginning, going back to the time of Charles Dickens and the most wicked forms of cruel robber baron Capitalism, thus turning the clock back to a previous century as is happening now, and after George Bush bankrupts the country some more during his upcoming term, will of course be destroyed even more until not one damn thing is left and then finally those Elite American Capitalists can just be rid of that damnable progressive movement and every damn thing they had to put up with for over a century since that time and just roll everything all the way back. Which they can do now, because they are so filled with the most atrociously disgusting arrogant hubris, and having become a globalized world power and raped every poor nation on earth for the last 20 or 30 years of neo-liberalism, they now believe that surely anything is possible for them, because just look at the hellish evils they have gotten away with over the last 20 or 30 years, which proves it, at least in their eyes.

Now as I consider all this, this leads me to wonder if perhaps, given how bad it all is (could it get any worse, one might ask, and the answer is that given how it just keeps getting worse and worse well of course it could and has - remember the murderous and disgraceful Iraq O-I-L robbery war?). And the fact that it does keep getting worse and worse, American being a totally corrupted country ruined and destroyed by its greed based marketing system ideology after all, which has created a totally corrupted immoral Elite American Power problem, as it was designed to do and so it did (no surprise there) well that does explain the phenomenon of the totally demoralized American progressive movement and that depressing ‘election campaign' we just went through. And if all this is not bad enough, there are all those babies blown into little itsy bitsy pieces in Iraq, with their guts all spilled out that someone, unfortunately is going to have to clean up and put into some kind of bag or box or something (because you can't leave the arms, legs and guts of a blown up baby, teenager, or grandmother lying around to rot on the ground in Iraq - O-I-L wars are messy things - someone has to clean up after O-I-L wars, its a fact of life).And let me tell you, not only is that demoralizing, its also painful, excruciatingly painful. Well no wonder those progressives ran such a demoralized campaign devoid of even a hint of inspiration.

But there is no need for severe recriminations about what they could have done right or better, because after all they were working through that corrupted Democratic Party, which was remember, promising more baby's blown into little itsy bitsy chunks. They were runing the Bush Clone, who had every single policy just the same as George Bush, except when the tracking polls indicated it was time for a change, at which time I noticed that campaign becoming disorganized,
shortly after the Democratic Convention (does anyone else remember that happening). Suddenly that DNC decided to run a populist campaign, without any real populism of course, at the same time as they were running the Bush Clone campaign, because apparently the tracking polls were indicating that had to be done. They also dumped that gay marriage thing into the trash because they ran some polls on it, found out just how severely it would lose votes, and thus John Kerry became an opponent of Gay Marriage, even if really, deep down inside, he might actually be in favor of Gay Marriage (I guess we will never really know). After John Kerry promised the Elite American Powers that he was really like George Bush, in that he would never tax the rich or any of those sorts of things, he then, following more polling started being populist on health care and various other populists issues, which would of course scare the Elite American Powers he was constantly reassuring previously, but at the same he was also promising that he would make ‘balancing the budget a priority' even if, after he checked into things, this meant he had to abandon his populist promises. This was the Democrats solution to the populist polling data that was coming back. They would run a phony populists campaign and then constantly reassure the Elite American Powers that they weren't really serious about it. As for John Kerry checking up on the deficit situation once he got in, to see if he could fulfill his populist mandate, well he really didn't need to wait until he got in to be able to make up his mind about that, since I could have told him that there was a half a trillion dollar deficit stretching on towards the horizon, so if he needed to make up his mind, he could have done so during the campaign, since that was obvious.

The second plank of the Democrat campaign, besides running a completely phony populist on the Bush Clone position, was to run on the "he is not George Bush' platform. It was that final platform of the Democrats that finally caught fire. For the first time in a long time, there was a sudden and surprising surge in voters going to the polls as that George Bush got a real run for his hundreds of millions of dollars of money, and it certainly wasn't because of the Bush Clone factor or the phony populism, but rather it was that ‘he's not George Bush' platform that was strangely enough igniting voters in unprecedented numbers around the country.

You know typically the American Elites, before they started stealing elections on purpose, used to ensure their positions by running a goat and a goat in each election. The American people would be given the choice of voting for a goat or a goat. Certainly that was true of this election, where clearly, a goat was running against another goat. The similarity between those two goats was just remarkable. It was just another typical goat versus goat campaign in American politics. You see the American Elite Powers had authorized George Bush, and the Democrats knew that, which is why they were running a goat to stay competitive. And the Democrats had one decisive advantage in the campaign, in that the identical goat they were running was not George Bush. It was the exact same goat, but it was not George Bush, it was someone else. It turned out that this was all that really mattered if those Democrats wanted to cause a roaring surge in the number of people pouring out to the polls, except for young people, who didn't show up, thus making this not a real record breaking election like it would have been had they shown up to vote for that Democrat goat, but they didn't, leaving millions more of every one else to surge into the polls to vote for the Not George Bush version of the Bush Clone Goat. Which isn't saying much for George Bush.

Believe it or not, that pathetic campaign was fiercely competitive all throughout the race. That Not George Bush Goat was really coming on strong, even though the only one single thing it had going for it was that it was the Not George Bush Goat. As everyone knew every well and commented on all the time, it was just another Bush Clone Goat, but it wasn't George, and that turned out to be the crucial advantage for the Democrats this year. Amazingly as the election came down to the wire that Not Bush Goat they were running came roaring around the track like Seattle Slew, its hooves thundering on the ground as a huge cloud of dust was raised in the air behind it as it roared towards the finish line, just making that a real honest goat race. Even though that identical Bush Clone goat had nothing going for it at all, except that it had the Not George Bush vote nailed down, it ran one hell of a campaign, thundering down to the finish like a blazing stallion in the Preakness, in what truly must be thought of as one of the single weirdest elections in the history of the world, or so I thought.

Of course the whole thing was rigged ahead of time, and while it is true that the Not George Bush Goat actually caused much surging in the number of people going to the polls, unfortunately the Elite American Powers had already decided that George Bush was going to win again and finish what he started, so despite all the efforts of the Democrats to run the Bush Clone Goat, and despite the enormous power of the Democrat campaign slogan, that it was Not George Bush, and despite how fiercely competitive that Not Bush Goat was, with millions and millions turning up to the polls, it still didn't have a chance, and the Democrats were just wasting their time all year and wearing themselves out trying to cozy up to the Elite American Powers, since the Elite American Powers already had their minds made up by in 2000, after Florida, that George Bush was doing another term, which is why they went out and bought the wrong voting machines, on purpose, and which is why they didn't fix the malfunctioning Democratic vote wrecking machines in Democratic areas, and why they also stick with that hanging chad or dimpled chad test, even though it is obvious that a hanging chad or a dimpled chad is a vote especially when its made by a malfunctioning voting machine in a black or latino district. The Elite American Powers were thinking ahead, because while they knew they could count on the Democrats to run a Bush Clone in the next election, thus not ruining their plans that way, they also knew that there was a chance that the Not George Bush factor might come into play and they just were not willing to take that chance because they really want George Bush in office, because he is a really cruel individual, with a psychologically sadistic personality disorder , which is what they wanted because it takes someone like George Bush to massacre and slaughter his way through Iraq, without losing any sleep over it, thus getting them the Iraq O-I-L for sure, while not giving them any problems with ‘moral considerations' which could very well happen if a Not George Bush goat got elected by mistake, and turned out to have functioning feelings and emotions, which George Bush does not have, or turned our to have conscience, which George Bush also doesn't have. So you can see why they did what they did, because they just couldn't take the chance of losing for that very reason.

Joy to the World

Now I don't know about anyone else, but my spirits have lifted since George Bush got back in for the second time. No. Seriously. I mean it. Especially these last couple of days. Oh, I am pleased that George Bush got back in. Yes, thankfully, the American Elite Powers stole another election, and put George Bush back in, because now there is real reason for optimism.

Oh, yes, there is real reason for Optimism all right, when you stop and think over all the things I have just outlined. I mean seriously now, we need a resistance movement, and we need an anti- war movement, and then suddenly when you stop and think it all over and look it all over and analyze it all, you realize that a little gift wrapped present just dropped down out of heaven for us.

Things have just gotten a lot easier for us. After all, George Bush is back into power. Which, when you stop to think about it, is a big improvement, and a hell of a lot better than having things getting harder and harder all the time. Now finally things are going to start improving for a change.

