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Video Clip from Magical Mystery Tour

25-10-2005 13:32

On Saturday 15th October the Magical Mystery Tour took place in Sheffield. See the Clip of the Tour.

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D.C. Appellate Court throws out Bush suit against DOJ to block Fitzgerald indict

25-10-2005 12:37

D.C. Appellate Court throws out Bush suit against DOJ to block Fitzgerald indictments

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The perfect example of spin

25-10-2005 12:32

The current news story today in the UK, and probably in the US, will be the US Senate's latest rehash of old alegations. The bigest story should be the 2,000 death of the poor US service men and women, dieing for the US senators, especially Mr Coleman.

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Smash EDO Injunction-High Court to decide whether War Crimes are subject to law

25-10-2005 11:54


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Boatyard in court tommorow

25-10-2005 11:34

The Case concerning the Boatyard is in court tommorow (Wednesday 26th October)

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Anti-fascist Benefit in Bradford

25-10-2005 11:22

November 11th 2005, 1in12 Club Bradford, 7pm.

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25-10-2005 11:00

Norwich No NDR meeting, this Friday 28 October 7.30, at the Garnet Wolsey PH, Market Place

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Arrests at Whitehall Iraq Remembrance Ceremony

25-10-2005 10:29

Arrest of two-strong 'demonstration'
Two peace protesters, Maya Evans and Milan Rai, were arrested opposite Downing Street today for organising a peaceful remembrance ceremony comprised of just themselves.

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Caught - as we knew he would be

25-10-2005 10:20


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Karahnjukar: Beat the dam, not the workers

25-10-2005 09:52

The Iceland Review website reports that 2 B, the employment agency that supplies Polish workers for Iceland's Kárahnjúkar dam project, told the Icelandic foremen that if the Poles showed any resistance he should beat them.

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Terrorist Law to be Used on Activists

25-10-2005 09:18

Todays Times reports Charles Clarke saying the new anti-terrorist law will be used on Animal Rights activists.

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Read 'em and weep! Autopsy reports of war detainees.

25-10-2005 08:31

The American Civil Liberties Union publishes data obtained under FOIA on prisoner deaths in US custody and finds much to be concerned about.

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High Court Hearing on EDO's complicity in War Crimes - Demo 9.30am Nov 1st

24-10-2005 23:09

EDO MBM, manufacturers of munitions used in Iraq and Palestine (see have paid hundreds of thousands of pounds to have the legality of their trade questioned in the media spotlight.

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Reclaim the Wiki!

24-10-2005 22:51

Wikinews has been inflitrated by a crazed little clique of militaristic neo-con Bush nuts. Please help us take it back!

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G8 trials at the Sheriff Court in Edinburgh

24-10-2005 22:02

This is a brief account with 4 photos of the trial of five G8 protesters and members of the SSP (Scottish Socialist Party) at Edinburgh Sheriff Court on Monday 24th October 2005.

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Riots in Lozells (Again)

24-10-2005 21:24

Car burning on Villa Rd
On Saturday and Sunday night groups of Asian (Pakistani Muslims) youths were rushing people on the streets of Lozells. Gangs of up to 40 were roaming the streets attacking Black people. Two people have been killed in rioting over a wide area.

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Food Not Bombs – Worldwide Day Of Action Against McDonalds

24-10-2005 20:49

On October 16th 2005 Food Not Bombs participated with other groups in an action outside McDonalds near Pigeon Park (St. Phillip’s Cathedral) in Birmingham City Centre. Birmingham Food Not Bombs believes that food should be a right not a privilege and regularly serves free food in the city centre to anyone who wants it, homeless or otherwise. Food Not Bombs is an international movement and also campaigns on issues such as poverty, homelessness, war & military spending, the environment, and globalisation.

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Rolls-Royce Raynesway, Derby. Action, Protest, Blockade

24-10-2005 20:24

Rolls-Royce Raynesway, Derby. Action, Protest, Blockade

Trident Ploughshares, and East Midlands CND: Called for a Weekend of Action 22nd to 24th October

Rolls Royce: The Power behind Britains Illegal weapons of mass destruction.

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Pit Stop solidarity picket

24-10-2005 18:59

Today (24/10/05) five peace activists go on trial in Dublin, charged with causing over E1 million in damage to a US fighter jet.

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noborder/precarity thoughts from the South of Spain

24-10-2005 18:14

This weekend, Hamburg welcomes various European Mayday promoters and collectives to share their evaluations about the first Euromayday and to eventually begin to imagine the Euromayday´06.

Here is the evaluation of the collective Entránsito (Málaga), published in castilian here: