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Picket of Reed, DSEi orgaganisers

05-05-2005 23:49

Bloody doll
Report & photos from monthly picket at Reed Exhibitions on 3 May 2005. Photos have been edited to remove faces.

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05-05-2005 23:09

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. 2 files- broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. Netherlands, Russia, China, and Cuba.

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Labour Murder

05-05-2005 22:16

Are you responsible?
Are you responsible?

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Redditch Council Tree Massacre

05-05-2005 21:12

Redditch Borough Council are waging a war against the towns urban trees, and local residents are campaigning to stop the tree massacre.

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Successful Critical Mass in Worthing

05-05-2005 20:57

WORTHING'S Critical Mass against the G8 and Climate Change on Saturday April 30 turned out to be a big success in several ways.

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Picnic for Peace

05-05-2005 20:30

grassroots peace movement

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G8 Genoa Trial

05-05-2005 19:15

Piazza Alimonda: the too many “I don’t remember” of the Carabiniere
(from an article on 'Il Manifesto" 04/05/2005)

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BBC Election Bus: Follow Up Pictures

05-05-2005 18:44

Firstly, a panoramic view...
As promised, here are a small selection of pictures of when the BBC Election Circ-erm, Roadshow came to Cambridge on Tuesday of this week.

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Dethroning Tyrants 101

05-05-2005 17:29

Kingship is an inspiration followed when one finds suffering- to give all dedication to peace, while desiring to be free of preconceptions. Through embracing patience, truth become obvious; a process of strengthening humility. Essentially, it is just a job (not, so much, a mystery).

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Martial Law 9-11: Rise of the Police State

05-05-2005 17:12

Alex Jones' new documentary, "Martial Law 9-11: Rise of the Police State" is available!

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Martial Law 9-11: Rise of the Police State

05-05-2005 16:56

Alex Jones' new documentary, "Martial Law 9-11: Rise of the Police State" is available!

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Thanks, UK, for Electing Your Mussolini to Our Hitler (from USA)

05-05-2005 16:51

Tony Blair is Mussolini to our Hitler, America's first openly fascist president. We had no choice (Kerry): You at least have a choice. Below is a secret memo showing how subservient your government is to ours (America's). With the arrest of the Israeli syp Larry Franklin of the Pentagon, we now know to whom our govenment (US) is subservient.

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Spoof Newspaper - The Hate Mail

05-05-2005 16:39

The Hate Mail. You are being lied to about asylum seekers. This Spoof newspaper is aimed at those sympathetic to the issues facing refugees but who need more info to help them become active in this area.

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Colnbrook Removal Centre - detainees refuse to return to their cells

05-05-2005 15:36

We don't often hear what is going on in detention centers. Here is a report from mayday:

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Murdoch dubs Lib Dems "extremists"

05-05-2005 15:13

The "Rupert Murdoch Says" section from today's Sun makes it pretty clear who the rabid racists are most afraid of.

Make Rupert Cry! Vote Lib Dem!

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Facing Climate Change & Other Great Adventures

05-05-2005 15:03

Deep Ecology - A talk by Joanna Macy

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The Religion of the Market

05-05-2005 14:29

A plausible economic theory degenerates more and more into a fundamentalist self-immunizing superstition. Its three superstitious principles are: Trust the self-healing powers of the market! The sleek state is the best! Growth and full employment will be reached automatically without the state.

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G8: House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee attacks Govs Climate Stance

05-05-2005 13:35

Get this - very interesting report from The Green Building Press on Labours G8 stance on climate change:

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Edinburgh Beltane Fire Festival Pictures

05-05-2005 13:22

Pictures from the Beltane Fire Festival on the night of 30th April at Calton Hill in Edinburgh. Around 8000 people payed £3-5 to watch the show celebrating Beltane and party on the hill. Following the end of the ceremony / show, most people happily left the hill to move onto other locations for more mayday revellry.

Explanation of the characters involved in the ceremony and background at

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Imc Italy seized? Bah!

05-05-2005 13:15

English translation of the feature about the new attack against IMC Italy