Now first of all, just think of the relatively simple task facing the Iraq War Resistance Movement. I say ‘relatively simple' for a reason, because, sure, I am aware of how things can involve struggling and take time, sometimes to damned much time, which can anger a person, especially when its taking that time small baby guts are getting spread all over Iraq, and men women and children and teenagers are getting blasted to Kingdom Come over some greedy conniving plot to neo-liberalize, privatize and then steal the Iraq O-I-L. Now of course such a thing is going to lead to some deeply felt anger and frustration, and I understand that, but not demoralization. That I could not understand.

You see W-A-R is not about military powers. If W-A-R was only about military strength then Vietnam never could have defeated the Pentagon, the most bloated and enormously powerful slaughtering machine the world has ever seen, since history began right to this very day. No W- A-R is not about killing machines, because the Pentagon could eliminate the Iraq Resistance Movement in the morning, and be done by lunchtime if they really put their minds to it and got every detail all organized. Yes, the Pentagon could destroy the Iraq Resistance Movement in Fallujah, three thousand of the most courageous individuals on the face of the earth today, who are now preparing to suffer and die in a deadly showdown with the most monstrous murder machine the world has ever seen, in one of the most moving and touching battles against the outrage of the most filthy display of lecherous greed ever perpetrated by revolting Robber Baron Capitalists since the time America first became a country. Yes, this is the filthiest and most disgusting display of cowardly bullying and mendacious perjury I have ever seen. Yes I have seen some bad things in recent times, but that revolting action of the Pentagon against the freedom fighters who are now, just on sheer principle, are going to stare down that revolting thieving Capone gang Pentagon in Fallujah, well I am inspired by the Iraq Resistance Movement, and I am deeply touched and very moved. Any half decent person would be. Now a sociopath would not be. A psychological sadist would not be. But all half decent people the world over, in every country, in every land, including this one, should pause to watch what that filthy theiving conniving Pentagon and that slimeball Quisling known as Allawi not to mention that dysfunctional sadist known as George W. Bush are about to perpetrate on some of the bravest and most courageous people on the face of the earth. Those of you who speak of being anti-war, who are opposed to ‘neo-liberalism' and ‘globalization' and the crushing and oppression of the poor and the helpless and their constant filthy looting and robbing of the last 20 or 30 years, tell me would you have the courage.

Yes it is one thing to march with a sign down a street, and it is quite another to do what that Iraq Resistance Movement in Fallujah is about to do, and get on the wrong side of bunker busters and Abrams tanks and F-15 and cruise missiles. My God I am deeply deeply moved right to the core of my being by that Iraq Resistance Movement in Fallujah. I salute them. I honor their courage. I vow from this day forward to remember them, to tell their story. Someday the whole world will honor the Iraq Resistance Movement in Fallujah. I swear it here today, they will. That is the most honorable, courageous, deeply touching, deeply moving, courageous thing I have ever seen, those three thousand totally surrounded, outgunned utterly determined Resistance Fighters in Fallujah. May all of Iraq ignite with fire at that astonishing display. How many people on earth could say that they would have the courage to do what the Iraq Resistance movement is now doing in Fallujah. The is the most honorable and noble sacrifice I have ever seen, and then are doing it for the people of Iraq, for their future, and I understand that, and I deeply deeply honor what they are doing, its symbolism, and its wonderful nobility. I understand that they may be destroyed by the most crushing violent and wicked pile of murderous weaponry the world has ever seen, but I know that their sacrifice will not be in vain. The Iraqis are going to win the Iraq War because of Fallujah, and I know that now. They are dying to get that filthy blood soaked long fanged oil sucking vampire known as George Bush and the Pentagon and the Robber Barons of America out of their country and off of their O-I-L wells. That is a profound sacrifice they are making and I call on every person with even a scrap of decency in their hearts, to acknowledge the truth of what I just said. Would you do that? Where is your courage? Would you die in a crushing carpet bombing bullying vicious filthy assault by the most powerful crushing killing machine humanity has ever seen-would you die like that for your people, for your country, for the children and their future? Would you. Bow your heads then, bow them down, and acknowledge the truth about the Glorious Battle of Fallujah, a battle that is about to go down into the history of Iraq in ever lasting GLORY! It is easy to predict, for how could they ever forget something so astonishingly brave, so noble, and deeply moving, so profoundly touching as what I am seeing taking shape here...

And as for Allawi, I hope he is content with the knowledge and the inescapable truth that there is also a place waiting for that conniving Quisling down in the sewer holes of Iraq history, which is right where that slithering serpent belongs. Thankfully, that's where you will find him, so it is encouraging when you think about how those things always work out the right way at the end of it all. He kept warning Fallujah, he warned them all summer, to hand over the people making those video tapes. Yah, right. And now he is making excuses for the massive slaughter, speaking of ‘hostage takings' because although 150 thousand civilians fled, 50 thousand stayed behind as kind of human shields, or because they had nowhere else to go, Iraq having being neo-liberalized after all, thus having no safety net you can understand. Best to stay with the devil you know in Fallujah than risk hungering and wandering in a strange land. Yes Allawi is now promising to rescue the ‘rescue the hostages' in Fallujah, as that Quisling continues to follow the script in that long running soap opera, making the excuse for the carpet bombing slaughter of that O-I-L thieving gangster outfit known as the Pentagon. He is a real slime ball that Allawi, for while the Pentagon spent the summer bombing ‘safe houses' for those Iraq Video tape makers, yes while the Pentagon spent all summer heroically punishing and pursuing those Iraq Video tape makers Allawi spent the summer warning the citizens of Fallujah to hand over those Iraq Video Tape makers for justice, playing his part in that little soap opera, paving the way for massive civilian casualities by warning and warning those evil residents of Fallujah of the price they would pay for not handing over those Iraq Video tape makers, warning of severe actions, painting the residents of Fallujah as an evil town, playing for the cameras in the West as month by month the Pentagon carefully prepared the ground for a massive murdering slaugherhouse in Fallujah, just one stubborn town on the way to complete control of Iraq's O-I-L. Yes that Allawi is one giant sized sleaze ball. Actually he is even worse than that, but I am having trouble finding just exactly the foul word to use against him right now, so sleaze ball will have to do.

The Pentagon does like to tell stories, don't they, and write soap operas. In the ideal world the Pentagon would just go ahead and carpet bomb and slaughter its way right accross Iraq and just get rid of that furiously humiliating Iraq resistance movement in say, oh, maybe a day. Alas, poor Pentagon, there is that problem with the story, since W-A-R is all about stories, isn't Pentagon, for if it wasn't, just think of your powers and just how you could do anything, and real fast, rather than always always having to hold back and restrain yourself, oh great frustrated monster, oh Pentagon.

Yes, people let's tell stories. You know the one easy thing about this Iraq War is that it is just not that difficult to wing the propaganda war. In that way the Iraq War is a piece of cake compared to that Vietnam War. I mean when you consider all that O-I-L.

Speaking of stories, have you heard the one about George Bush. Well, according to psychological profiles I have read of the man, he is diagnosed by the psychological community as being a sadist. George Bush has that sadist personality disorder. That's what is wrong with him, in case anyone is wondering what it might be, and want the opinion of some psychologists I was reading, who analyzed and profiled George Bush.

Now that George Bush is a psychological sadist, an individual incapable of feeling pity, or remorse, and who actually derives pleasure from sadism (believe it or not), well that is pretty obvious, when you watch the man for yourself, and then compare back and forth between that psychological profile of George Bush and his read life. Well it all becomes pretty clear over time that the diagnosis is correct.

Which is why the American Powers stole the election for George Bush, not in spite of his dysfunctional personality, but rather specifically because of his sadistic personality disorder. They did not want Lyndon Johnson for this Iraq War. You know they type, who wakes up screaming, and has nightmares because of all the evil horrors of that Presidential war job in Vietnam. One full term was enough for Lyndon Johnson, and he just put in his resignation and got to hell out of that place.

Now let us compare Bush. Not once, after slaughter and killing all over Iraq and sending about a thousand young American kids home in bitsy pieces, not once did George Bush ever suggest that maybe, just maybe he might not run for that job a second time. Not once. No, each time he always said that not only was he going to run again, but he was going to win again. No second thoughts. No doubts. No. George Bush is no Lyndon Johnson. All that baby killing and guts spilling, and skull smashing, the burning alive, the skinning, the gore and the pain and the horrors and the death, it all just runs off that man's back like water right off the back of a duck.

In all this time never once has any of this ever even once bothered George Bush. Not once. For this reason some people call him a strong, decisive leader. Actually he is a ruthless remorseless, unemotional, unfeeling, numbed out, psychological sadist, which just happens to look the same as a strong decisive leader, but is not the same, since the former is a type of psychiatric illness. If George Bush was being a strong decisive leader in the midst of a funding battle for education that would be one thing. But George Bush is being ‘strong and undecisive' in the midst of a pile of spilled out baby guts, and scalped and legless grandmothers and horribly mutiliated American kids sent home in glorified flag drapped caskets. Not once in all this time has he ever stopped being
strong and decisive' because he doesn't feel a thing.

Well he does feel one thing. As the psychologists note about him, he feels intense joy and great satisfaction when he does some really cruel sadism on some other person. In fact, in life, so narrow and stunted is the emotional life and personality of George Bush, that he has to take his few pleasures that he can feel where he can find them, and since the pleasure of being a sadist is his only one, well you can understand how hard it would be for him to pass up a chance to indulge himself, since he can't experience much else, because of his personality disorder.

Now notice George Bush making his acceptance speech for his second term. Oh he is relishly the moment. He is joyous. He is no Lyndon Johnson. He also could not resist announcing his plans to privatize social security, so he could sadistically rub salt into the wounds of the defeated progressive movement, something you could tell he richly enjoyed, so much in fact that while it was supposed to be his acceptance speech on unity and reaching out, well he just couldn't pass up the opportunity for that psychological sadism, thus making a scam about his appeals for unity and reaching out, because he lives for moments like that - the really cruel ones where he can revel in the sufferings and humiliation of someone he just brought low and then rub salt in the wound after like he just loves to do. An opportunity like that does not come along more than once in a lifetime so naturally being a real psychological sadist George Bush could not resist really savoring that glorious moment, thus ruining his acceptance and making it into a pile of hypocrisy, while all the time he was just rejoicing like the cat that swallowed the canary, and not the least bit disturbed by all his cruel slaughtering and killing from term one, and not weighed down with thoughts that he would be in the White House for another term while more vicious brutal slaughtering was done. He's going to enjoy being in the White House again, believe it or not, he relishes the job, even with all its horrible massacres and slaughters, he just relishes being there, as you can tell by his acceptance speech. He's no Lyndon Johnson. He's George W. Bush.

Yes, there will be more baby guts and dead grandmas and slaughtering and cruelty and suffering and tears in Iraq in times to come, and given the heavy weight of such slaughtering coming down on his shoulders you would think that decision to run again would weight heavily on George Bush, and even if he did run again, you would think that the heavy weight of more dead babies would weight on his shoulders as he stood up to address the nation and accept term two of all that ruthless murdering and slaughtering.

But no, this is George Bush, not Lyndon Johnson, so he really enjoyed himself accepting another term, looking just like the cat that swallowed the canary. More killing. Not on his mind. Doesn't bother him. Sure he will just be even more of a blood soaked oil sucking vampire during his second term than he is right now, but all he cares about is the oil, and the blood doesn't bother him at all, or weight on his mind in the least, which is a handy disordered personality style to have, which is why he was selected out by the American Powers to be President, and why they stole the election for him in Florida, so that on his very first day in office he could plot psychological sadism against Iraq, which is his speciality. The American powers won't have to worry about George getting upset over baby guts and turning out like Lyndon on them, because as they knew before hand, just knowing the man for years like they did, he is an utterly ruthless good for nothing sadistic prick, who is not only a sadist, but also enjoys being a sadist, just fitting the classic profile of a psychological sadist just like those psychologists said he did.

The (Second) American Revolution

Well now that the hubris filled American Powers have returned the Emperor, King George, back into power, its time to start talking about the future, and thinking really seriously about the future, in particular about the future of the Second American Revolution. Now as you know, the First American Revolution happened, when, for a variety of reasons, what were to become the Americans became really pissed off King George, especially because he was being such a tyrant. And I don't know every detail, but you know, when you have a Revolution, like America did, that tells you that King George really must have been some kind of bad tyrant, because there was, after all, an American Revolution. And that says it all. There was no freedom, no democracy at all, in America, and there was also oppression and intolerable economic exploitation, with that King George at the head of it all, and that finally created the ferment which created the conditions for a real full blown Revolution. That King George must have been a really stubborn tyrant, just filled with arrogant hubris, so that he never saw it coming until it was to late, and by that time it was already all over except for the formalities of actually having a Revolution and getting rid of that King George once for all.

They needed someone like him because they wanted Iraq because you know, with their system crashing into ruins, corporations cooking the books for years, the whole stockmarket becoming a giant fraud which was being kept hidden, the American Powers desperately needed trillions of dollars of Iraq's O-I-L money. As we have been told, the very day the Bush administration got into office, before they were even unpacked, they held their first meeting on attacking Iraq. Just to hold off the impending utter collapse of the American Empire, Bush began performing CPR and mouth to mouth resuscitation on the victim of cardiac arrest. The American Empire held a red tag sale, and by lowering the dollar, and lowering interest rates down to close to zero, Wall Mart style pricing was used to price American assets at closer to their actual true values. Of course this would make American assets harder to promote globally as investments, because now they were Wall Mart priced assets, instead of Tiffany assets, but to help that problem the Bush administration slashed and slashed away at taxes, to help attract more money to pay for the health care for that patient being treated for cardiac arrest, since while the money was now worth less, and so were the assets, the taxes were much lower which would help to make up for that red tag sale and the much reduced value of American Empire assets on the world markets. This is something to keep in mind when you hear that the Wall Street Stock Market is up around 10,300, which means that it really hasn't gained much ground at all in recent years is really just maintaining ground it had when it dropped down, even though it gives the illusion of having ‘recovered' and ‘climbed higher', the reason being, you must remember, that those numbers have to be related to a lower valued American dollar, so that 10,300 at a low dollar is not the same as 10,300 at the higher dollar value, and so perhaps the Stock Market actually has not improved much since that time it fell downward, but has just been treading water, waiting for those trillions of extra dollars of Iraq O-I-L money to start flowing through its anemic veins so it can restart one more of its many famous and valuable upward climbs, doing that climbing then in the genuine way, rather than climbing deceptively in the low dollar way, as it has previously, thus hiding its true values, unless of course you happen to be a foreigner who needs to exchange foreign currency, in which case you would, being a shrewd investor, of course be well aware of the actual lower red tag value of American Empire Assets in recent years.

Now those lower taxes, in part designed to offset that lower dollar policy, which while it introduced the Wall Mart marketing model to the marketing of the American Empire, which was embarassing, but required, if America was going to lower the price of its exports and start making some money for a change instead of collapsing in ruins, well those lower taxes were peddled as ‘job creation' and they were also called ‘stimulus' for the economy, which was not really true, since the real stimulus for the economy was the largest and most reckless looking borrowing binge in the entire history of the world. Remember, this was the American Imperialist Empire we are talking about here (buddy can you spare half a trillion?) Now this angered some, because it looked so reckless and so foolish, but in the minds of the Bush cabal it wasn't as bad as it looked, since as we now know, using hindsight, that huge borrowing was needed to provide health care for that cardiac patient, thus showing that when it comes to spending money on Wall Street the same rules don't apply in America as would if one was supplying health care to say, impoverished Blacks in ghettos (has anyone ever heard of the spending of half trillion lump sums for any program in America - no that would measured out grudgingly, in small sums, with even Welfare, that much hated Welfare, only being around a 50 billion dollar program, and even then cuts must be made for the sake of responsibility and so on.) Yes that gigantic multi-trillion dollar borrowing spree combined with the multi-trillion dollar Wall Street Tax Cuts were the biggest spending program America has ever had in its entire history, which shows that America can spend and spend and spend on programs after all, even though that Empire has a scrooge like reputation for not spending on anything, or just spending small amounts, and when people get ruined in America well they just stay ruined and can be found wandering the streets and sleeping in places where they are bound to be pestered by the police.

While that huge huge health care for Wall Street program was costing a fortune and was widely damned as being reckless, in the mind of the Bush Cabal it made sense, for as we now know, they were planning that it all be temporary, since they already had in mind another form of multi-trillion bail out for their heart patient, since, we know, Iraq O-I-L is valued in the trillions, and this is the American Imperialist Empire, remember, and so we need to talk about trillions and trillions not billions and billions when it comes to bailing out that failing, staggering, bankrupted overgrown Empire. So even borrowing trillions was not a problem, not as big a problem as the critics suggested, since America would be robbing and raping and plundering even more trillions. It would be easy. You just go into Iraq. It would take a couple of weeks. Then, victory achieved you then put a "Mission Accomplished' sign up on a ship and take a victory walk. Then you get down to the business of putting in place a text book example of the neo-liberal economic system onto Iraq and its socialized, publically owned O-I-L system (a ripe juicy target for looting and plunder, since it was not privately owned, thus making it wrong to have it stolen), privatizing everything over to American corporations, ripping up the contracts of France and Germany in the process, taking every dime back to America. Classic colonialism. Next, once those trillions start flowing out of Iraq to America, you then stop borrowing money, maybe in time, even jack up the dollar again. Presto. Problem solved. It would be to easy. Venezuela also has a publically owned state oil business, and overthrowing the government of that place in a classic American engineered Coup d'etat and setting up a classic Latin American Banana Republic would also be a cake walk. All it required was nerves of steel. You just went ahead and did it and it was done. The new government of Venezuela, responding to wide spread calls of average Venezuelans for desperately needed and urgent undemocratic regime change, would announce itself, to be immediately welcomed into power by Washington, and Washington would also publically express relief and happiness that the Democratic will of average Venezuelans was respected in that coup d'etat thus returning democracy to Venezuela by overthrowing its elected government to the great relief of concerned people the world over. (And yes, dear reader, that really was the Bush propaganda line at the time, believe it or not, if you can remember the event). Well some people might not remember the liberation of Venezuela, since Venezuela only stayed liberated for a couple of days, after wide spread protests and rioting broke out and toppled that Bush stooge, and put back in the elected government. Then after months and months of scheming and plotting against that Venezuelan government, and a failed attempt to rig a forced referendum, well that robbery of Venezuela's oil, which was supposed to be neo-liberalized and thus sold to Wall Street Interests in order to siphon off even more trillions, well the whole thing has been put on ice temporarily for the time being. Bolivia, with trillions in natural gas, after rioting and throwing out its government, which was also preparing to give trillions to Wall Street, well Bolivia has also been temporarily put on ice although much plotting and scheming is still going on so that Washington can gets its desperate Imperial claws into that Bolivian natural gas. They will return, that collapsing desperation driven American Imperial Empire will return to both Bolivia and Venezuela, one way or another, they will return, because you know they are having troubles raping and neoliberalizing Iraq, and the Imperialist American Empire cannot go on borrowing half a trillion dollars a year forever. And keep in mind, this is Imperialist America we are talking about here, and she needs trillions and trillions. I doubt that the trillions of Iraq O-I-L, just by itself, is going to be enough to pay for that highly expensive Medicare program, and sooner or later Washington will need those trillions from Bolivia and Venezuela, not to mention even more trillions from Iran.

You know when I was a twelve year old kid, and really becoming aware of what was going on the world, it wounded me deeply somewhere inside. Especially the way those cruel and greedy American Powers just left hungering babies of the world just starve off and die. Then a year went by and I learned a little more and I began to become aware of how those greedy American powers were on purpose, smashing and crushing the poor of the world, and grinding their faces into the dirt beneath their over powered heels. That sent me into the blackest and most painful depression. I was a strange kid. I wasn't like everyone else right from the start. By the time I was fifteen I knew that the world would never be free, there would never be even a shred or scrap of simple common decency on the face of this planet until that rotten, baby starving, forest whacking, nature destroying, animal slaughtering, world destroying American Imperialist Empire was finally at long last brought down. I was a kid. I was politically unsophisticated. I thought it was my job to bring down the American Empire. I didn't understand that rottenness, evil, oppression, greedy and tyranny are their own downfall, and they are also their own reward. The universe is just like a miracle that way. That's beautiful. I have faith. I mean you can't help but have faith in such a lovely universe like this one. Little did I know at the time that I would actually live to see the destructive collapse of that filthy morally rotted pain causing good for nothing dream destroying hope sapping spirit killing rotten rotten good for nothing greed based American marketing system. And of course that means I will also live to see the Second American Revolution, because as that thing goes down, everyone there can either just sit fearfully and then burn up in the fire, or they can rise up. House fires are wonderful motivators. The progressives can either become radicals and have a Revolution, or they can allow King George to do sadism on them, and just provoke and insult and torment them even more and more and more.

What an interesting time to be alive!

Oh and by the way, Long Live Fallujah!

Brent Herbert